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  1. Rocky

    Urn with a view

    Oh yeh, you mean this guy - he's part of a bigger mystery :o) On the way there, I noticed something I had not seen before..... looks like there must be a story to this too...?
  2. Rocky

    Urn with a view

    Thanks, I needed an excuse to get back into the Wildlands, I'll take a look.
  3. Rocky

    Angry Dude in Mailbox!

    He e-mailed back an apology, PVP rage struck this one hard!
  4. Rocky

    Angry Dude in Mailbox!

    This genuinely dropped in my mailbox today... So many issues in two sentences.
  5. Rocky

    Blackfoot Studios

    Looking good
  6. Rocky

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Extremely cool Jack, looks great!
  7. Rocky

    The YouTube Thread

    Hmmm I see what you mean - I'm investigating!
  8. Rocky

    The YouTube Thread

  9. Rocky

    Video Tutorial Series

    This is amazing, I tweeted it out to the masses!
  10. yeh i tried the archive first but you cannot download from there.
  11. Wow, yeh that is an very old article, 2003, making it 15 years old! Okay let's see what we can do here. For, Ghost Recon Model Pack by Piggyson please try this and let me know if you think it's the correct file. I have also reached out to Piggyson, let's wait and see if I get a response! Or try this page - is it any of these files? http://www.woody2000.com/download.php?list.22 It is frustrating that back in 2003 I never thought to start mirroring these files. I only started doing that years later.
  12. That's the future soldier section you are in, the GR section is at http://www.ghostrecon.net/faqs/index.php?sid=348146&lang=en&action=show&cat=6 But I think you are remembering the recon section, not the FAQ. Modding Recon is here > http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/recon.htm#mods
  13. Rocky

    Video Tutorial Series

    Dunno how I missed this, really good work on those videos. I'm not a modder - but this is cool stuff.
  14. IF you point me to the broken links you refer to I will see about fixing them - that would be a good start :)