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  1. Also, to add to the performance hit comment, the PhysX card isn't magically killing performance by itself. The problem is that the PhysX hardware is waiting on the physical event to happen through the already in place Havok software, then it just sort of adds the effects on top of that. So you have a software delay that has to run on the main system processor, then PhysX kicks in and adds more effects. If GRAW used nothing but the Ageia PhysX software, in combination with the hardware, there would be virtually no performance hit at all.
  2. GRAW supports it, but there seems to be performance issues with it right now.
  3. Ahem. GRAW doesn't use bump maps, it uses normal maps. A bump map is a grayscale image of the color texture most of the time, or it can look like a height map, which is still devoid of color. Normal maps are tri-colored textures (red, green, and blue with each color representing a direction in 3D space) which describes the orientation of each pixel on the surface. Bump maps are grayscale and contain less lighting detail than do normal maps of the same resolution.
  4. Deferred lighting (google it) is the reason why AA does not work with the game, on any hardware. There's no way to do "some other way" of lighting without rewriting the renderer for the game completely.
  5. Dude the game sounds kick so much ass! I got the volume cranked on my 200watt THX certified setup.... my ears are in heaven. It's the first a time a game has made me twitch when a ricochet has hit the wall behind me.
  6. Doom 3 has physics. Fairly good physics, considering it was coded in-house. Knowledge is awesome.
  7. Whoever was responsible for coding the renderer for the game at GRIN has probably already considered this, but I figured I'd post it anyway. As I understand it, deferred shading (or deferred lighting) computes lighting effects as a post processing effect... it all happens in the frame buffer. The scene's geometry is rendered once, the normals for those objects stored in a floating point buffer, and the light sources are added onto that buffer and a whole slew of other wonderful technical things happen and you end up with complex lighting and shading, with not as much as a performance hit as
  8. 5 - 10 years still, and thats a very optimistic prediction. ← Are you kidding? 5 years would be an "optimistic" estimation, at the very most! Look at the past 5 years, and see where PC graphics have come from. Then times that advancement by like three or four, and that's where we'll be in another 5 years. Real time global illumination, light bouncing (both of which can be faked pretty well already) and many, many other features that are currently "offline" only, meaning that they need to be rendered out to still frames or video to be observed. edit; to add to my point: Ret
  9. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ndpost&p=361384 A link to a post I made with 3 screenshots at max detail at 1680x1050 on a 7900GT Superclock from eVGA.
  10. Very interesting. Perhaps the demo only contains Low and Medium texture assets, while the retail version will obviously have the additional textures used in High mode. I'm thinking the demo would have been larger if it contained all three sets of texture assets.
  11. Heh, did you only take two guys with you, or did you lose one along the way? ← Ahem, well, one of them sort of... got in the way of my fun with the grenade launcher at the beginning of the mission.
  12. 3 shots I took with the "everything on high and 1680x1050" settings:
  13. I edited the xml render file so that every medium setting reads "high", as well as upped the resolution to 1680x1050 for my 7900GT, and it looks noticeably better than the medium settings. The soldiers look great. No crashing or anything.
  14. To get the game to run at 1680x1050, make the first part of the render.xml file look like this: <render_config> <d3d_device adapter = "NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT" driver = "nv4_disp.dll" resolution = "1680 1050" windowed = "false" refresh_rate = "60" /> <render_settings> <variable name="aspect_ratio" value="1.6"/> Only edit the lines that are in bold.
  15. As I understand it, the retail package will come with a demo DVD along with the game Cellfactor.
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