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    The devil is in the details

    The timeline for Breakpoint was really short, especially if you compare it to previous timelines - it just came out too quick on the heels of Wildlands. So yeh, a bit more time spent on getting BP ready would certainly have help reduce these silly bugs, which would have been one less thing for people to get annoyed about.
  2. This gets said a lot. And I don't think it gets said enough.
  3. Riding on the crest of the Wildlands Wave wasn't enough, Breakpoint has bombed. One site has reported that Week 1 physical sales* are only 20% of what the Wildlands sales achieved, that's a 1/5 fraction, but it's a little early for sales comparisons. Critic Reviews are damming PCGamer https://www.pcgamer.com/ghost-recon-breakpoint-review/ Games Radar https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/ghost-recon-breakpoint-review/ Gamespot 4/10 VG247 1/5 Eurogamer - Avoid PC gamer 40/100 Metro GameCentral 6/10 Push Square 6/10 Gameblog 6/10 * If anyone can find the digital sales, link 'em up.
  4. Yeh but they never fixed the first aid bug so my guy has been critically injured for 2 days, no play for me.
  5. Huh, I never knew this!? The missions UI seem a whole lot more confusing than in Wildlands, not just different, which would be ok, but very different and confusing interface.
  6. You know that thing where during daylight hours in game, you walk inside a house, and it goes dark for a few seconds, to mimic your eyes adjusting? In PvP its screwed up, so at dusk, when you can hardly see anything, if you go inside a shack, and look outside, it's like daylight again, and you can spot the other team easy!
  7. Rocky

    Screenies by NC

    Go ahead, start your own one and let's take a look...
  8. Rocky

    Screenies by NC

    Very cool gallery, nice work on your character customisation mate.
  9. Nice review format on your site. I'd go further than saying BP is a medley of other shooters, because it involves gameplay elements not often seen in shooters, ie RPG and social hubs. I'm not in is as far as you, so for me it is still a bit of a confusing interface, and gear score still strikes me as a pointless mechanic other than to restrict players from raids..
  10. I've just had a quick run around and there's some neat new features in Breakpoint. Game looks beautiful and when you "merge" into a bush, very cool feature. There's a tonne of new elements, I'll need to run through the tutorials, like Profile cards...? The story has me hooked already so I'm looking forward to playing the campaign. Ansel for screenshots doesn't seem supported yet...? My default male character had a female out-of-puff breathing noise, and there were some strange bright textures around a hideaway entrance. Looking forward to playing some more for sure..
  11. Yeh I get that Breakpoint can be fun, and plenty of people are enjoying it - but I couldn't find a Rock Papers review other than their YT one, which calls it a mess and shambolic. Despite all the neg press, I'll be investing a shed load of hours to get the most out of it I can!
  12. Rocky

    Screenies by NC

    Images not coming up?
  13. Oh man, but if you had the choice, PS4 or PC, which format would you play RDR2 on - that's my dilemma!
  14. Yeh its very cool ,look at his knee lol. Similarly, I was on the bridge near the start of the campaign, next to the waterfall - if you stop and look over the side, he actually lifts his leg and puts one boot on the concrete foundation for the fence - clever stuff.
  15. That might be the best option, as Ubi showed they will support their games for extended periods recently. I liked Wildlands from the start, the whole open world thing and freedom of choice was fantastic. Most of the bugs were squashed with an almost fanatical effort from the dev team to resolve early issues. If they do the same with Breakpoint it will be an enjoyable game I'm sure. Too late for those awful critic reviews though.
  16. Nice, I love the way that footwear merges with the environment.
  17. You found the nightmare cap in a box, and your other cap disappeared from your gear? It translates to the alarm will be even worse
  18. Updated with some other reviews found on reddit.
  19. I never got into CoH2, but was playing CoH EVERY night up until about 3 months ago I stopped cold turkey because it was destroying my evening productivity.
  20. Exactly, it's not Ghost Recon anymore. And it's more than a little Far Cry to be fair, all that crafting is straight out of Far Cry.
  21. Yeh the whole lone Ghost thing was FUBAR from the start, considering the game supported co-op.