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  1. Exactly, it's not Ghost Recon anymore. And it's more than a little Far Cry to be fair, all that crafting is straight out of Far Cry.
  2. Yeh the whole lone Ghost thing was FUBAR from the start, considering the game supported co-op.
  3. I do remember this but I failed to do anything. December 3rd is not far away, I'll put something up for the anniversary.
  4. Nice, my first graphic impressions were poor, so keep those shots coming.
  5. Wait a while and see how this situ develops before splashing out mate.
  6. Let me know what you think....
  7. If you listen to this guy, and how excitable he gets LOL, that could be me right now.
  8. For me Breakpoint is a mystery. I've only had a couple of hours on the campaign, and a few PvP games, but I can't get my ahead around a few things. Why have they added crafting elements to a tactical shooter, when they must have realised that copy pasting a game mechanic from Far Cry into Ghost Recon, when the "It's Far Cry with Ghosts" criticism started back with Wildlands! They have only reinforced this concept with this crafting nonsense, honestly this decision is bewildering. Why have they added loot boxes / micro-transactions at a time governments are looking at loot boxes as a point of concern and calling publishers to the table to explain why kids are fleecing their parents for money they they already paid for a full price game. Poor idea, poorly implemented seems to be the consensus of opinion and it is hard to disagree. Why does Breakpoint look graphically worse than Wildlands when both are set to Ultra. I also get tearing (even in simple hardly intensive cut scenes) which I never got in Wildcards. Breakpoint has the WORST launch week user review scores for any Ghost Recon game I can recall. Currently at 6.2, but was around 2.1 earlier. There are plenty of neat features, but some of these features should have never been removed from the series in the first place (hello gimping). What irks me most, is that when I was in Paris, several times, and met with the dev team pre-Wildlands, I wasn't the only one pointing the finger back in time, to the most important features that this series needs to remain a Ghost Recon series. I knew it was too late to see these changes (ie tac map, squad ROE and waypoints etc), but I, and others, made the point anyway, not just hoping, but expecting to see these features make it into Wildlands 2. Instead, they ignore those suggestions, and take the series further away from it's roots! The shooter community still do not have an accessible squad based tactical shooter. No single game meets all 3 of those criteria, and Ubisoft could have prevented that. They made a huge move in the right direction when they addressed the tightly scripted missions of the GRAW games and gave us back total freedom of choice, but with Breakpoint instead of continuing that momentum - they wasted it with RPG, crafting and micro transactions that virtually NOBODY wanted in Ghost Recon. When did we EVER see ANYONE post up, "hey Ubi, please make GR like The Division and Far Cry, lets start a petition!" - NEVER When did we see posts like "this is not Ghost Recon anymore, make it new IP" - REGULAR. Ubisoft apparently saw $$$ and went for option 1. A bit of a rant there, but there you go. That's my current take, ask me again when I have 100 hours in Breakpoint.
  9. T!! So good to hear from you again haha. Congrats on managing to log in lol.
  10. I'll be checking that out Dannik.
  11. Sorry dude I didn't try PS4 version.
  12. How do you mean? Could the driving me tweaked to make it less GTA style, maybe more like project cars? 😛
  13. Cool, I anticipate a day one release patch will be on the cards after all this public testing.
  14. Yeh that is a really good update, slick presentation too. I must admit I didn't think they would fix that running animation so quick.
  15. Good post bugkill. I was almost ready to accept the RPG elements as a 20 year progression from the old character points in Ghost Recon 1, but when I see my Breakpoint character picking up purple plants as he runs around so he can craft something, I have to wonder what the heck's going on with this series. It's exactly like Far Cry Primal, but why is it in a tactical shooter? I'd rather see a boost to the friendly AI options, a boost back in time to the finer control we had in earlier versions. I think the RPG and loot elements are the most controversial and most debated design decisions in Breakpoint for sure.
  16. That's neat! 60FPS here with a 1080 running at about 70%
  17. Don't know if you saw I was at Insomnia, huge gaming event, 100 PC LAN etc. As we were walking around though, found a number of tables set out for board games - it was pretty busy too!
  18. Lightly. Still hacking Arma?
  19. Not familiar with those components mate, I've a GTX1080 lots of RAM and it runs on ultra settings fine.
  20. PC. And welcome back buddy, great to see you again.
  21. That's interesting because I've never really been bothered about character customisation much. I'm not a weapons nut and I don;t care how he looks, I just like playing missions the way I like to play them, that's my thing. But when I read you can select whether boots are tucked in or not, LOL, that's attention to detail right there. Regarding sounds, haha I engaged wolves at the second chopper site by accident (threw a frag by mistake). I left 2 dead bodies. One of the enemy foind the dead body and said something like "Found a dead body, think there might be someone around" NO ###### SHERLOCK, unless he shot himself LOL!