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  1. No "Hunter" team...guess theres been a shift in the timeline... i could have sworn Future Soldier happened first...
  2. It almost feels like the majority of the team moved on.. After SO3, theres still one more content pack coming (doubt theres a seadon 3).. Sure would be nice if the last pack went big and closed out the content support in a big positive way..
  3. That new sniper class may be a nuisance..This will make those campers who sit on the extreme edges of maps more common, since they can accurately camp and snipe the comms station from greater distances.... "season 2 pass holders getting access to a pack" sure is a lot of work to not say Free content.... wonder what the scheme is there
  4. On 2 files i have collected everything... like Arkham Knight the fun is in finding the balance in not always doing one specific thing constantly.. It helps that I walk alot and refuse to fast travel.... if only theyd add random enemy patrols and encounters
  5. it is such a well designed mission.....it takes its sweet time to develop and escalate into action...the action itself does not disappoint (unlike the predator encounter). I also really enjoy the way the interactions between ghosts and rainbow concludes..
  6. im on my 4th lap through the game...2 complete files to include Tier 15 on both.
  7. 5timechamp

    Anyone having crash issues?

    what i get is in MP, im having a great round.. the game changes host and i get disconnected.. i am then able to join next round... its almost as if its deliberate or something
  8. 5timechamp

    Theme Teaser

    So patch notes add a couple of nice things: -Gender of player and AI characters can now be changed at any time -proximity mines are now available in P v E (will work great with friendly fire now) though prestige point crates only being able to unlock gear from before season 2 is really a cheap ploy
  9. 5timechamp

    GR Unpopular Opinion thread

    I think the most irking aspect of AI accuracy is in their loadouts, I can suspend disbelief of an adversaries accuracy as long as the weapon they hold is feasibly capable of the accuracy with which its used...but the loadout of the enemies along with the context under which they display accuracy is whats really annoying... I really enjoyed the aggression of the Future Soldier AI (linearity of that game im sure helped in the same way the design of FEARs AI was aided by its settings)......Rainbow Vegas had aggressive AI too but that game was ruined by the AI opponents gradually materializing as the terrorist hunt happened thus negating any "cleared" areas
  10. 5timechamp

    Theme Teaser

    Rainbow Six plot would make a great mini-series (as would ghost recon) the games crossover is great in concept, though the style of missions in the campaign are pretty limited.... I expect that the highlight of the mission will likely be in the interaction between characters (as was with the Splinter Cell crossover).. perhaps the mission is a series of breaching missions (like in the side missions) Im wondering if at some point the last few provinces will get bosses...
  11. -Btw, real "Ghost Mode" would limit fast travel or vehicle drops).... cant really eliminate fast travel because u can still get stuck on environment..
  12. -Victory Screen is mostly to sell pose micro transactions (not a crime if it funds content) -I just wish Tier Mode unlocks can be available to use with the new Ghost mode character file - permadeath, is it really whole campaign or just a removal of revives -look forward to seeing the new gear, hopefully Ai now use their optics too -Happy with update, though it would be extra nice if season pass holders received free crates with each update (value added and such) bottom line, the base game justified its value on its own (even before PvP), anything new is just a great bonus
  13. 5timechamp

    Thoughts on Wildlands

    still playing it, still enough flexibility to setup gameplay to my tastes... though i do hate myself for again undertaking the damn tier mode on another file... ...if Ubi does enough to tweak the enemy AI presence and the QRF system then i will gladly do a 4th playthrough.. the map is as impressive as ever, such easily recognizable geography..
  14. 5timechamp

    Special Forces Ghost Pack

    sure as the update came in I bought the cosmetics... minor issue (cause bitching) is the AI wont lower their optics, damn shame they dont mirror the players action as they do when putting or removing suppressors.
  15. 5timechamp

    Sam Fisher Mission

    -The mission was a letdown in the sense that it again shows the limitations of the mission scripting in this game (due mostly to the nature of open world games) Open World game devs. really need to study GTA V in how to design missions in open world games that seamlessly integrate scripted "flashy" sections in free form action while still escalating the action in a mission beyond the simplistic templates seen in so many games. -the best part of the mission is the character moments where the characters interact with one another, everything else is a letdown (Fisher doesnt even help/interact during the shootout that takes place and the scripting just has him standing around) -I hope the next Splinter Cell integrates this mission but from Sams point of view