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  1. the pm system is working fine here
  2. Hey All yesterday i bought the pc game called the god father i really enjoyed playing it but i was some what frustrated at the lack of freedom to do what you like. also my graphics card isnt that great to play this game so i suppose i will upgrade that at some point. anyway what are your thoughts on the game ?
  3. memory is on order now thanks so much for the advice
  4. thanks for that i'll give it a try
  5. Hi i currently have Asus A8v deluxe motherboard Amd Athlon 64 3000+ 2X 256mb samsung DDR Ram 2700 I'm looking to upgrade my memory to a good make and 3200 ram speed but i'm not sure what make to go for or whats compatible for my motherboard so i'd thought i'll ask here for advice. thank you
  6. oh oh you little minks hehe, it looks great
  7. how did you see it last month dude ?
  8. Twice now I've heard this comment. It's interesting as the forums have been this color background for years. sorry ZJJ its just the blue is so nice the grey just looks a little plain now
  9. 0o0 if its made from microsoft then it could be a really good game i love the flight simulator game series i didnt like the train sim much at all but this looks good. thanks for link
  10. yes very nice upgrade i like this shade of blue is the grey background gonna be changed ? Regards Guthix
  11. is it a clan where you actually play the game or is it roleplay again
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