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    Learning how to skin, yay. Here's some pictures of one of my later creations. The color setup is pretty ugly, but I got a working vest with straps (there is an issue with overlap on the back of the vest, already fixed it). Working on setting up a base file that will let me change color/camo quickly for various parts. The shirt is setup where the camo is only on the top and sleeves (like a combat shirt except it's Ghost Recon, so now ugly). What I currently have adjustable in terms of color/camo to some degree: Clothing (except torso area) Torso Area Vest and Belt Boots Gloves Boonie Hat Boonie Hat Headband Still need to work on pouches. With pouches setup for each class, I should be able to use one file for rifleman, demo, support, and maybe the non-ghillie suit marksman. Plan is for these skins to make they're way into Cloak-and-Dagger at some point. Will most likely also release the skins and the base file for whatever anyone here wants to do with it. Edit: Have some newer ones to look at.
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