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  1. NuclearDruid

    Ubi Kimi Interview

    Looking good. Thanks a lot!
  2. NuclearDruid

    My Files differ from server

    No, they are updated. The mode that they are on is deathmatch... which only came with patch 1.16
  3. NuclearDruid

    My Files differ from server

    So you've never downloaded any mods at all, you haven't unpacked the quick.bundle file and you aren't using a [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] exe? I don't have an answer for you, just asking for clarification. No modifications, no nothing. Just the game and me playing the campaign over and over and over.
  4. Whenever I try to join a game I get an error saying my files differ from the server... I downloaded patch 1.16 from gamespot and have no custom skins or whatever. Just vanilla retail of ghost recon. Should I try a different source to download from?
  5. NuclearDruid

    Bugs in Multiplayer - Patch 1.06 Only

    Whenever I blow up vehicles, another one spawns right under it once destroyed, littering the streets with the same cars over and over. Am I the only one noticing this? Edit: In multiplayer
  6. NuclearDruid

    Anyone elses game freezing?

    Yes, usually when I press esc for a 5 minute period and go back in it does this.
  7. NuclearDruid

    Ubisoft Spell out Minimum Requirments

    Hmmm... did we know that before today? I didn't see that on the box when I looked at it in Best Buy. Look harder, I saw it. It has the dreaded starforce in it. dun dun dun..
  8. NuclearDruid

    Lightspeed's last words

    The truth? No, your opinion. Atleast they continued it. They could have just left us pc gamers with no more ghost recon. I love the game. I love change. Things need to change, not improvements upon improvements. How did we get in the world today? Change. This is the BEST GAME EVER. (And this is NOT the truth, it is MY opinion)
  9. NuclearDruid

    Game Trailers video review up

    Doh! I didn't spot that! Haha. They got to fix that one!
  10. NuclearDruid

    The Music

    Just a quick question where can I get the music from the game? I really love it and want it on my desktop!
  11. NuclearDruid

    Game Trailers video review up

    Nice! The respect it deserves!
  12. NuclearDruid

    Must have mooore!

    I just finished the single player campaign... WOW!! The best, and hardest, single player game I have ever experienced. Everything was just amazing to the graphics (LOVE THE NIGHT MISSIONS!), to the story, to the so so tatical, free, and amazing gameplay, and the Ai was extremely smart! I got Scared they were so smart! I had a great sense of achievment finishing the game and really made me cry. I want more, this is AMAZING. Please let there be an expansion! (Too early to ask? =p) I must have more!! MORE!!!
  13. NuclearDruid

    AA - request

    HDR + AA is impossible with most cards out there.
  14. NuclearDruid

    already bored with the maps and mp game

    Your talking to someone who played day of defeat source like it was going out of style. Don't get me started on how many few maps there were, but were still really fun.
  15. NuclearDruid

    Map editor in June!

    Weee! I hope we get some crazzzzy maps! oh yeah.. do we have to download them while off of the game? Or can we just download it as we join the server?