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  1. Rocky

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Love it, awesome Ghost Recon 2001 vibe.
  2. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Multitasking lol, you're going to wear yourself out! Great results though, the best.
  3. Rocky

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Really amazing work, have to hand it to you!
  4. Thanks wombat, I've added this fix to the v1.2 patch download. P2 Download
  5. Rocky

    Sun Set

  6. Oh My God, I actually got my hands on the target, but failed to get back out of the building. Looking at all those reinforcements waiting outside I think I'll need a lorry load of mines laid out around the entire building!!
  7. Yeh I love this mission, I wouldn't still be trying it after 30-40 attempts otherwise lol. Came close last night though, took out 3 rooftop snipers and the 3 guards in the rear gardens. Then I cleared the 3 man patrol that roam outside the gates, plus the 3 sitting at the gates. Then from the roof of one of the perimeter buildings I cleared about 8 guys from the front gardens. Then I set some mines. A bunch on the road in incase reinforcements started driving in, and some around the back corner to catch anybody that runs around the corner. Then I entered from the side door I blew open and made my way to the first floor. Second floor was barricaded so I blew open a door on a side wall and a tango was inside ready to take my head of. Attempt 35.........
  8. I am actually surprised how got the AI pathing is in Wildlands, throughout the entire campaign I hardly saw an issue even once. So I will be mortified if it happens as you describe and denies me this mission! I'm off now for attempt number 47....
  9. I still have not completed this mission, even after at least 2 attempts every night! I refuse to switch of Tier mode!
  10. Rocky

    If I die in Ghost Mode?

    Yeh I'd like to see a Ubi blog post the fully explains this...
  11. Wow, nice going! Have you collected absolutely everything?
  12. Rocky

    Blackfoot Studios

    Cool I'll pimp it some on twitter again.
  13. Yeh I have discord I'll add you soon!
  14. Cool, because that is the doors I am trying to get in. I am blowing them with C4 then waiting in the hut just opposite to take out 2 or 3 tangos that emerge to see what the fuss is all about. Once I'm inside is a whole new challenge though lol.