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    where's the way out?

    i had the same problem. immeaditly after the copter is taken down rush to a large gate near where you placed the charge. the gate will only open up after some hostiles try to attack you from the right. it may take some re-trys to find the gate, but it is there. once inside the gate( which magically opens) go up the ladder to the roof top. this is where it gets hard. you must kill all the people on the rooftops AND people on the ground at the same time. you will have a clear view of the alley where the VIP is running. kill all the people trying to shoot him. after he makes it to saftey, continue on to a largeladder going to the streets. the gate at the end will open for you to complete the level only after the VIP is saved. good luck. p.s. i took me 3 hours of being stuck at the same spot before i finally figured it out. that level sucked
  2. diehardgamer


    simply place the demo charge on the corner of the wall in the street where the tanks are coming towards you. make sure you get as for away as you can before it goes off. also make sure you get to the site in time, so the tanks dont blow you to kibbles and bits. the explosion will cause the building to collapse killing the tanks. i found the part after that to be even harder. Thinking i had to get to the site, i got stuck on the rooftops. youre actually supposed to shoot all enemies trying to kill the VIP, so that he gets to the site.
  3. diehardgamer

    3rd person

    okay, so i choose to buy graw for my xbox 1 expecting it to be 3rd person like all my other gr games, but after beating the first two levels all i got was fps. is there a setting a can change or something i can unlock to get third person or do i have to play in fps ? The 360 version has it, why cant the xbox 1???