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  1. I want to talk briefly about the these HUD elements seen in the most recent 2 pictures.. http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n186/Sleepdoc/GRAWQ1.jpg In particular, I am confused about the purpose of labeled Arrow #1 (in the left hand image) vs. Arrow #4 (in the right Hand image). These are blow ups of the 2 most recent pictures that came out - their command interface part from the upper left hand corner of the HUD. In the pic on the left side, #1 clearly shows the letter "A". I assume this is a reference to one of the 2 new modes they intend to include (Assault vs Recon mode) OK, then what is going on in #4? I Also see the letter "A" in there. I'm guessing #2 arrow is just a new way to indicate their health status. I got used to looking at the various shades of green, orange red etc. But This is certainly more discreet. Any thoughts on how to resolve the difference between arrow #1 and Arrow #4? Just wondering
  2. Hehehe. Yep. noticed that too.
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    Co-Op Commands

    say what?
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    Co-Op Commands

    There is nothing realistic about a 2D screen and the inability to look into your partners eyes, look at his hand signals and look at his body language ... head gestures etc...all the things we do to communicate in silence. I propose that GRAW 1's method is not a cheat at all. or a decrease in realism. Rather it is a increase in realism as it supports the natural elements of silent human communication that is lost on the PC screen. it was brillaint in its simplicity and i want it back. : )
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    Co-Op Commands

    Squid got it exactly right. He beat me to it. Of course we use Teamspeak. GRAW coop is a dangerous environment. since we dont have the use of our arms to point to locations etc, the system built into GRAW1 (absent in GRAW2) was great. and the swirling 3D circles of GRAW2 was even more literal and specific. but we cant apply them to human players. Now ontrast the example that squid gave (which is what we are stuck with) to what it sounded like in my GRAW1 squad when we had this premier featuer. "Steve, go here, keep your eyes focused west" "Bob, advance beyond Steve, to here, eyes north in transit" "Bill. Covere here". Qiuck, precise, non ambiguous. The technique of bounding overwatch for squad movement becomes a reality adn the expereince flows as it should. squad interaction gets oh so way tight. It was the single best expereince of GRAW1 by far. its gone in GRAW2.
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    Co-Op Commands

    This was my pet peeve issue when GRAW2 was released. It was my favorite feature in GRAW1. I reported it during every bug cycle. I made high profile posts about it while the developers were actively communicating with us. there are a lot of well defined reports on it now. Not only the lack of this feature but other domino effects of this mising feature. If it does not appear in the final patch, i will be greatly dissapointed. I will prbably put 20 more hours of play into GRAW2 rather than hundreds of hours of that premier feature of GRAW1 continues to sleep with the fishes.
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    An affinity for drunken anti semites? Wierd...... LOL (j/k)
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    What is AFZ? Congrats guys!
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    GRAW 2 Sales figures

    Deco147, Can you please give us a link to your source for this information? Where did this number come from? I hope this is verifiable via a reliable and accurate source and not just rumor. Thanks deco. Wolf is nothing if not accurate with his details.
  10. Deco147, Can you please give us a link to your source for this information? Where did this number come from? I hope this is verifiable via a reliable and accurate source and not just rumor.
  11. I suspected as much within moments of playing the demo. But the mechanics are in place and the graphics are in place for a good mod team to step up to the plate and re organize its mechanics and graphics into a strong tactical multiplyer game. hopefully coop. Do you know of any efforts of this sort? I heard some guys from obtusian sledge or some such group were working on something ......
  12. you got me there lethal! but I'm still glad they arent implying similarity to PC.
  13. Actually that ad represents some truth in advertising that was lacking in the past. In the past, their advertisements indicated that the screen shots from the console versions realted to the PC version. Many of us in GRAW1 expected to see full color cross comms etc. It created confusion and then they made teh same mistake again in the GRAW2 media blitz. This is the first Ad I have seen where the console versions are advertised independantly from the PC version, thus not misleading PC customers using Console images.
  14. I'm waiting. What the Hay?!?! Where is my patch? Where is my campaign coop functionality ala GRAW1 ? Shared human to human cross comm and order system and all that ????? That is all. At ease. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
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    Total Random Respawns Download here...

    What? It is certainly true that you rarely see really bad stock maps and mods are often flooded by some pretty bad attempts, but in the final analysis, the best mods are typically better than anything stock. It just takes time for the real pros like Biro and others to put out their superrior maps and mods.
  16. @Wiking, I know it sounds a bit silly Wiking, but could you please add this bug report to our bug reporting section for comleteness? Thanks,
  17. You better watch your back. Cuz I'm watching hers! And let's hold off on the phone calls gentlemen until she is atleast 30...... Heather Lynn "Sleepgirl". We are still working out her GR.net signature. We thinks its going to look something like this ... ******************* Sleepgirl. More poopy diapers than you can shake a stick at! ****************** Other ideas welcomed ....
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    The GREATEST GRAW2PC player EVER has arrived!

    LOL. Ain't that the truth!
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    The GREATEST GRAW2PC player EVER has arrived!

    ROTFLMAO! Perfect!
  20. http://www.engadget.com/2007/08/29/ageias-...ls-laptop-line/ Whooda thunk it?
  21. I have never owned a console until this christmas. I was gifted both a Wii and a PS3. The Wii is fun. The PS3 looks amazing on my 1080P TV, but lets face it PC lovers (of which I am one). Those games and their darn controller just don't cut it for us hardened "PC Only" types..... Then I did a little research and learned 2 things. The PS3 version of GRAW2 will include a feature that allows you to switch from Third to First person just like the XBOX360 version has . Hmm. OK. So what? I still have to hold that darn controller thigamajig and every one knows you cant aim for dung with that thing. Then I saw this. http://gear.ign.com/articles/769/769529p1.html Hmmm. I'm not there yet, but I'm starting to listen. A little.
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    Please change the OGR type

    EDIT: Read flim flams post above. He is certainly more knowledgeable that I on this matter. I believe that what you describe here is exactly what Wolfsong has repeatedly said is fairly straight forward to do. Since your map must match the dedicated server's map (when A/C is on), this is going to become common place once the map makers and modders get tehir traction.
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    Please change the OGR type

    Some one bashed coop players for wanting to control kits or form squads? thats just narrow.....
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    [PhysX PPU headed for Dell's laptop line]

    snowfella, The answer is "Your right". But I was just looking for some cheesy way to title my post so i wouldn;t get kicked to the "O/T" section too qiuckly.... Uh oh. Duck!. Here comes ZJJ and Rocky .....
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    Server: console commands do not fade

    Is this still present in 1.04?