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    my faith is waning on GRAW

    Amen, lite. I haven't played AT ALL since the July patch came out. Mostly because I didn't feel like re-installing GRAW so that all the mods I did have installed wouldn't bug up logging on to a MP server. Quite simply, the game blows chunks all over itself. I played SP once through and haven't gone back. No point. America's Army has more replayability than this broken down mule.
  2. Question: in the 360 version, do they actually have the ability to hold their weapons up and around corners, like in the lower right-hand corner of the image? That was one of the things I was looking forward to in the GR2 version that I haven't seen in GR:AW PC.
  3. ZapTheSheep

    Adding existing weapons

    I was able to add it to my inventory to a limited extent. You have to change the weapon_data.XML file. I found it located in my "\local\english\lib\managers\xml" folder. In that file, all weapons are classified as a player weapon or an AI weapon. You'll have to play with some of the values because I can't remember exactly what all I changed. I think it was just adding it to the top list (player weapons) and changing the player_weapon="0" to player_weapon="1", but I can't remember if I changed anything else.
  4. I was just able to change Mig1's new SCAR mod over to the secondary slot position, but I have not been able to do it with any other weapon without it crashing. It'll just be a matter of playing with the XML files, I assume. What you need to do is change two XML files: 1) the particular weapon you want to change - unbundle the appropriate XML file to your "local\units\weapons" folder - in the weapon's XML file, towards the bottom, look for the following lines: <stats block="item_data"> <var name="inventory_slot" value="#"> - where I have placed the "#" you will find either "primary" or "secondary" - change the value to whatever you want of those two values - save the XML file and make sure the BIN file is deleted 2) change the weapon_data.XML file - I found this file located in the "\local\english\lib\managers\xml" folder - look for the particular weapon you want to change - in that weapon's data, you will see the code: inventory_slot="#" - change the # value to whatever you had in the weapon's XML file - save the XML file and make sure the BIN file is deleted from the folder I tried changing the barrett M-99 to the secondary position but it would crash. I think it was crashing because I didn't change Allen's default primary weapon from the M-99. I was not able to have the same weapon in both the primary and secondary slots, but I think that is just a matter of saving two XML files for each weapon with a different name and, in the weapon_data XML file, saving the new version of the weapon with a new weapon_id value. Quick note also: in the weapon_data.XML file, you can change several values for each weapon, including the weight, impact, and MP cost of the weapon. I changed the weight of the M-99 and was able to carry it as my primary weapon with Mig1's SCAR-SPC as my secondary weapon with grenade launcher. Hooah!
  5. Sorry for the wasteful post; found the problem
  6. ZapTheSheep

    Mission #1: Contact

    The game is really poorly scripted AI-wise. I use the three teammates as cannonfodder. There is really no point in doing anything else with them. For "Contact!", after Bud calls in about the RPGs, I send the team to the top right of the map, where most of the patrols are. Meanwhile, I do the following: 1. From the 'Ramirez's Last Position' doorway, I use the SCAR-L's scope to take out the RPG position to the right. 2. Move forward through the train tracks to take out a sniper position. 3. Go around the fences to the left and take out patrols. 4. Take out the remaining two RPG nests 5. Extract carefully because there are still a patrol or two in between you and the helo. What other people have said is true: if you lose any one or more of your ghost team in one mission, they are still available to you in the next mission. And, unlike the original GR, making it through the mission with all your team intact does not open any bonuses (like specialists).
  7. ZapTheSheep

    CO-OP Wish list/Fix list

    Hmmm, well, I have only played about a half dozen COOP games on GRAW and hated everyone of them becuase of the poor work Grin did to it. Basically, everything that is good about America's Army needs to be added to GRAW. It's been said a dozen or more times by other folks. I just think Ubi needs to do the work and not slough it off on Grin; stop screwing over your PC players Ubi.
  8. Buddhiraja, Just give it time. You need to wait for the community to create mods that will eventually give GRAW some replayability. I purchased Ghost Recon about two years after its initial release. I thought it was a great game. When I started checking out the community and the number of mods available, I was breathless. The Silent Killers and FNG server side mods were amazing for creating the replayability for the game. I too have Oblivion. Its modding community is about the same as OGRs. That game has only been out for a couple months and it has a ton of mods. However, the replayability of the game will never meet that of an on-line community. If you want infinite replayability, you need to go to Galaxies, Evercrack, or Guild Wars. Yeah, GRAW is significantly limited in its abilities at the moment in comparison to [GR]. But, the modding community hasn't even gotten their official GRAW Igor yet. Heck, Ubi and GRIN could come out with GRAW:IT or GRAW:DS in the next year which could open up a lot more maps, more weapons, and more fun. 'Til then, try America's Army or [GR]. They have more maps and more playability for the moment.
  9. Most often, I equipped the Scar L with scope, silencer, and GL; the Glock; and usually extra grenades. On missions where it is needed, I would slip the Zeus in there. I never saw a difference in changing the other men's equipment with the exception of adding a couple of Zeus to them for missions involving multiple tanks and no air support. I equipped them with SCAR Ls and Hs a couple of times and gave them GLs; I don't think I saw or heard them use grenades once in the entire game. Just one more example of poor team AI. In fact, for 90%+ of the game, I just left the other three men back a couple hundred yards so they wouldn't tip off every tango on the map. Or, I would use them as bait. Seeing as you could kill off the rest of your team, advance to the next mission, and they would be reappear as the same people with full health, this may as well have been a single person, no tactics game.
  10. In both SP and MP modes, the SCAR L is listed as having 60 rounds in the weapon choice screen. While playing, it has 30 rounds (31 when one is in the chamber). Just a typo or what? Also, I got the same thing as CCC last night while playing MP. First match finished. At the beginning of the second match, I didn't show up in the 'lobby'. I started right in the same place I ended in the first match. No one could see me. I couldn't shoot anyone. They couldn't shoot me. HOWEVER, and this was the funniest dang thing ever, I could launch grenades at people. They would have a 'fatal accident' when the thing blew up. When the third match started, everything was back to normal.
  11. ZapTheSheep


    Most of the same here. I loved GR but only like GR3. I still play MP on GR after all these years. I doubt I will play GR3 for as long without some significant overhauling of the game. I have been significantly let down by this game in both SP and MP modes. To finish the SP campaign, I threw a grenade up into the building to clear a way into it. Little did I know the big show down would be me walking up to a dead Ontiveros. LAME!!! MP. Check out all the bug fixes and requests and you will know how bad it is. Did everyone that worked on GR1 and made it the best game out there just up and quit?