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  1. Rocky

    GR Community SDK

    Interesting, you should reach out to him!
  2. Rocky

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday mate, thanks for all the screenshots this year!
  3. Rocky

    squad_e's PS4 shots

    Yeh I'm sure there is a mission on that boat.
  4. Rocky

    GR Community SDK

    Looks good to me, can't wait to see it skinned
  5. Rocky

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    Awesome. For the first time, this beta mod is now available on the 64Gb USB Ghost Recon Mod Collection.
  6. Oh it must be Christmas time, here's BAH HUMBUG stopping by again. Never one to let the facts get in the way of you dogged determination to bring the hammer down on GRW or Siege I see your complaints still lack credibility but you just have to keep beating that dead horse. Get over it please - Siege is a massive success in spite of your disdain and unsubstantiated complaints and guess what, so is Wildlands! Ubisoft did a fantastic job with Wildlands and Siege, and if you for once put a level head on things and gave them a fair crack of the whip, you might even be big enough to admit it. Short of that - this is a FAN forum, if you want to complain with purpose - take it to the Ubisoft forum. Your negativity is not welcome here, trying to spoil our SO3 Christmas. Move on, have a great 2019 posting somewhere that you actually enjoy a game.
  7. Rocky

    GR Community SDK

    Amazing work Alex
  8. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Glad you figured out it was your phone and not the forum 48 megabytes is very generous for normal member forum use - anything larger let me know and I'll put it on one of our download servers for you.
  9. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    No problem, I just want your posting updates here to be the easiest part of your whole modding process lol.
  10. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    I want this to be the best experience for you uploading images I do not see how discord can be any faster than this though...? You can either simply drag an image from your PC into the post, or click choose files to browse to them on your HD... Also, do you get a message saying what limit you have reached, I can increase this if you can detail... Great screenshots by the way.
  11. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Loading times suck because the images are hosted elsewhere - if you upload them here it has two benefits - quick loading and also when (and they will!) they disappear off wherever you host them (discord), then they disappear from here, leaving a messy thread and no image history. Better to upload them here and they will be here forever 🐵 I do not think there is lazy loading on these forums, so although its a nice idea using the spoiler tag, I do not think it saves any bandwidth.
  12. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Hi Sorry for the trouble - but I am not sure I understand, so I can fix... "I get the space limitations. Beside the point." - what space limitation are you referring to? "droped links in the threads. Most no longer work." This forum has decades of content, links will go down - welcome to the internet. We can't control what happens to other websites. If the links you are referring to are point to this site though - I can take a look - please post a couple of links you were trying to use and I'll take a look "The images are there. Just require the site to be visited to view." I am not sure what this refers to - can you expand? Thanks. I think you are trying to attach large mod files to forums posts. Forum uploads are generally image files - if you want to share your mod files we have two mod download servers - just get the file to me and I can upload it for you.
  13. Rocky

    New Photo Mode

    Don't think so mate. Why yes! Yes there is!
  14. Future Solider timeline is actually ahead of Wildlands 🐵 Here's the full press release... TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON® WILDLANDS PAYS HOMAGE TO TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON FUTURE SOLDIER® IN A TWO-PART SPECIAL MISSION Experience the Expansive Universe of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon in this Unique Event Starting December 11 LONDON, UK — December 11, 2018 — Today, Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands will introduce a free Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Future Soldier®–themed special mission featuring iconic characters Scott Mitchell and John Kozak as part of Special Operation 3. In this third major update of Year 2 content, players will be able to team up with Mitchell and Kozak for this free two-part special crossover event starting tomorrow, December 11, on all platforms. Exclusive Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Future Soldier–themed content will be introduced to the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands main campaign and PvP mode, including two new Future Soldier–inspired Ghost War PvP classes and a PvE mission, Operation Silent Spade. In Operation Silent Spade, Ghost Leader Scott Mitchell calls on Nomad and his team to help rookie John Kozak investigate a plot that links the Santa Blanca Cartel to a nuclear threat. The special challenge is playable solo or with up to four players in co-op. Upon completing Operation Silent Spade, players will be rewarded with the Optical Camo Backpack, perfect for a stealth approach. In addition to the rewards for completing the challenge, players can further customise and arm their Ghosts with the Silent Spade Pack, which include a weapon and new customisation items. Special Operation 3 will also bring two new Ghost War PvP classes, Vanguard and Sharpshooter, inspired by Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Future Soldier characters. Vanguard uses sensor grenades to uncover and highlight hidden enemies in the area of effect to his team, while Sharpshooter charges his shots by using his Long Range Specialist ability, which at a full charge enables him to negate the effects of sway and bullet drop. In addition to two new classes, this update will also contain two new PvP maps, Lithium Mine and Outskirts. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands Year 2 Pass offers seven-day early access to the two new Ghost War classes starting December 11, along with one exclusive customisation pack. Non-owners of the Year 2 Pass will be able to access the new Ghost War classes starting December 18. PC players wanting to share the experience with friends can gain Battle Crate rewards including Spec Ops and Ghost War Crates, via the PC Referral Program from December 11 - February 11, 2019. Invited friends who purchase the game will also receive Battle Crate rewards, including one Ghost War Crate and One Spec Ops Crate. The more friends players invite, the more rewards they will receive. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Year 2 will continue to expand the Ghost Recon universe with free major Special Operation updates, each featuring a unique theme, updates to the PvE campaign with free special content and special challenges with exclusive rewards, community-requested features and updates for the Ghost War 4v4 PvP experience. The development team is committed to supporting the game with free new content and improvements to the core experience. Developed by Ubisoft Paris,* Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a military shooter entirely playable in up to four-player co-op or single-player from beginning to end. Players have total freedom to accomplish their missions how they want and watch as the world reacts to their actions. Players can choose to move quietly in the night, go in hot at dawn or work together to execute a sync shot that takes out enemies in one fell swoop. Each choice has a consequence, and players must improvise or adapt their plans to ensure the completion and success of each mission. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War allows players to live the ultimate co-op experience in 4v4 modes. Featuring a growing roster of classes, maps and modes, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War focuses on teamwork, strategy and tense tactical engagements. For more information about Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, please visit ghostrecon.com, follow us on twitter.com/ghostrecon or facebook.com/ghostrecon and join the conversation by using #ghostrecon. For the latest about Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and other Ubisoft games, please visit news.ubisoft.com. *In collaboration with Ubisoft Annecy, Bucharest, Montpellier, Milan, Belgrade and Reflections studios. About Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Launched in 2001 with critical acclaim from fans of the Tom Clancy’s world, the Ghost Recon franchise has since convinced 30 million players thanks to breakthrough releases and has become the best-selling Tom Clancy’s brand on the last generation of consoles and PC. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands brings the franchise to the next level with an episode designed from the ground up for a new generation, featuring a massive and visually stunning open world, playable for the first time online in four-player co-op. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a work of fiction. Like similar Tom Clancy’s games from Ubisoft, the game takes place in a modern universe inspired by reality, but the characters, locations and stories are created solely for entertainment purposes. One of the reasons Bolivia was chosen as the background of this game was due to its magnificent landscapes and rich culture. While the game’s premise imagines a different reality than the one that exists in Bolivia today, we do hope that the in-game world comes close to representing the country’s beautiful topography, and that players enjoy exploring the diverse and open landscapes it moved us to create. Any resemblance to actual events or any real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. About Ubisoft Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s video game series, Rayman, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. The teams throughout Ubisoft’s worldwide network of studios and business offices are committed to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms, including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. For the 2017–18 fiscal year Ubisoft generated sales of €1,732 million. To learn more, please visit www.ubisoft.com. © 2012–2017 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Tom Clancy’s, Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the Soldier Icon, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are registered or unregistered trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries.
  15. PvE Mission and Rewards: Special Operation 3 will contain a free PvE mission and other rewards. More PvP Classes + Maps: Two Ghost War classes inspired by the Special Operation 3 theme will join the fight. We will also have two new maps for you to test their kits on. Year 2 Pass: Year 2 pass holders will get access to another pack containing community-requested items, as well as early, direct access to the Ghost War classes starting December 11 for one week. Photo Mode: Capture your epic moments and the beautiful scenery of the Wildlands with our new Photo Mode feature. Prestige Economy: Based on community feedback, we will be implementing further updates to the Prestige Economy that build upon the changes from Special Operation 2. We’ll have more information coming soon. New Customization Items: More than 90 new items will be added to the store, including a new pack related to the theme.
  16. Rocky

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    Reminds me of Apex.
  17. Yeh I kind of feel the same, there needs to be a significant update to pull people back.
  18. I admit have not played it since getting my ass kicked 50 times in the R6 crossover mission - but I have generally not been gaming much recently. When new content come out I will be all over it again for sure - I am missing it!
  19. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    It's amazing what you have achieved here!
  20. So, I'm about to launch a new website and I'm looking for volunteers to stress test it as I continue to add new content, before it's launch next week. Any volunteers please PM me, thanks!
  21. Rocky

    Video Tutorial Series

    There are some Ghost Recon modding tutorials here, hope some help!
  22. Rocky

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Haha that's hilarious.