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  1. GhostBecon added a post in a topic Not seeing any scores coming in?   

    Dang .. sorry for being late born (again). I just downloaded the missions today (got the link from CJ's olde post on our forum).
    I hope it's not too late to attend I'll try that 1st mission today after work.

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  2. GhostBecon added a post in a topic Tournament Table   

    Got your balls sterilized? Finally... :-P

    Yeh .. sign me up too pleeze !!!

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  3. GhostBecon added a post in a topic GRT 2009 - Sign-Ups here plz   

    Yey! Will I still fit in?
    I wan't to kill too!!!
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  4. GhostBecon added a post in a topic GRAW Add On Pack & Update 1.16   

    This is great news! Looks I have to re-evaluate my copy of the game with the new update
    Thanks for breaking the good news!
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  5. GhostBecon added a post in a topic Map Editor is built into the game !   

    Well that should be easy enough to find out by looking the graw.exe with a unix string -like command. I remember seeing such utility for windows on ... wait... yep. Here it is:

    Hope you find it useful..
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