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  1. XRW_Hotdog

    Helllooooo GR-dot-net!!!!

    Hey ronin. Wow. last time I posted here was 2010 , Been a very long time and have been curious about this new GR as well. Wonder how many of the guys we used to know are still around?
  2. XRW_Hotdog

    Are there ANY former XRW members out there

    Thanks for the info alley, I will have to find my mic and say hello one of these nights. Good to hear you guys are still around.
  3. XRW_Hotdog

    Are there ANY former XRW members out there

    Hey Chuck, I was wondering the same thing. I will have to check in here more often to see if anyone else is still lurking around. The only other member I am still in touch with occasionally is XRW Pantyraider, I have him on my Xbox live friends list.
  4. XRW_Hotdog

    I am finally building a gaming machine

    ya thanks... i just hit a slow spot between pays now. the tower is sitting on the table waiting for memory on the cpu lol. it is tough to see it there and i can't use it
  5. Goldeneye for the N64 was one of the best fps ever. GR is tops for pc though
  6. XRW_Hotdog

    I am finally building a gaming machine

    well i think that cpu is going to be way out of my price range here. i think i will be ok with the cpu i already picked. and today i picked up 2 80mm blue led fans and a 4 channel aluminum fan controller. i was going to get 2 more for the front but after putting the others in the case i think i will just get a 120mm fan. still need to get a good heatsink/fan for the cpu. any ideas?
  7. XRW_Hotdog

    nothing seen after rebooting

    you must have set it beyond its frequency range... i did that once messing around and finally had to enter in safe mode to correct it.
  8. XRW_Hotdog

    I am finally building a gaming machine

    anyone know much about this new chip?
  9. XRW_Hotdog

    The things people say

    two words that people say i can't stand are as follows. 1: axed, as in i axed you a question. how hard is it to say ask? 2: acrossed, as in he is acrossed the way. i mean come on... it is across!
  10. XRW_Hotdog

    Ghost Recon - Done and Forgotten

    no team work??? it is all about team work and definitely no tk'ing. plus our server still gets on average 20-25 players a night playing FLAVA 1.4. and our team is pushing close to 100 active members. this game is nowhere near dead yet
  11. XRW_Hotdog

    I am finally building a gaming machine

    thanks for all the tips guys... it is helping a lot. i was looking at heatsink fans today but wasn't sure what to get just yet. i did pick up my tower though, i got the Raid Max Scorpio in blue since the fans glow blue anyway. and they lowered the price of the tower from $99 last week to $69 this week. hoping the cpu will drop like that in the next few weeks lol
  12. XRW_Hotdog

    Mouse, Track Ball, or ?

    i use a logitech optical mouse, wheel and 2 buttons... never a problem and very cheap
  13. XRW_Hotdog

    Wanna Build your Own PC?

    this is going to be very helpfull in the coming weeks. thanks white
  14. XRW_Hotdog

    I am finally building a gaming machine

    thanks white, will do
  15. XRW_Hotdog

    I am finally building a gaming machine

    the canada computers has the one i want: Pentium 4 - 800MHz FSB, Socket 478 Pentium 4 2.4C GHz w/ Hyper-Threading Technology Retail. anytime i can save i few bucks i will. thanks for the info.