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    So, you are wondering why you should join TSD, well, let me tell you. We are a relaxed, yet compteitive and serious clan participating in many games, as we strive to be the best. You can participate with us in just one game, or in as many as you wish! Starting in Spetember 2006, we will have a more relaxed schedule with each team practiceing once a week. We have leadership oppurtunities, if you have been a member long enough to be considered a veteran member, then you can be called on to take a position as Team Captain for a team that needs a captain. If you earn the honor of becoming a TSD Elite, you are a member of a group that will help advise the clan leader for the betterment of the team, as well as takeing on duties such as recruiter, site design, forum management, and more? We strive to be the best! Our goal is not to become the largest, but to become one of the best clans out there on XBox 360! Any questions, feel free to contact ZoomerX13 (me) on XBox Live or by emailing me at: team.silent.death[at]gmail.com! Thanks for your interest in TSD, ZoomerX13