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  1. Rocky added a post in a topic Red Storm Rising 12-mission campaign   

    I'm blown away that you picked up on this update so quick - gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling lol.
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  2. Rocky added a post in a topic Red Storm Rising 12-mission campaign   

    Awesome work Apex, I'll be re-playing this at the weekend for sure. Thanks!
    More Details HERE.
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  3. Rocky added a post in a topic Peeking/Leaning   

    Doesn't look like leaning to me.
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  4. Rocky added a post in a topic What Ubisoft Is NOT Talking About...   

    I don't think you're going to enjoy Wildlands, it doesn't sit in that niche IMHO. Still, there's a few months to release so we'll need to wait and see the media that gets released over the coming months.
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  5. Rocky added a post in a topic Peeking/Leaning   

    Nice image LOL, love it.
    I like how GR did leaning, but this is a very hot topic! It has not been confirmed in Wildlands yet, how peeking will work exactly, but I expect this to be cleared up pretty soon, so stay tuned.
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  6. Rocky added a post in a topic Castle Day in Arma 3...wip   

    Wow, thats impressive! Really looks like Castle, very accurate.
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  7. Rocky added a post in a topic What Ubisoft Is NOT Talking About...   

    Yeh maybe me and everyone across the globe I play with are just lucky.
    BTW, as is well reported, Siege's player numbers have risen every month since release, not something you expect to see from a game that is as bad as you make out, especially one nominated for Multiplayer Game of the Year.
    Hope you find a game that plays better for you   - Would be cool if that games was Wildlands, however you have given up on it before you've even played it which is a shame.
    I do enjoy our banter you've been here for years, but I do sometimes wonder why. Are there any games you do enjoy playing, any publishers you do applaud?
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  8. Rocky added a post in a topic Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed   

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  9. Rocky added a post in a topic What Ubisoft Is NOT Talking About...   

    ... but you will apologise for them anyway? When EA themselves came out and called the BF4 launch "unacceptable", that's why I questioned your assertion that Ubisoft produced the "net-code that is literally the worst there is in PC multi-player gaming". 
    But that is exactly what I and thousands of other gamers are doing every week. Siege is also nominated for Best Multiplayer Game 2016 I noticed...
    Is this an issue you are experiencing yourself, or are you going by what you are reading somewhere else? Perhaps you just need to edit a text file somewhere...
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  10. Rocky added a post in a topic GRAW 2   

    How to install GRAW 2 Mods.
    @ Tom, welcome back, please start your own thread to detail your issues and we will get you going again.
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  11. Rocky added a post in a topic What Ubisoft Is NOT Talking About...   

    I'm not sure a worst net code in PC multiplayer gaming stands up - remember Battlefield 4? That was a wholly multiplayer title, the FOURTH in a series, and a month after launch EA still hadn't sorted the net code. That's probably the best (worst?) example of a net code FUBAR, because it came from a publisher that really had no excuse considering how long they'd been pumping out BF games.
    As an end user, I really cannot understand why this is such an issue for developers. Surely multiplayer gaming is a bunch of "knowns", there should be no surprises at launch, why then is there always this net code drama for multiplayer games? It bewilders me.
    Ubi's latest shooter - R6 Siege, still gets netcode complaints, however the majority of players (including me), find it to be a terrific online experience and a great game.
    Considering that so far Wildlands has only been expressed as a SP or co-op experience, it's not unreasonable to expect the co-op netcode will perform, and the drop-in feature sounds awesome. 
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  12. Rocky added a post in a topic THANATOS FIVE ZERO (The real future soldier)   

    Somehow the "like this" button seems totally inadequate!
    Awesome news!!!
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  13. Rocky added a post in a topic Stealth Gameplay Footage   

    I really liked this!
    This is more like a team tactical approach than any other video released so far.
    Can you imagine playing that for the first time and wondering, hey, what if we take that truck and just drive in there? Would that even work?
    That would be hilarious. I hope they build in clever stuff like that to all the missions.
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  14. Rocky added a post in a topic How to copy out maps from mods   

    It might be easier just to download the maps individually rather than try and extract them for HU.
    You'll find them all in the Ghost Recon Map Downloads.
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