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  1. luger

    Is a New Map pack true ?

    Nice looking maps, will definitely download them once my burnt out 360 comes back to me.
  2. luger

    Puzzle on Ubi page?

    I'm telling you, the next game is going to be Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Team Rainbow Six Advanced Wafighter and will just be Mitchell and Keller launching nukes at Mexico the whole time.
  3. luger

    is graw 2(360) really run n gun?

    Online, last man standing, with the right players, feels very Ghost Recon esque. Single player.. not so much, but the general belief shared by most of the GRAW 2 360 community is if played right with the right people, the game kicks ass and becomes one hell of a tactical shooter.
  4. luger

    Mexican governor orders seizure of GRAW2

    Are they seizing copies already purchased?
  5. Same engine. The game will look sharper, effects might be better, and it will be smoother. Little more in terms of graphics. Don't expect any huge graphical upgrades. As it is, (the name of the engine anyone?) is pretty impressive on its own so I don't mind.
  6. luger

    horrendous online connectivity

    Ah..I'm not hosting many games, so that shouldn't be a problem. I am playing mostly ranked games, and while I do find myself being ejected from some games, other games, I'm disconnected, dropped, what have you, not kicked from the server. It's nost just me, I'm surprised here that some of you don't see the almost inevitable disconnect of at least one or two players as soon as you start moving. It almost always happens in the servers I'm in. There's no way these people are leaving, either. I'm sure they get, "This game session is no longer available," even as the first engagments of the round commence. As for the interface, you guys have to agree with me there. Where is the filter that lets me pick a map? Or the filter that lets me turn off passworded or full servers? I'm tired of re-searching for servers just because my first choice was locked. I know a lot of Live games don't have filters like that, but even Vegas's online interface is way better than what I've seen here. Why can't we get all the choices PC players get? No other game has done it yet, GRAW 2 could have been the first. I'd like to play less ranked games and more player matches, but I mean, few of the players on my friends list have moved from Gears and Vegas to GRAW 2, so unless I find a clan of decent, enjoyable players, looks like I'm stuck lone gunning it out for ranked pts and achievments.
  7. luger

    GRAW2..Pandoras Box?

    It should, like more and more PC games, be DVD exclusive. The percentage of players who can run GRAW 2 who won't have a DVD player is more than likely incredibly small. I really don't think that number would, especially in the eye's of Satanic Ubisoft, warrant mass production of another version of the game.
  8. i've never sat for 15-20 minutes trying to get into a game before. after quite a few server is locked (where's the symbol that tells me that before hand?) i finally get into a server and as soon as the game launches, i'm one of the lucky ones to get booted. try a few more (server is full here, locked here, game session no longer available there) i get into yet another game that launches, and again disconnected as soon as i start moving. not to mention the fact that every single person is a 1. i know it's not that long after release, but they really need to iron this crap out. the game is great once you get playing, but the online interface is just absolutely horrendous. hell, i feel like i'm back to GRAW PC when it first came out. and that, my friends, is very sad.
  9. While thought provoking, this topic has no place within GRAW 2 since the two games don't run on anything remotely close to the same engine. One is a third person, the other a first. That alone isn't going to allow the games to mix. Rainbow Six Vegas could work, but not GRAW. Games will not be cross platform based on name alone.
  10. The 360 version was really short. Fun, but the single player was really freaking short. I enjoyed it, though I sometimes had cover system problems (not as good as Gears and not nearly as good as Vegas in that aspect). The graphics and explosions were stunning. I never liked the tracers in the 360 version but (I don't know if this is true) I decided the tracers were part of the CrossCom 2.0 HUD, and thus they became acceptable. I just wish it had been longer. MP is a lot of fun though. It seems console players want to play Gears of War in Ghost Recon. I spend most of the maps prone behind a tree or a car with an M4, picking off the same silly gold team members once, twice, sometimes three times as they feel the need to sprint down the road again and again. Still, unless I really fall in love with the MP, when I return this rented copy of GRAW 2 for 360, I won't be going out to buy it. Gotta save for H3 and GTA IV, and GRAW 2 for the PC.
  11. luger

    Way too short

    I plan on playing MP for the next few days, then happily returning GRAW 2 to Blockbuster. The SP was incredibly short, only took me two and half days on and off.
  12. luger

    GRAW PC2 Single Play

    I think it's a silly feature. Ghost AI was decent last game and will hopefully be better this time around. You can't ask developers to try and design great teammate AI and add a feature like that. Not to mention it would kill any immersion in the game, at least in my opinion.
  13. Yeah, I do have the same look on my face. After GRAW with just 1024 and medium settings with my GF 6800 Ultra I can kiss GRAW2 good bye. Naah, I would try a demo anyway. Well it's the same engine. They haven't changed the graphics at all really, only sharpened textures here and there, or so it would seem. I'm sure whatever got you by for GRAW will get you by for GRAW 2.
  14. luger

    GRAW2 Demo is out now

    Based on that demo alone (ignoring MP just for the sake here) I would never spend $60 for the full version of that.
  15. luger

    Gimme Danger Video

    That's a rather rash decision to make based on music from a trailer.. at least wait for a demo?