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    FPS game: Ghost Recon - scene: Thanks for all the modders for making it happen. You rock!

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  1. Dang .. sorry for being late born (again). I just downloaded the missions today (got the link from CJ's olde post on our forum). I hope it's not too late to attend I'll try that 1st mission today after work. br, -GB-
  2. Got your balls sterilized? Finally... :-P Yeh .. sign me up too pleeze !!! -GB- www.phoenixsoldier.com
  3. Yey! Will I still fit in? I wan't to kill too!!!
  4. This is great news! Looks I have to re-evaluate my copy of the game with the new update Thanks for breaking the good news!
  5. I wouldn't wonder if the GRAW exe has a added command to create the bundle file and to unpack it .. some1 try to use the oldschool pkzip.exe expressions with the GRAW.EXE .. lol Well that should be easy enough to find out by looking the graw.exe with a unix string -like command. I remember seeing such utility for windows on sysinternals.com ... wait... yep. Here it is: http://www.sysinternals.com/utilities/strings.html Hope you find it useful..