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    Saved games

    Second posting --just can't seem to find my first one where in the GRAW directory can I find the saved games--my old PC went belly up --I managed to save the HD as a secondary device it in the new machine thinking I could continue the campaign where I had left off by migrating the saved game files to the new main HD--can't seem to find the saved game files though--are they hidden? I am now running Vista. So far the game is working well but did not really want to start it up from the beginning. Any help would be appreciated--thanks
  2. Like one of the previous users of this forum --same question Where are the saved games? I found a way to unlock all the games but was still curious about where those saved games went. my PC crashed on me but I managed to save the Hard drive which is now working on a new machine. I wanted to resume where I last finished. So if you very knowledgeable folks could humor me--any ideas GRomualdo
  3. gromualdo

    Where is the Local(English) set of folders?

    Thanks for the quick reply--could you clarify though--1. do you need the other subfolders ? 2. or just creat the English folder and stick your modded weapons' files in the English folder under data/units/weapons? 3. or can I just stick these same files directly under the English folder? G Romualdo
  4. OK Got the XML editor and bundle extractor and I seem to understand how it all works. Problem is how do then implement the new changes? I presume you would go to the Local folder and find the English subfolder but I do not see it...I see the other languages and a folder for Jason's Mod 2.0(which I had to disable as it does not work w GRAW v 1.3 or later). I have the CD English version of the game and now v 1.35. Also I tried modding the game to add extra save points but again don't know where I would put the saved and newly edited XML files. Sorry if this all sounds v elementary I do remember the first GR was pretty easy to mod G Romualdo Happy Holidays to everyone
  5. Lots of useful info--thanks. Was interested in modding kits and weapons for the PC version of game but could not find any of the files you mentioned either on my HD or on the install CD. Any ideas? Thanks gromualdo