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  1. Cracking day, cracking day for another guide - got any more? 👍
  2. Rocky

    Old login doesnt want to reset for me

    Sorry just saw this, check PM.
  3. Rocky

    Nice video here

    Nice one Lightspeed, I'd missed this one.
  4. Apart from an entirely new map, supposedly even bigger than Bolivia... that'll do me 🐵
  5. Thanks, I really appreciate that.
  6. Rocky

    No friendly AI

    How does it work in FC5?
  7. Rocky

    No friendly AI

    Yeh, or the one that happens to me all the time but I never see anyone taking about it - is when you wait for them all to climb in before you set off, then when you put the foot down, the back doors open and they all roll out of the moving vehicle!
  8. Rocky

    No friendly AI

    I'd like all that stuff too, but I think all we can reasonably expect is the exact same as Wildlands. I was hoping for Wildlands 2 to have the enhanced team AI feature set we had in GR in 2001, so was shocked when it became clear that not only was there no enhanced team, but there was no team at all! So now they have announced AI is back, all of a sudden its great again, we have our AI, and we have forgotten about what we were wishing for before Breakpoint was announced! Genius move by Ubisoft LOL.
  9. Rocky

    Bullet penetration

    I'm pretty sure you can... at least two anyway.
  10. 1. Team AI is BACK! 2. 2. Delta Company is HERE! Apply now! https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/delta-company/ … 3. All New Trailer https://youtu.be/ASfUcaVTOpI 4. Wolves are BADASS 5. Wolves are BADASS 6. Wolves are BADASS
  11. Very nice 😅
  12. Nice one BZ, keep that content coming!
  13. Yeh saw some moaning about this but not really fussed about this decision.
  14. Rocky

    No friendly AI

    OMG they brought AI back from the dead! "Ubisoft don't listen to fans" Hold my beer Ubisoft Downgrade wah wah wah" Hold my beer Got to hand it to Ubisoft, they really are banashing some of the bad press they used to get into the history books.
  15. Thanks to @Zeealex for the new Breakpoint banner!
  16. For the many many gamers that are not so interested in PvP, but ARE interested in the TC series of games and R6 in particular, no single player campaign was and is hugely disappointing. Tom Clancy games are STORY driven, so not to have a campaign story to play along with flies in the face of what the TC series of games SHOULD offer, in my opinion. If I put that criticism to the side for a minute though, tough as it is, what Ubi did the R6 Siege as a multiplayer games is amazing, no doubt about that at all. So for PVP fans, have at it, youve an amazing, challenging, rewarding ($$) game to enjoy. The rest of us, meh, tango hunt variation is as close as we get to SP.
  17. Rocky

    squad_e's PS4 shots

    Looks like a good film. LOL @ the retro husky voiceover man though on this trailer.
  18. I'm so triggered when I see people post that one reason why we don't have a team AI anymore is because AI is prohibitively difficult to code. No it is not. We don't need a team AI that is so intelligent we can actually believe we are playing with humans, we just need a friendly team to do two things. Do not blindly walk in front of enemies or into crossfires. Go where I tell you to go, and do what I tell you to do. That's not hard, you know why? Because in 2001 Ghost Recon did it. And people would have you believe its "too difficult" 18 years later with monumental processing power at our disposal? Let us path our friendly AI and give them ROE, just like GR1 - it was unbelievably cool how well the team AI responded to situations, that's all I want. Also.... Ever notice how very few shooter games have doors that actually open? Think about it. Not many, right? A developer once told me it's because it is actually extremely hard to achieve this - and I believe him - because that's what he does - code games. And if he tells me he HATES doors, then I believe him. But guess what - WE HAD THEM IN AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GAME, and nobody bitched about it being so hard they couldn't be bothered putting it in the game. The point being, don't tell me that somethings is too hard, or you are progressing a series with natural evolution, when what you are really doing is removing features. /Rant over
  19. We know there is no friendly AI in Breakpoint, this is fact announced by Ubi.
  20. Rocky

    New GRID coming!

    Just saw this today, GRID was awesome so looking forward to this ... https://store.steampowered.com/app/703860/GRID/
  21. So there's a massive Ghost Recon reveal happening on Thursday 9th May 2019. Ubisoft is hosting at a live event in the UK - (and we are going so watch our @grnet twitter feed for live info) - can't say where it is though - that would just be stupid. 😎 But in fact you are all invited, because Ubisoft is live streaming this event - and here's how you can join in. WHEN IS THE GHOST RECON REVEAL LIVE EVENT? Thursday 9th May 2019 at the following time TIME ZONES PDT 11:30 am GMT 6:30 pm COUNTRIES LOS ANGELES 10:30 am NEW YORK 1:30 pm UK 6:30 pm PARIS 7:30 pm MELBOURNE 4:30 am on Friday morning. WHERE TO WATCH THE GHOST RECON REVEAL LIVE EVENT The event will be live streamed from the following locations. If you cant be bothered remembering them just come back here on Thursday to this exact post, and the Twitch stream will be playing at the foot of this very post. https://skelltechnology.com/skellcon twitch.tv https://www.youtube.com/ubisoft and finally, we will be live tweeting from the UK event at https://twitter.com/grnet WHAT IS THE LIVE EVENT ALL ABOUT? There is not much to go on but specialisation includes a full Ghost Recon Wildlands sequel, new Wildlands DLC, or a new Wildlands game crossover. What we do have are the following teaser images.
  22. Rocky

    CENTCOM: Violence of Action

    That looks freaking amazing.
  23. Can I check you have already patched GRAW 2 using the latest patch? http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=807