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  1. Look at these, lol - great co-op tournament that was!
  2. Rocky

    Playing the Russians, but HOW?

    Please try again the download did not get stuck when I tried - let me know.
  3. Yeh, great days, fantastic user made custom missions and features for co-op mission, magic stuff.
  4. English : I love ! It reminds me of the time when I wrote Igor code by hand. I use Igor OR or Notepad. Because we can also modify the mission via the notepad. Great computer anyway 😉. I miss it "lol"
  5. Rocky

    Dual Monitor Set Up Questions

    Its an AOC I have, I'm happy with it but it does have quite a distinct vertical viewing angle issue. Not noticable gaming, but if you are doing photoshop work, colours look different at the bottom of the screen than they do at the top. So while you might think a poor viewing might not be a problem for you, you might be surprised that sitting straight on it can still have an effect. Your model comes with 144Hz AMD FreeSync, so I assume its an AMD GPU you have?
  6. Haha, it was kinda cool to go old school with paper and pen for mission tactics.
  7. Hahah yeh! The old samsung syncmaster, back than a pretty good monitor!
  8. I tried to find out more about the codec issue I referred, searched this forum and the internet, but I came up blank! I use the steam version, its only a few bucks...
  9. Hi The first thing is to know that GR will run on all windows, including Windows 10 (which is what I run it on). I have a faint recollection your issue is something to do with the codec used for the opening cinematic, I seem to recall some people had this problem years ago. Maybe someone else here can recall...
  10. Rocky

    GR Wildlands

    Yes its true some hardcore features are still missing but to be fair they did add some stuff back in just for hardcore players. Lots of options. And the limp came back in breakpoint.
  11. Rocky

    Profile Deletion

    I don't think that can be happening to be fair, there are processes in place to protect users from this.
  12. Rocky

    The Ghost

    Pretty excited here at the thought of a new custom mission.
  13. Rocky

    Profile Deletion

    What’s up.
  14. Rocky

    Help playing coop

    Who's your ISP and what router is it, and where are you located?
  15. Sounds great. Would be cool if you finished this, then someone took it up to make a campaign from it!
  16. Rocky

    Help playing coop

    Okay you don't need any of those programmes if its just you and some pals - you just need to know your own IP number, give it to you coop pals, and then the join using that, right there in the multiplayer tab of ghost recon.
  17. Rocky

    Help playing coop

    Ok. So what exact problem are you having - do you have a mate who is hosting and you cant join, or is your mate unable to join you (ie via direct IP connection - are or you looking for a server browser?
  18. Rocky

    Two New Console Commands

    Wow, good catch Jack. I should have known, nothing gets passed Apex.
  19. Rocky

    Two New Console Commands

    Any idea from your disassembly why these two codes have never been published before?
  20. Rocky

    Two New Console Commands

    Wow you are right, those commands are not listed on our Ghost Recon Commands page, and I cannot see them mentioned anywhere else on the internet! https://www.ghostrecon.net/html/codes.htm Very very nice find Zee!
  21. Rocky

    The Ghost

    Ah this post came the day after my birthday so I missed it - sounds intriguing! If you need any help let me know.
  22. Rocky

    What's up?

    Love this thread, big big GR net names here, in with the foundations even.
  23. Rocky

    Multiple Myeloma

    Sorry to read about this..... all the best...