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  1. A bit harsh NC! LEt's keep the comment about the game not about the posters Right Im off to find that fat women running down the hill. Or at least a fat woman to make run down a hill!
  2. I hadn't read your post yet Zee lol.
  3. When I was shown early builds over the past 2 years, at times I caught myself self wondering how come they spent 4 years on this game? It just didn't look like 4 years of work for HUNDREDS of developers. What I realise now is that they were showing us specific aspects of the game to get our impressions. However, more recently the builds have totally fleshed out with all the crazy detail stuff Lightspeed alluded to - and it has turned Wildlands into an amazing experience. The level of detail and to quote Lighty, stuff that they simply "did not have to put that there", is staggering, and totally looks like 4 years of work. I see new stuff everytime I play that even though it's a small detail, makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Anyway, I can't really say it better than Lighty. ps, I spoke to the "rock" guy in Paris. Yeh they have a guy who made it his business to make sure every rock was special, and he took it serious!
  4. HAlli, somethings up with the room permissions on the TS, I could only access Rocky's Lair - not Wildlands. Thanks.
  5. I am so into this series, keep it up mate!
  6. Yeh I dont like that either. Teleporting into a car is just not right.
  7. I'd say yes. http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html
  8. Hahaha give it time mate, work your magic!
  9. Thanks for signing up to say thanks to Apex, its posts like that which keep modders motivated! Enjoy the mod, and Ghost Recon!
  10. I don't think its the same, because now when you are careless enough to alert the enemy, you are a dead man - real quick.
  11. Sorry mate, figured I deserved it! I actually bought it for HTC Vive VR - but it sure does run Wildlands nice lol.
  12. They changed the difficulty levels to : Arcade Regular Advanced Extreme <---- that's us.
  13. Is he serious? Go play with lego. Please don't install a Ghost Recon title and expect it to be CoD.