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  1. beonder13

    Beta Q&A posted

    This reminds me of Obama's press meetings... Well... back to MW2
  2. beonder13

    Paris studio versions announced (x360+PS3)

    I think I just puked in my mouth a little... it burns. GR1 was the best tactical arcade shooter of its time. All the core players asked for was a modern version of that tactical game play. There are so many things that could have made it "fresh and exciting" without destroying the premise. I guess we'll see where this goes... but so far it seems like Hollywood. Take the new flashy flick and make more of the same. And this whole "Buy this other game we have coming out so that you can be in the beta" wreaks of "lets get some GR fans to buy this other game that they wouldn't normally spend their cash on. AND HURRY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!" I'll wait for the videos and online chatter to make a purchase decision. And with the track record... I'm guessing fall 2011 or so. Utterly disappointed at this time. [post moved from the website discussion thread and merged with the Paris studio versions thread]
  3. beonder13

    [ "Catherine" Private Message SPAM ]

    What really peeved me is that I shortly received an email from another Russian asking for me to send a small iron stove to her and her kid to keep them warm this winter. Guessing they got the email from here... thank goodness for spam filters and Macs
  4. beonder13

    [ "Catherine" Private Message SPAM ]

    Thumbs up Now how about some new GR4 info LOL
  5. Just got this a moment ago as a private message here... Catherine Newbie Hello Today, 03:08 PM Member Group Group: Members Member Posts Posts: 0 Member Joined Joined: Today, 03:00 PM Member Location Member Number Member No.: 21,049 [Edited: spam content removed so as not to give them publicity] [Admin Edit: Thread moved to Site Feedback (as it's not anything to do with the Xbox version of GR4 ]
  6. beonder13

    Leaked ;) box art... heh

    Cpl Ledanek... i think I need a few of your awards
  7. beonder13

    Leaked ;) box art... heh

    I'm sorry, but being from NY... that is not swearing. Trust me... I know swearing
  8. beonder13

    Leaked ;) box art... heh

    It still seems to be there HOLY COW! They removed it for SWEARING!??? ######? Since when is "######" swearing? ^^^^^ Oh you have got to be kidding me! REALLY? "P***ED" FOR REAL? OK, here is an update...
  9. beonder13

    Leaked ;) box art... heh

    Crossover of the millennium! CrimsonThunder started a thread over at the ubi forums to show off some fan art. Take a look and submit your own Ubi forum : box art
  10. beonder13

    GR:FS Delayed!

    Hey, while they make us wait... HOW ABOUT SOME FREAKIN MAPS ???
  11. Your best bet is to keep the drone on and use it to search for the other players. I don't believe that enemies will just "appear" on the map (press the back button to pull up the map in game). I think you can also turn enemy diamonds on too so that you can see them on screen... but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of GR.
  12. I was thinking the exact same thing... But ok, I'll indulge... prone fire of large weapons with MAJOR negatives if fired from the hip or on the run.
  13. Ubisoft sales for Q4 show increase of 14% to $1.4 billion Hat tip to Sleepy M0nkey for the heads up.
  14. beonder13

    We need a good FPS!

    Each GR game had a subset and GRAW is technically GR3: Ghost Recon ---> Island Thunder GR2 ---> Summit Strike GRAW (GR3) ---> GRAW2 Next up... GR4?
  15. beonder13

    Seeking defend achievement advise...

    DBest1 is spot on.