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  1. So today was our 1000th tweet, so I'm thinking a free prize draw is in order! It might look something like this... Good idea?
  2. EDIT Found it in my browser history https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy
  3. Wow that used to be free! I can't remember the free tool I used recently dangit. Oh well.
  4. Hey Mr Moon, take it easy and look after yourself. See you back here when you are all bushy tailed again, whether it is playing or modding, haste ye back. Thanks so much for uploading what you have achieved so far - I'm downloading it now!
  5. Easy, try one of those IP maskers that lets you choose your country. I think it's called HideMyAss.
  6. On the flip side, good job on keeping that phone charged Easy lol.
  7. Well it annoys me - and its not just a map to play in - you guys are missing out on unlocks in there!! I got word back - Ubisoft are only promoting that map for Europe - BUT WHY?!!! Like and retweet this tweet to complain!
  8. Unbelievable. This DRIVES ME NUTS. 1. THERE IS NO REASON FOR BLOCKING IT BY COUNTRY - DIS IS DA INTERNETS! 2. THERE IS NO TECHNICAL REASON FOR IT 3. IT PREVENTS PUBLICITY MOMENTUM FROM BUILDING AND HARMS INTEREST LEVELS Same deal with the Wildlands Amazon 30 minute episode released a few days ago - it only plays in the US, not europe. Bloody joke.
  9. Please try this if you get an error http://www.ghostrecon.com/noheroes
  10. Haha, not quite, I get to keep them all!
  11. https://noheroes.ghostrecon.com/en-GB/index.html Pretty cool.
  12. Yeh you have to go to wayback because I eventually let that old site go..... it was hard for me to pull the plug! GGs.
  13. Thanks for the steam hook-up, game with you soon hopefully! @Wombat, brilliant clip!! LOL!!!!
  14. Yeh I really got that feeling too. When you race the same track over and over, the layout stays with you forever. Then one day you are playing a totally different game and you get deja vu!