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  1. It usually involved a trampoline, plywood sheets, tin trash cans and a backyard. Anyone guess what chaos I was watching?
  2. Rocky

    World War III !!!!

    LOL, if Budgie brings along some of his "friends" from his travels, I'd tune in
  3. Rocky


    Yeh, not many takers so far. I'll have to put a better advert out there.
  4. Rocky

    Rocky smilie

    Blimey LMAO! You guys thought I was serious? You thought I was going to rename the emotican tags after forum regs?
  5. Will you check these two out?! They never used the lub emoticon once!
  6. Rocky

    Another E-Mail Virus

    If you have OE6, fully patched, you can run the preview pane and not catch a virus, that's what I do. (Also have a AV of course)
  7. Rocky

    Playing too much GR?

    LMAO that XRW list is awesome.
  8. Rocky

    gr.net soundtrack

    It does? Wow - it was already a cool sig, that's just awesome.
  9. Rocky


    Have you guys seen the one with the hand? You stare at a screen kinda like that sabotage one in the link, black and white revolving stuff, then you look at your hand, it makes it look like your skin is pulsating and wrippling! It's pretty neat.
  10. Rocky


    That was amazing. This is the BEST optical illusion I have ever seen.
  11. Rocky

    22nd SAS Mod Review

    Thanks for your constructive post, I'm sure the team appreciate it.
  12. Rocky


    Me neither!
  13. Rocky

    Reinstate Post Counts?

    A quick message : I am following this thread, but I am in total turmoil over which way to go! On the one hand, I am thinking a new forum : a new start. And on the other hand, I see how much some of you value your post count. It's giving me a right old
  14. We've had plenty of rows over the PC. You know how it goes though. I hate the PC!!! I wub you. Game over.
  15. Rocky

    22nd SAS Mod Review

    What he is referring to is an official GR.net review, which I had told him recently I was working on. He wasn't taking a shot at you, he was referring to this site. This forum is for Staff reviews, members cannot post reviews in here. The reason for that is to keep a consistant review template and format making it easy for members to quickly gleen the information they are looking for. That's not to say your review is unwelcome - it wouldn't have been moved in here if it had not been deemed worthy, although in my opinion it does come across overly negative The format for this forum will be as it was before we lost all the reviews to a hacker, that is : Staff Review, followed up with Fan comments or mini-reviews.
  16. Well done on the translation! You can find the download Here Yoda, I msgd you to see if you could distribute it to Italia sites, not realising you were in on this thread already. I treid posting in some Italian forums, but I couldn't get registered, almost - but not quite!
  17. Rocky

    Madest Thing I Have Seen This Year

    @ Velocity LMAO! Heh, yes it is BAckyard Wrestling, I .was interested to see if anyone here had heard of it, as it was new to me. I found it while searching for some UFC clips. Total madness LOL.
  18. Rocky

    downloading woes!

  19. Rocky


    Why was it wrong? Their site was defaced - I saw it with my own eyes. Please clarify your claim that it was not hacked.
  20. Rocky

    Forum Link

  21. Rocky

    Weather tutorial

    Thanks Soup, I'll pin things like this.
  22. Rocky

    OMG OMG Please please do this for site!!

    We had a "pictures" thread before, and it worked quite well, some cool pictures were posted. Feel free to start picture threads in whichever forum is appropriatte. Perhaps Title the thread like Title : Picture Thread Subtitle : Type of pictures
  23. Rocky

    Question for moderator or Rocky

    Sorry, we can't have items for sale in the forums.
  24. I was greeted with a black screen and lots of text on boot up today, very wierd. It said something along the lines of "we are sorry for the inconveniece, by windows failed to load. This is most likely due to a software of hardware change made recently" I have not made any changes recently! It then gave me various boot options like safe mode etc, or "normal boot", so I hit normal and windows loaded with an error window pop up saying that my GForce card was making my system unstable. Help, anyone?
  25. Rocky

    Why when I open a thread...

    We are talking about two different things here... heh, lets be clear.