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    ######! ghost recon became rainbow6!

    From screenshots, I'd say awful. They tried for the look of the 360 verison on the Xbox, and that meant cutting corners everywhere. Silly people..... I personally thought the xbox version was perfectly fine. the graphics were really good. So what if the multiplayer games suck and u cant go third person.....its still a fun game and i like if so FU UR silly... the xbox version is perfectly fine, the graphics are still pretty descent... so what if the multiplayer games suck and u cant go third person its still a fun game. so FU
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    Fwee Fwee

    hello fellow G.R.A.W players, I just recently boguth this game and i have been playing it like non stop. Im kinda stuck right now. I tried looking for cheats on the internet for this game but i couldnt find any for the xbox (not the 360). I dont normally cheat on games but this game is so hard. If anyone could give me a link to a good cheat site that would be great - or better yet maybe even tell me some. WEll anyways have a nice day.