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  1. I grant you my permission (this applies to all the people who's asking the same thing through PM ..and sorry for the late response) have fun!
  2. Sad news.. Good luck GRIN team and thank you!
  3. yup, but mod tutorials are like girls, they tend to retaliate if you skip foreplay ang go directly to the juicy part
  4. this is taken from the weapon tutorial I wrote: We are using the local folder method. Refer to previous tutorials for info about the extraction of files from *.bundle (just remember to use files from the patch.bundle when they are available) I suggest you to unbundle all the files from the quick.bundle in a dir and then those from patch.bundle in the same dir (overwrite when asked) so you will have all files up to date ready to be copy-pasted into your mod folders. and the tutorial was made before the beta (to be included in the beta..) so I've used the most up to date files I had
  5. ..and what about sound I would say sound will require at least the same time you are spending on modelling...welcome to the next generation games modding
  6. I would tell things plain without using a 3 letters acronym
  7. coming next... OliverReed dating Tow-Angel ok ok I'm sick
  8. During a fall, a cat can reflexively twist its body and right itself using its acute sense of balance and flexibility. [15] This is known as the cat's "righting reflex." It always rights itself in the same way, provided it has the time to do so during a fall. Thus, high (multi-story) falls can be less dangerous to them than those of only a few meters. Many cases are known of cats falling from substantial heights (5 to 10 stories) and surviving almost unscathed. I would be quite confident she's a Wintertidh after all
  9. yup (btw if you go down a few steps you can climb it again, or at least this is what happened to me)
  10. I asked for a translation from italian-english to english but I think grin wanted to preserve the MADE IN ITALY style about your new prob... I was right about the xform I was right about the material I'll be right as soon as you make a proper atlas set
  11. this is taken from the tutorial: "lod_a needs a skinned_bump material while lod_b and lod_c don’t have animations so they use a bump_cube_instanced shader (look at the scar_l example to assign proper materials)" so my suggestion for the future is... RTFM
  12. I've really called this upon me and I don't make special discounts for gr.net members so don't ask
  13. Could it be that you assigned the wrong material in max to each group of objects? once I did this error and had the same results of you.. PS: I know the info in the tutorial are incomplete, but it was everything I figured out at that time..
  14. trespasser is working on trees digitaly is working on a 40km highway