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    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    OK, thanks that all has explained. Simply I eat to understand sense of each mission. Simply for me English language is intricate.
  2. Andylg_R

    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    Judge_Recluse Yes about it I ask. RAbbi_74 1) Then why after undermining the antenna, written that "Objective completed: Disable Guardrail IX ", as-as if we have destroyed Guardrail IX? Or here simply error in writing a assigned task? It turns out that if read tasks of mission, then Mission #10 contradicts Mission #8. 2) And in Mission #10 "Fierce Resistance" though it is written about Guardrail IX,... but him anywhere did not see!? 3) Also explain that is meant under Guardrail IX in this game - the aircraft of radio-electronic investigation RC-12 or the multi-function device of radio-electronic investigation? And in general is present Guardrail IX at the Editor maps (I could not find it)?
  3. Andylg_R

    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    Answer please a post #19 !? PS: I am sorry for broken English
  4. Andylg_R

    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    Question!? To missions "Guardrail IX" (mission09.xml) it is written - destroy Guardrail IX, that we and do: So why this Guardrail IX is again mentioned in mission mission11.xml. We have already destroyed it? Or I am easy something I do not understand?
  5. OK. Thanks! All has understood.
  6. That for Sticky peeking has appeared after a patch 1.16. Explain me please more in detail, what it gives and how it is shown? As this phrase - " Sticky peeking " - can be called on another?