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  1. Jonesey

    GDC XIV: Marathon Format

    This is my first time entering the GDC Heres my submission
  2. Jonesey

    First steps with Modding GRAW

    Totally agree with ya JTF very useful thanks ted for this a great help
  3. Hi All, could someone give me some pointers/tips/suggestions etc on how to get started on modding .I am totally new to this so any help or suggestions on where to start would be greatly appreciated. Maybe in the course of time somone will come up with a step by step tutorial for us total newbies wanting to start modding Being a total newb to modding means i will need to start right from the beggining so please excuse my ignorance Thanks 9MS Jonesey
  4. Jonesey

    Alpha Squad

    Nice one looking forward to it already
  5. Jonesey

    taking screenshots

    X fire is good for taking in game screenshots grab it from here http://www.xfire.com/ check out my screenies i took so far here http://www.xfire.com/profile/joneseymark
  6. Jonesey

    CO-OP Wish list/Fix list

    heres my list of things i would like to see fixed 1) 9Man teams 2) fix bug when you go prone sometimes rifle points skyward 3) modding tools 4) wider variety of weapons 5) open maps sometimes i like to take the longer route round to an objective rather than be forced to take a direct route 6) game ending when team leader dies 7) more rural maps with plenty of cover (ie maps like the wilderness from gr1) 8) the ability to call in a airtsrike anytime you like 9) the ability to hold riflle over your head while behind cover as in GR2 10) a wider variety of game types eg recon/firefight/defend etc 11) Direct ip connection and possibly be able to play on UBI lets not forget this is where most of us Gr players met 12) Command map Grid overlays 13) some form of in game voice communications 14) The ability for preprogrammed command text chat (ie as in GR1 i have a set of pre programmed text giving me the abilty to confirm orders etc without having to use my voice comms See ya on the battlefield
  7. Jonesey


    i for one will be keeping mine This game will rock once the patch comes out