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  1. WwW.ShadowCompanyElite.CoM Recruitment Still Open!!!!!
  2. Hello All.. ....We are now recruiting for GR:AW (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter)..We currently have over 100 members worldwide and growing every week....Shadow Company Elite has been around for over 9 years and we have some of the best officers out there.....We have been playing GR:AW from the release date and have some very experienced players too team up with....We have Monday night GR:AW night every monday night (Read Forums to find out more)..we are a multi gaming clan we also support Battlefield 2142/ BF2/SWAT4/Americas Army/And Soon Crysis.....Just go to the forums in the JOIN US topic and apply...If your not intrested in recruitment than just stop by and check out our sight and play some of our arcade games....Take care and Thanks SCE_EVOSTVO We are an 18+ clan only 26 Man GRAW dedi (SHADOW COMPANY ELITE) Websight with forums and active admins full time. Come join the fun JOIN TODAY! www.ShadowCompanyElite.com

    Confirmed 1.30 Bugs

    Yea stop using your grenade launcher keeps kicking me out when i use it..

    New ForceWare Drivers

    It removed the lines now I can run AA maxed...nice X2 7900GT SLi