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  1. Rocky added a post in a topic Not a mod, but so much which can be done.   

    Yeh thanks, I will post it up later this week, as you know I failed at my first attempt to try it out lol.
    I'll add it to downloads and give it some coverage on the news page on Thursday, nice bit of coding!!
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  2. Rocky added a post in a topic The YouTube Thread   

    Totally sounded fake.
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  3. Rocky added a post in a topic From the Mailbag "treasure trove"   

    Great story Mark, thank you.
    Long Live Ghost Recon!
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  4. Rocky added a post in a topic From the Mailbag "treasure trove"   

    Good picks Wombat, Blue Glow is awesome.
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  5. Rocky added a topic in GR - General Mod Topics   

    From the Mailbag "treasure trove"
    I got a really cool e-mail from an owner of our Ghost Recon Mod Collection today.
    So this proud owner of the collection is concerned that Ghost will "vanish" one day, and "evaporate", and his source for information on these mods will be lost. So much so, that he was made a backup of the entire download database using an MHT file (an MHT file is a website archive capable of running on a local PC even in the source files are dynamically created with PHP and mySQL databases and contain flash etc).
    Although I am sure Ghost is going no where, I am not at all insulted, I am in fact extremely impressed and filled by joy that fans are not only still getting immense enjoyment from all this fan made content, but are taking precious steps to ensure that the mods live on for ever!
    However this leaves one question unanswered
    While download count is perhaps the best rough and ready indicator to a mods quality, for the reasons stated in his e-mail, this could indeed leave some truly wonderful mods disregarded, and left unplayed.
    So putting the Jack57's aside, putting HU aside, putting Frostbite and all the other massive successes aside for a change, which of the lesser known Ghost Recon mods would you recommend?
    Here a list of Ghost Recon missions ordered by the LEAST downloaded, which of these did you enjoy? Try looking at other categories to spot old favourites too!
    For me, some of the standouts NOT TO BE MISSED that perhaps have lower download numbers than they should, are
    Thanatos 5-0
    Harms Way
    NGRU 2pt HArdcore 5
    P2 A Cold Day In Hell
    Golden Triangle
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  6. Rocky added a post in a topic You Are Listening To Los Angeles - 'Live' Police Chatter, played Over Ambient Music   

    Cool, I remember as a kid tuning in between stations trying to catch police chatter, it worked sometimes!
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  7. Rocky added a post in a topic Thinking about retexturing   

    Really good work.
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  8. Rocky added a post in a topic Android games thread suggestion   

    Yeh, start it up, if it grows I'll add a sub forum for it.
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  9. Rocky added a post in a topic GRHU (PC) v1.4 GOG + Expansion --- map CTDs   

    Wow, very ingenious to create a script to resolve this issue! Thank You!
    Also added a link to this CTD fix on the Heroes Unleashed download page!
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  10. Rocky added a post in a topic Ghost Recon ULTIMATE Mod DVD Collection   

    Hi, Did you get the email registered to your  paypal account? You can reply with the proper address or PM it to me.
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  11. Rocky added a post in a topic Ghost Recon ULTIMATE Mod DVD Collection   

    It goes to the paypal address once verified by e-mail.
    You'll get an e-mail shortly.
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  12. Rocky added a post in a topic Ghost Recon ULTIMATE Mod DVD Collection   

    Hi Mark
    GRHU b8 is the latest version.
    There have been many updates to the collection since 2009 though.  
    Here is the current readme from the USB stick collection.


    Produced : April 2016



    This Ghost Recon Mod collection totalling over 1000 Ghost Recon Mods is the largest collection available anywhere. It contains work created by fans of Ghost Recon for fans of Ghost Recon from 2001-2016.



    Each individual mod is stored in its own folder, complete with patches to the latest version. Some of these files are from my personal collection and are not available anywhere else.  Also included are almost 200 pdf documents of screenshots, reviews, walkthroughs and details created exclusively for this collection.  This truly represents the final word in Ghost Recon mod collections – and the greatest ever collection of tactical gaming gold.

    The Collection is organised as follows.

    PART 1 CAMPAIGNS [94 mods, 4.19Gb, 227 files]

    PART 2 FULL CONVERSIONS [27 mods, 4.09Gb, 2936 files]

    PART 3 UNOFFICIAL EXPANSION PACKS [23 mods, 4.18Gb, 669 files]

    PART 4 part A MAPS [102 mods, 2.63Gb, 122 files]

    PART 4 part B MISSIONS [152 mods, 2.05Gb, 188 files]

    PART 5 part A EQUIPMENT – COMBINATION [44 mods, 1.74Gb, 87 files]

    PART 5 part B EQUIPMENT – SKINS [54 mods, 3.55Gb, 374 files]

    PART 5 part C EQUIPMENT – WEAPONS [72 mods, 1.11Gb, 229 files]

    PART 6 part A EXTRAS [4 folders, 7.6Mb, 23 files]

    PART 6 part A GAMETYPES [21 mods, 233Mb, 53 files]

    PART 6 part D MODDING TOOLS [22 files, 200Mb, 31 files]

    PART 6 part E MODS [36 mods, 1.1Gb, 149 files]

    PART 6 part G OTHER MODS [24 mods files, 2.95Gb, 412 files]

    PART 6 part F OFFICIAL PATCHES [8 patches, 155Mb, 8 files]

    PART 6 part H SOUNDS [7 mods, 31Mb, 9 files]

    PART 6 part I TOOLS [9 tools, 20Mb, 17 files]

    PART 7 MODDER RESOURCES [71 mods, 1.47Gb, 2205 files]

    PART 8 GRAW [1000+ mods, 2.04Gb, 1688 files]

    PART 9 GRAW2 [300+ mods 6.64Gb, 383 files]

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  13. Rocky added a post in a topic Ghost Recon Video   

    That's a lot of work, but really appreciated - it looks superb!
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  14. Rocky added a post in a topic Ghost Recon Video   

    Im going to have to watch your video again because you are describing normal use of the command map, but what I see in your video is the screen split into 3, the game space on the left, and on the right an additional space where you have a 3rd person view of the scene and the command map...
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