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    First pseudo add-on weapon

    I know that it works in MP thats why i dont like the idea that people can be free to modify the game code through XML files. Having those scopes is a hack in my oppinion cause its not released by the game developer. People keep on whining about people being better or accusing others of cheating simply due this fact. A blood mod is nice and so is the scope... and yes i have tried it to test it and i noticed the HUGE advantage wich isnt fair to other players. This is mainly the reason of uninstalling mods of any kind. I will also put in an official complaint about this issue to UBISOFT.
  2. Razorlimited

    First pseudo add-on weapon

    This is a good mod indeed.... for COOP I personally think this mod or change adding or whatever you wanna call it is a cheat. Why ? Because players are able to use this in any game even on Domination. People that dont own or run the mod wont be able to use these tools wich makes it an unfair advantage !. How are people able to play a fair match scrim or anything ? Cause you dont know if they are using this mod or not ! I think bringing out such mods is bad for the GRAW community and modders should wait untill GRAW supports mod selection just as in the former versions of Ghost Recon. Im not trying to give the mod a bad name because it is nice work the only problem is that your able to use it anytime and on every server.