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  1. DeathDealer71

    GR MP

    I was wondering, since me and my clan are big in RVS, does UBI support MP anymore? How do you guys play MP, through a lobby, or Hamachi? Thanks
  2. DeathDealer71

    Reviewing the Reviewers

    That wouldnt surprise me, another way for Bubi to kill the PC. Like MicroDick (opps) Microsoft thinking we are just dying to play against console kiddies on Vista/Windows Live. Or whatever they call it, like NO, and with that new Halo, DOUBLE no. Death
  3. DeathDealer71

    XP Pro 32-bit vs Vista Ultimate 64-bit

    No I agree Vista isnt ready for me yet. I was actually surprised to see how Vista was on the low end on most benchmarks. They said Sp1 is due is Oct. Is that still true? I will wait at least till then. Then we will see if MS screwed SP 1 and needs 1000 fixes. All in all I'm waiting.
  4. DeathDealer71

    grass, trees and rocks are squares

    Yep your stuck there, sorry dude. For your agp system try upgrading to the 512mb version x1950pro graphics card. For $212.00 you wont be dissappointed. Death
  5. Hell, I'd be over the moon with ANY Intel! I am wondering how close the x360 version will be of GRAW 2 versus the pc version. I played the demo for x360 and I thought highly of it. I probably wont buy the console version straight up, but I will for the pc. The pc is still my primary gaming platform, but for sports and racing I use the 360. I just hope it looks as good as the 360 version, although It is not being made from GRIN, I wondering if the storyline and weaponry are the same or close. I guess we will see, Death
  6. DeathDealer71

    Any official word on SADS?

    No offense to GRiN but they are under ubi's thumb. Yes ubi is that dumb Give them a chance, you never know. Grin? Death
  7. DeathDealer71


    It's the ghetto man, they can only afford half or quarter of a fence. When they cross the border and come back to the US and work at a landscaping company, they might be able to afford another 10' of fence. Give'em time. Death
  8. DeathDealer71

    Vista Sales are slow....

    Yes I am sticking with XP right now, I would like to have a test copy of Vista but right now I consider Vista virus like software, untested by public and risky. Although I do repect Roco's review. Death
  9. DeathDealer71

    Any official word on SADS?

    We will know soon enough from GRIN. Death
  10. DeathDealer71

    Only 3D person

    I am sure that 360 will have a 3rd person view and PC first person view. And it would be nice they can be slected which mode the player in most comfortable with. Death
  11. Yep, I like that idea Welcome to the forums Mast Yes welcome and enjoy your stay. We're even availble to talk about GRAW 2 with you. Dont worry about secrets and keeping information under wraps, we will protect that info in this forum we all know. And you should tell us all , because really we all know . In the end everyone knows everything. Death
  12. DeathDealer71

    GRAW Live

    I just got the X360, I have GRAW for pc but I was thinking about picking up GRAW for 360. I read down through the topics that the pc version is alot different from the 360 version, which is great. But are there still alot of players playing the game on Live for GRAW? Like something specific not "Tons of players" Thanks Death
  13. LOL your secret is safe with us. Death