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  1. It would be a bit of a hurdle, but the main issue would be the loss of hundreds (thousands) of links.
  2. As you guys know, the download section is currently offline. The reason for this is that it is no longer compatible with the latest version of the language that is runs on (PHP). To make it compatible requires a re-write by a PHP programmer who can replace outdated code with new compliant code. This is still a very popular area of GhostRecon.net with '000s of visitors every month. My intention is to crowdfund for the cost of hiring a PHP programmer to update this code. This will be publicised on the download section shortly.
  3. Well that was a long hour! Tip - never do a board update at the weekend when the support team do not work weekends! If anything is amiss, let me know!
  4. Its online now, but I can't say for how long... http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php
  5. No, the attacks are aimed at Office 365 users. absolutely.
  6. Honestly I have aged 10 years over the last 3 days. Apparently progress is being made, the hacker used an API to gain access to passwords off my server. What you guys maybe don't realise is, apart from GRNET which is my baby, I am responsible for 60 other sites, and that hack you see above was deployed against them all. I was ready to throw in the towel, so I hope this is real progress by the security team and we are heading out of the woods.
  7. Unfortunately there seems to be a major co-ordinated hack going on and it is running rampant through the server GRNET is hosted on. A number of sites have already gone offline and although steps are being taken to address the issue, I have a feeling it is only a matter of time before this site is also infect and will become unreachable.
  8. Awesome! congrats, long live Mac (and Ghost Recon!)
  9. Rocky

    Site Hacked

    Of course! <runs off to take care of business>
  10. So we got hacked at root level today, I think (hope) I caught it in time and locked everything down. But if anything weird happens over the next few days, say a prayer for GRnet.
  11. It is what it is. This mod comes with a entry fee - diskspace. If you want to enjoy it in all its glory, then commit the diskspace. I can't really imagine 80Gb is a huge ask for a PC gamer.
  12. I've added a 7z and a RAR version of this mod to the download page, seems to be downloading fine now.
  13. Wow, he's not the friendliest looking fox I've ever seen! Good photo!
  15. Yeh Ive been back and forth with mediafire on this one, they are being a bit difficult. I'll try the trick Alex mentioned - in the meantime, thanks for the mirror Apex.
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