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    Hi all, after years and years of playing and studding OGR and all available mods, and scripting work of some great ppl (see bellow) I came to idea to create one by my own, and here I am just to give you a info about "The Ghost" which is currently under development. The Ghost will be a veteran mod which is oriented on the realism in every aspect of the military sim and the war, and I will try to get best out of the igor. Your ghost team will fight in mountains, villages and city's of Bosnia and will take warlords down, /rescue civilians etc. Some of missions are pure fictional, some unfortunately truth. The ghost has also one additional mission by (re)using great work of other great modders to honour and to thank them for keeping this great game alive like: ApexMods Zeealex Tinker Streinger, Black Sabbath & Stealth-Mods team Lisac Viper-6 Rocky Eisenhauer sixpence Testers are more as welcome I will keep you up to date
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    I think that's Migryder boating his way to heaven. So long good buddy!
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    Thanks to @Zeealex for the new Breakpoint banner!
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    I thought I would check in and see how the gang is doing. Of course there are a lot of new faces, but I still see some familiar faces, too. I haven't been doing too much gaming since I left, but I have been seeing the new GR games in the stores and wondered if they were any good. Reading the forums has answered that question. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and that the new year is good to you.
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    It's a matter of fact that we are all getting older. More than 15 years have passed since we started to play GR and the fact that we are still here to speak about it and among us is really astonishing. The greatest part of us now has family, children, possibly grand children and that means we are likely old. So if in the (hopefully very distant) future we read again such news it means we are still here together and this was possible thanks to @Rocky who brought us together in this incredible community.
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    Hey folks, I'm made some new content just to refresh if I still remember doing it plus I finally managed to make proper material blending on meshes 10 years to late 1. This one I called El Passo. Closed landscape with tunnels. With Nowhere vibe for sure, quick small map meant to be played on tdm and dm. more screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/vynS9Mh 2. This one just lame port of de_dust and de_dust2 textures, just to have some fun with it. So its Counter Strike 1.6 vibe, small map meant to be played on tdm or dm whatever more screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/F7mYxeW Cheers, WinteR5
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    Hi all, since I would like to save your time here some starter help movies Chapter 1: start editor ref to documentation create own mod create new mission adjust weather activate the mod test new mission https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFB2fE5xWfFmNwXRJThrNLNLTJ8HAOAV/view?usp=sharing other chapter will follow ...
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    Yes, it is incredible I agree. I never ever thought we would come so far for so long - although I do remember Jester (founding member and contributor in 2001), he said to me once ... Turns out, he was correct!
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    Version: Beta v5.0 Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jveu58B067vtcqYZblU5jg5tXu5YrrEA Beta v2.0 -> Beta v2.1 Patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ED39hqRRdJElQUGX18D5mMabZCbErXCH Just put the patch files into the "DeCENT" folder. Heroes Unleashed CENTCOM (GR.net downloads version) CENTCOM Fully Patched (for convenience)
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    First, a disclaimer: I'm not concerned if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, The Drinking of Beers, The Fall of Max Gruber, or anything else. I hope you find a wondrous place & time, here & now. With family, friends, alone, strangers, it doesn't matter as long as you find some degree of joy. Life can be complex and challenging. Don't let that overtake you, at this special adjunct. Live a little. Go ahead, dance like nobody is watching, or like everyone is staring. It doesn't matter. You be you. Always.
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    Hi, chapter 2 is done and covers: Chapter 2: create Company create Platoon Create Team Add Actors to > Team Change Actor, kit, position Create objectives Mission was created which contains 3 objectives: Kill Patrols Kill BigBoss Go to Extraction Create script which: Set flags for Patrol1, Patrol2, Player Platoon, Big Boss Set Variable for Player Platoon Check if patrol1 is killed check if patrol2 is killed check if BigBoss is killed Check if Player is near to extraction Zone and continue if Patrol1 and Patrol2 are killed and finish mission In attachment you will find mission which was build in the movie and here is the link to movie chapter 2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=180UcU5TXD65QuPhV4Uz5dH_MN64MR4cM test-mission-01.mis
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    You could apply that to the whole game, not just the drones. Wildlands with new maps, another great story, and some "new" features from previous GR games that have been lost pver the years, and a better gunsmith. THAT'S ALL THEY HAD TO DO.
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    I read this only now... and I even wrote him a PM one year ago and of course didn't get any reply. I can't express my sadness
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    Sharing my thoughts here after 25 hours of gameplay. 1. Game is a MEDLEY of almost every feature seen at the shooting genre. 2. To fully enjoy GBR you must have it as your main game for some time. 3. The first dozen of hours is the “preparation” for the endgame experience. 4. Small bugs are annoying but didn't interfere in the gameplay. 5. Set correctly your expectations about the Ghost Recon Series and all its future possibilities. For details on these top lines and full review, check this link.
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    Hammer, IIRC you posted a screenie of a vehicle you were working on years ago. It filled up the entire Red Square on the M15 map. You said you needed to adjust the scale of it a wee bit. 😀
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    If you listen to this guy, and how excitable he gets LOL, that could be me right now.
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    It’s 2019. I played this game day 1 on Xbox with my new Xbox Live account that I was a beta tester for. This game changed my life and opened my eyes to what was possible with online gaming. Hundreds of hours between this game and all of its expansions. Series fell for me with GRAW and only picked up with Wildlands. Just showing some love, hope this finds another OG GR console fan. My gamertag back in the day was Camaroguy579. Now you can get me on Xbox Live as ISOTaco.
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    We have a new hero's unleshed server visit us Serverlist
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    I'm putting together a few different addons to go with the main mod: Arctic Winds (winter stuff is being locked to this, also has a few sound and texture things from Frostbite to make winter work was intended) No Night Vision (using night vision will result in a blacked out screen, also makes all NVGs on the models invisible) Real Camo Skins (main Ghosts use real camo patterns from 2010 and earlier, namely Multicam, Tiger Stripe, Desert Tiger Stripe, also thinking about A-TACS Arid Urban, M81 Woodland, and DCU) @Panth283, the real camo skins addon will probably be what you want. The gear there is probably the most modern of the high quality models (Peltor-type headset, plate carrier with belt, MICH 2000 helmet), though nothing I have is more modern around 2006-2007 (I don't have any FAST helmets, and the closest I have are high cut skate helmets that don't use full headsets). I can also see about making what you want a personal skin. Send me a PM with which guy(s) you're referring to exactly and we can go from there. Also, playing with weather some. Jungle Beach map which is normally day now with dense fog and a fierce thunderstorm. Going to look at different weather effects for more variety and also allow you to play some missions with different weather settings (imagine Iron Dragon with some rain and light fog limiting your view distance, for example). With that said, I don't plan on doing any day to night conversions or vice versa.
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    So now that I've got the new character models in there, I'm thinking about going through and removing the "Ghost" CENTCOM reskins in order to save space since I find them mostly obsolete at this point. This would bring the mod size down by around 200+ MB and cut down on load times since the game wouldn't need to read those kit restriction files upon launch. I'm retain the files so that I have the option of using some of them in a more limited capacity later on. Before anyone asks, the Task Force 245 guys are safe. They are staying in. The list of skins being removed: Ghost Ball Caps w/AK Chest Rigs Ghost VBSS (normal and winter) Ghost Fleece Jackets (normal and winter) Ghost Direct Action Winter Please let me know what you think, especially if any of those groups are ones you particularly like. The personalized skin option is still available btw.
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    He gave Tinker express permission to use them in Blood Oil only, He threw his toys out the pram when i re-skinned a couple as a test for the specialists
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    Love it or hate it, I really appreciate the cinematic experience the cod series usually deliver.
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    Shhhh.... Hanged... Active Camo..
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    Looks like a good film. LOL @ the retro husky voiceover man though on this trailer.