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  1. Quick Evernote story.

    I keep loads of stuff in Evernote, notes about many subjects.

    I use it to record all my website logins, urls, etc etc.

    I use it keep reference notes about pet subjects, like website SEO, money making schemes, all sorts.

    I use it to keep some passwords, because you can easily encrypt and prevent remote synching of passwords, or any notes.

    So, when my HD packed in and I had to do a reinstall, I was cringing because I would have to read up and research how to recover all my Evernote notes, and figure out how to get back my local password notes.

    No worries with evernote.

    As soon as I had re-installed it on a new HD, all my notes appeaed, thanks to the cloud and remote synching.

    The locally stored password files were easily fouund to, as I had backed them up locally, so a quick "import" and blam, I had all my notes back.

    Great tool.

  2. How funny you should comment on this item today, as I backed up the forum database and also the mod database today (using the tool linked in my previous entry).

    I have a 300Mb external seagate now, prices are so cheap it's practically a steal. And having an external USB HD is going to make building a new PC so much easier when it comes to installing all the apps.

  3. I have not seen it, but I guess it is styled black like the new windows media player? I am using a windows blinds XP skin that is based on that, it's very cool. I don;t often stick with skins, usually removing them after a few days, but I stuck with this one, it's cool.

    About the zune though. What do you make of that? Seems to me they have got off to a bad start by making all the MS music downloads so far incompatible with it, it looks kinda ugly next to the ipod, it looks kinda ugly next to the PSP, but on the up - I like the wireless sharing of files idea, whether it's a feature that will prove functional or gimmicky I don't know.