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  1. UmaSan

    Stuck in Zocola, need help

    Went ahead and kept the game for an extra day so I could do the missions on single player. The single player version has the helper (Rodrigus) blow up the tanks with his anti-tank rocket gun and then our own tanks blow up the motel/embassy doors. This is not possible in Multi Player mode. Sad to see such bad programming on an otherwise good series.
  2. We got stuck in Zocola. Playing in Multiplayer mode, we've taken out all the foot soldiers and all that is left are two enemy tanks. These tanks are positioned at sandbags on each end of the plaza. There is a supply point behind and to the right of the tank on our right. We can't blow them up, we can't call in air strike, we can't machine gun them (instant death behind the machine guns). We've found the ladder on the balcony that leads us to the ladder that takes us to the courtyard. We've run completely about the yard, searched every door for an "L", searched every tent for an "L", searched every wall for a ladder, searched the ground for tunnel holes, planted C$ on the double doors and on the crosses and on the tanks, and so forth. (only one player can place the c4, the other player can't for some reason). BTW, of any programmer is listening, I'd like to take a moment and share that a wider cell area of "L" space sure would be nice. Most of the time we only have a fraction of a glimpse to see an "L" and it takes forever to find it even when we know exactly where it is because that's where we found it before we got killed the last two times out.... Back on track... What do we need to do in order to get past this "dead end" stage? We've even tried tricking the one tank into blowing up the other tank by leaping out of danger just in time. Even that doesn't work! We want outta there. Please help
  3. UmaSan

    Stuck in Zocola, need help

    Redid the mission. This time took out the two tanks on each end. This time we shot new to us snipers at the church across the yard. Other than that everything is still the same. Run around and can't find what to do. Can't blow up remaining tank. Can't go through any gates or doors. Can't find any new ladders or tunnels. Nothing new back on the street either. Is this glitching or what are we missing?