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  1. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    Did you install the D2D patch first? If so you'll need to re-install. My friend did that. Just trying to patch it with the retail won't work. You need to completely re-install the game, and then patch it.
  2. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    I dont believe that distant textures are messed up that bad i purpose. It makes sniping unpleasant experience. Look what i'm talking about -> Short Clip It's like that for me online. In SP it's better. I only notice it on certain maps. Not all of them. I also only play coop. It's definitely a feature to improve FPS rate by only drawing necessary items that are within a certain FOV, and then sharpening them when you get closer.
  3. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    I'm running the retail version with the CD/DVD. My crash information was posted above a while ago. I can dump the rest of it if needed. I had no errors for the week prior to installing GRAW. I had BF2 crash after installing some mod that destroyed the engine. Had to re-install the game for that. Before you ask I have no attempted to modify Ghost Recon yet. I've been playing BF2 for a year now. I wanted a change in pace. I haven't even had the chance to really taste much of GRAW's coop online due to this crashing issue. I do have some error logs after installing GRAW with my virus scanner crashing out while trying to perform an automatic update while I lost my internet connection. Cable company was dropping connection left and right. Once that was resolved I started playing GRAW again, and things seemed okay. Random crashes were very limited then. After updating to 1.10 it got more frequent. Again my 2 logs from 1.10 are posted above. The other logs are from 1.02 and 1.06, but I can post those as well if needed, and I get dump the rest of the code if needed.
  4. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    I'm still getting random crashes as well. I'm really getting kind of tired of playing the game now. I think it's a sync issue that is causing a memory leak in GRAW. I usually only see this crash when I'm hosting co-op for more than 1 other person. It think it loses sync with one of the other players, keeps trying to reestablish that sync even though the other players actually fine and eventually creates a memory conflict and the game just crashes out. I'm not a programmer though, and this is just a guess judging by the problems you and I are both having.
  5. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    I got this crash again while hosting a co-op game. It's the exact same error each time it does this. The same fault address as well. This time we were on Strong Point and had just blown up the 3rd objective, and were moving to the roadblock. I was checking cross com and then suddenly I was at the desktop. I can't really enjoy this game right now since it's consistently crashing when we try to play. A new issue with 1.10 I've just noticed is players suddenly running constantly. It's happened both times I've run a coop mission the past 2 nights. I'm assuming one player loses synch. Everything looks okay to him. The rest of us see him running in place or off into the distance. Yet he sees himself right next to us. This didn't happen until 1.10.
  6. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    I had the same text issues for a bit, but I installed the latest Omega drivers instead of the ATI driver and I have yet to see that anymore. I also think 1.06 took care of that issue for me.
  7. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    I'm still getting random crashes to the desktop while hosting co-op. It's happened with all 3 versions of the game. I've patched to 1.06 and it still happens. Patched to 1.10 and it just happened. I'm running the DVD version of GRAW. The windows crash error states as follow: Faulting application graq.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x696c7069 I can copy and past the data in bytes or words if desired or needed. I can also post a Direct X dump if needed. I'm running the Omega 6.3 drivers for my ATI card right now as the 6.4 Cats were giving strange errors in the game. Haven't tested 6.5's yet.
  8. I'm not having any issues either. The game boots fine. I'm running an Audigy 2 Value. So it rules that out as the cause.
  9. denkigrve

    Ubisoft in Firm Control

    What is the other Half of the team doing? Is it GRAW Related or Something else? Planning an expansion pack! I hope... I really like GRAW and hope they do more with it like all other Clancy tactical shooter titles. Original GR had 2 of them so hopefully GRAW will get some as well. I want to keep playing this game, it's a lot of fun. So I'll keep my fingers crossed and eyes on these forums. On the topic though I'm glad that Grin keeps an eye on these forums. It gives them a touch with the real world, and their fan-base. They can see what people are complaining about, and what people really want. The real ubi forums are full of whining, and no innovation or ideas. It's constant whining and flaming. This place is a lot more mature, and I'm glad. Here's to the hope that GRAW can live on.
  10. denkigrve

    GRAW stability patch, 1.10

    I had this in 1.06 as well, but it's totally random. I would check your event viewer to see if there is a log of the error in the application section there and post what you find. It only happens once in a blue moon for me, but it's not too detrimental. To avoid getting it I just reboot my PC before I try to host any co-op gameplay. I'll see if I get it to pop up after 1.10.
  11. I'm running an Audigy 2 value, and I'll see if I'm still having the same issues after patching tonight. Does anyone that has an Audigy 2 card not have this issue with 1.10?
  12. If it's rebooting your PC then you're getting blue screen errors. You need to turn off the option in Windows to automatically reboot so you can see what error you are getting. This usually means a hardware conflict or error. To disable this do the following: 1. Right click on your My Computer icon and choose properties 2. Choose the Advanced tab. 3. Click the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery field. 4. Under the system failure section uncheck "Automatically Restart" 5. Click Ok and close the rest of the windows. Next time your computer reboots itself you should get a BSOD. Write down what it says and then post here. It should help identify what the error is. Another thing to check would be your computers Event Viewer for errors. Event viewer is within Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Event Viewer. Errors for this game will be found under Application, and system level errors will be under system. Thats another good source to see what's going on. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread for you to see if I can help identify anything that might help.
  13. denkigrve

    Inventory Choice Problems

    Is your weight in the red at all? If so you might not be able to hold more, but with the Scar-L it shouldn't be there.
  14. Sooo this has happened to me and my friends twice now. While playing CoOp on VIP 2 after the loud out my friend had no weapons, and could not run. He could only walk. We saw him with weapons, but he had nothing selectable or usable. We thought it was a fluke and just shrugged it off. Today on Strong Point it happened to me. Wouldn't be an issue except I'm the server so I can't lay C4 anymore. There's nothing I can do to resolve it. Both times it's happened seem to be when we're getting a load out from the Blackhawk. I can't figure this one out. Anyone got any clues? Grin dev's any ideas? Anyone else seeing this problem. Like I said it's not consistent, and it seems to be pretty rare. I've only seen it twice and we've logged about 30 hours in CoOp. So far I've had no other issues with the game, and it's played fine. This bug and a few minor ones that went away with a driver update and 1.06 are all I've seen. Another point is that both of the systems affected by this are not the same at all. My system is configured as the following: AMD Athlon 3200+ 1gig Corsair XMS pro Abit Mobo SB Audigy 2 Value ATI x800 Pro 256 AGP My friends system: Intel Pentium 4 unknown speed 2 gigs of unknown ram Gigabye Mobo Onboard Audio Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT PCI-E
  15. Another thing to remember is to disable any forced Anti-Aliasing in your GPU's system prefs. That solves a LOT of the issues I've read about people having with the FPS in the game. Most drivers let you setup profiles, at least ATI's CCP does. Just set one up for GRAW. I believe Nvidia does the same thing. It's beneficial for tweaking your games to get the best performance from each title whilt not having to manually make the changes each time. Also make sure EVERYTHING is up to date. (I'm a bad example since I'm 2 revs behind on my ATI drivers but the game runs okay for me. Just some occasional text corruption. )