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  1. Fred

    bp weapons pack v3.4

    Awesome thx brett
  2. Fred

    Day version of Sierra map

    wow loock like the graw 2 ed is very good sry i was joking
  3. Fred

    M468 . barrett firearms

    Well, I wasn't planning on releasing it for graw1, but I can. It's already in there. Actually works better in graw1 because of sound issues and what not. But, there are more attachment id#s, so it won't work in Mp for sure. Not that I think it will work in Graw2 mp either. Kind of defeats the purpose quite a bit for both versions because a good percentage of people like to do coop or mp. Well do what you can , i know this game is not really friendly with modding so we have to deal with that , but if you make a single player version of it that will be awesome too
  4. Fred

    M468 . barrett firearms

    erm erm i have do my duty in the army long years ago and seriously video games are just video games , actually the only games i play who almost aproach a sort of realism are OFP ( ffur 2007 mod ) or SWAT 4 but sorry to say that graw 1 and graw 2 are not realistic and btw if you want feel the real military thing just sign up !! and stop playing videos games lol
  5. Fred

    Magpul Masada

    This weap loock good !! make it for graw 1 too
  6. Fred

    M468 . barrett firearms

    hey brett do you plan to make this weap for graw 1 too ? cause i have not buy graw2 and i don ' t want to buy it , but we still play graw 1 and really enjoy your mod
  7. They where not completed. Should have been removed. I think they may work, but their design wasn't completed and so they haven't been debugged or optimized either... Lol that just prove how grin work !! i will definitly not buy this crap !!! Call of duty 4 gonna rox your sox ! register and see how this game gonna kick ass !! goodbye forever grin !! yerk yerk !! http://www.charlieoscardelta.com/ageconfirm.php
  8. Fred

    WD CamoPack v2.1 update

    Loock good , downloading now , thx for the new pack
  9. Yep it ' s a well done map , we have really enjoy playing it , good gameplay and very fun with the mission like style keep them coming
  10. Fred

    New OGR map for SINGLE PLAYER

    Thx man , map like that are always welcome keep them coming
  11. I totaly agree with what you say about the demo the only exception is i will not buy it ! cheers ! i wait for medal of honor airbones and call of duty 4 now !! bye bye grin bye bye graw !
  12. i agree cheers to that
  13. Fred

    New OGR remake of "Ready for bear"

    just 577 tango? well too easy can u make one with 5777 please thx ho sorry forget about team play can u make one with 50777 tango that will feel more tactical thx ! ! btw go buy graw 2 when is out !! cause it gonna be the best tactical game of the century support grin buy graw 2 ###### !! and f;;;;;;;;;;; bip bip thx ubi for your next gen s;;;;; thx grin for your great c;;; games goodbye ps : the story of graw 2 gonna rock this time erm erm you gonna fight .... mexican lolllllllllll
  14. Ho yeah nice screenies !! can ' t wait to play it !! any release date?