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  1. Rocky added a post in a topic Anyone Still Play the Original Ghost Recon?   

    Hi, the Ghost Recon Legends facebook group is still up HERE.
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  2. Rocky added a post in a topic Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed   

    LOL, every plan is as good as "1 - 2 ..... ###### ###### " lol
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  3. Rocky added a post in a topic Wildlands Character Customization - Who Cares?   

    Is this better?
    Games that do not support built in character customisation are having this void filled by custom modifications, and even games such as ARMA that eventually included such a feature still have fan created mods adding further customisations (see Project Life for Arma3)
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  4. Rocky added a post in a topic Island Thunder 2 in Arma 3   

    Very cool Lightspeed.
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  5. Rocky added a topic in GR: Wildlands - General Discussion   

    Wildlands Character Customization - Who Cares?

    One of the discussion that emerged after E3 was the opportunity to customize the Ghosts in Wildlands. Other than fan made mods, this has never been possible in a Ghost Recon game previously, although it is prevalent in many other games.
    To be honest in every RPG or MMO I've tried, I skip past the character customisation options at the start as quickly as I can, it's never interested me what my character looks like, not least because when I'm actually playing the game, I can't see the character anyway.  
    The opportunity to customise a Ghost is a little different though, if I'm going to spend some time playing around in gunsmith tweaking the weapons of drug cartel destruction for maximum effect, I'm going to need my Ghost to look the part too.
    In the single player experience I'll be requiring to feel attached to my character, and nothing achieves that more than spending an hour or two selecting and tweaking body attributes. 
    In co-op, running around in a default character just won't cut it either - I'll be looking badass for my co-op buddies lol.
    Anyone else skip past character customisation in other games, but feel like it'll work in Wildlands?
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  6. Rocky added a topic in Site Feedback   

    Site Nav Added - Finally
    Today the site nav strip was added to the top of the forums, allowing easy navigation back to the news page and other sections.
    Everyone should see this now, if not it can be selected from the Theme option at the foot of the forums.
    Any issues let me know.
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  7. Rocky added a topic in Military Tactical Realism Titles   

    ArmA Mobile for Free
    This could be good....
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  8. Rocky added a post in a topic Butler Talks about Co-op in Todays Video   

    Yeh I have to agree Lighty, if you're going to title a video "cooperative tactics", that's going to draw the co-op tact specialists hoping to see a bit more than the hollywood versions released at E3, it should really have more than a passing comment on co-op play.
    Regarding pure FPS and hardcore, Ubisoft have made no official comment so no scoops lol.
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  9. Rocky added a topic in GR: Wildlands - General Discussion   

  10. Rocky added a post in a topic More Gameplay Videos popping up on YT   

    They have now shown LOTS of  gameplay footage that is fast and furious, but Ubisoft KNOW there is a large and vocal HARDCORE fanbase that are not impressed, they want to see a stealthy mission, with one shot one kill, where the careless player is left watching from the sidelines, and teamplay and communication (not with voice actors) wins the day!
    I pray they do this.
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  11. Rocky added a post in a topic old players that played on .:TAG:.   

    Yeh I was shocked when X-Fire closed down, it was probably the number one gaming messenger, I guess Steam kind of took over.
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  12. Rocky added a post in a topic Thoughts on having female characters?   

    How deep do you want it?
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  13. Rocky added a post in a topic Burners Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2016 Gameplay Analysis   

    I agree with this video :o)
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  14. Rocky added a post in a topic Emails like this keep going!   

    And the reply was even better, once I fixed the download lol....
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  15. Rocky added a topic in GR - General Mod Topics   

    Emails like this keep going!
    Every now and again we still get requests to fix the occasional Ghost Recon mod downlink, like this e-mail below which was for a simple skin mod. Love the enduring enthusiasm for the original Ghost Recon!!!
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