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  1. Rocky

    To the Staff

    Shucks, where's that blush emoticon gone....
  2. Rocky

    PC specific

    Console Forum Added.
  3. Rocky

    The new forums...

    Yes, server load and bandwidth is reduced, while both user and Admin functions are improved. Highly recommend this over IB.
  4. Rocky


    Okay here is how you color text. Write your post out as normal Go back and highlight the text you want to colour by left click and dragging your mouse Pick a colour from the COLOR drop down menu Try that out
  5. Rocky


    Awe shucks, I'm getting a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. Apart from when I see people post some things don't work when they are working, and supposidly idiot proof!
  6. Rocky

    Post Count?

    Found it, posting in the OT forum does not increase your post count. It's a feature we are considering, but didn't really mean to implement right now. I'll switch it off.
  7. Rocky

    Post Count?

    He's right, if you click his name, you can then list all his posts, there were 4 when I did it, but his post count is on 2... I'll look into it.
  8. Rocky


    Maybe it's a hack, or more probably an Admin setting I have not found yet - I need some time to go through the whole Admin Centre.
  9. Rocky


    Test and report SB!
  10. Rocky

    Member Rankings

    Yeh forgot to say that - thanks to WK for sending me the info!
  11. Rocky


    Yes access to it can be restriced to certain member groups. I was thinking consultants and up only. If a standard memebr wants a date posted for a GR event, they can request it from a Consultant. That was my plan.
  12. Rocky

    Messenger Box

    Check out those neat board Messenger features. A popup notification, a gtraph of usage, ability to cc the message to other members... and that's what I noticed after only a quick look - anubody notice any other cool features?
  13. Rocky

    Messenger Box

    Yes, it is set to 50, is that enough?
  14. Rocky

    Tranceweb updated

    Looking good Yoda
  15. Rocky


    Gone. Easy enough.