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    Riding on the crest of the Wildlands Wave wasn't enough, Breakpoint has bombed. One site has reported that Week 1 physical sales* are only 20% of what the Wildlands sales achieved, that's a 1/5 fraction, but it's a little early for sales comparisons. Critic Reviews are damming PCGamer https://www.pcgamer.com/ghost-recon-breakpoint-review/ Games Radar https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/ghost-recon-breakpoint-review/ Gamespot 4/10 VG247 1/5 Eurogamer - Avoid PC gamer 40/100 Metro GameCentral 6/10 Push Square 6/10 Gameblog 6/10 * If anyone can find the digital sales, link 'em up.
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    Well with this game that all depends on what resolution you're running at. I just upgraded from a Vega 56 to a 5700XT and it still slows down big time in areas at 1440p. That said they have a patch coming out tomorrow that supposedly helps with this...I'll believe it when I see it.
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    You know that thing where during daylight hours in game, you walk inside a house, and it goes dark for a few seconds, to mimic your eyes adjusting? In PvP its screwed up, so at dusk, when you can hardly see anything, if you go inside a shack, and look outside, it's like daylight again, and you can spot the other team easy!
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    Going to test something here Pic 1
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    Very cool gallery, nice work on your character customisation mate.
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    Sharing my thoughts here after 25 hours of gameplay. 1. Game is a MEDLEY of almost every feature seen at the shooting genre. 2. To fully enjoy GBR you must have it as your main game for some time. 3. The first dozen of hours is the “preparation” for the endgame experience. 4. Small bugs are annoying but didn't interfere in the gameplay. 5. Set correctly your expectations about the Ghost Recon Series and all its future possibilities. For details on these top lines and full review, check this link.
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    I used to be able to link these to the site. But in my old age I've forgotten how. Please forgive an old guy. Here is a link to my Google pics I hope it works and you hopefully can see all of them. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QirWqCSFEoCPtUdaA A true ghost gets up close and personal, while not being detected. Now if my team would learn from my example.
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    Rock Paper Shotgun is the only critic that gave the game a fair shake. I was there in the beginning and feel like I know as much or more then most on all topics related to Ghost Recon and this game is Ghost Recon and it is fun. The original is just that. Most of the people playing this version either weren't born yet or were just children. My son being one of them and he and his friends are having as much fun as this old guy and my friends.
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    Boy, I think you have that zeroed in. I had long forgotten the early problems with Wildlands when I opened it back up two years later, I noticed almost zero glitches and enjoyed the story and gameplay. I guess it is too late for a "fanatical effort" to fix problems could result in a turn-around for Christmas sales? Once the reviews are out there they never come off the internet or get "updated". The damage is done I suppose and you can't save the sinking ship? Gamers deciding what to buy have already moved on to the next title never to look back at a game that has been fixed and improved..
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    Yeh its very cool ,look at his knee lol. Similarly, I was on the bridge near the start of the campaign, next to the waterfall - if you stop and look over the side, he actually lifts his leg and puts one boot on the concrete foundation for the fence - clever stuff.
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    First off, Windows 10 with a Radeon 590 should launch Steam GR still. I've got a similar setup, and it has worked in the past, but not currently. I suspect it's a driver issue. Perhaps you should try to roll back driver builds before you try switching cards. Good luck.
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    LOL yes the Smerch, I think there was a bit of a caption competition going on in the thread.
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    Nice, I love the way that footwear merges with the environment.
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    Running through these woods made me feel like im in Original GR Scientist At the beach..
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    Well it's a hell of a lesson learned for Ubi. Absolutely stupid decisions on their part hurt them. Online only, looter shooter mechanics, bugs out the butt, crazy microtransactions, unfinished, mixing every game they have ever made into it....add it up and it's a recipe for disaster. Stupid management decisions who are thinking about one thing...money. But all that said...I love the game. I hope they continue to clean it up and add content because I'm having a blast with it. Roaming around in these amazing zones and whatnot is awesome. The sad part is we won't see another ghost recon for a really long time....and if this one doesn't end up doing well we may never see another. Very sad. By the way those scores are just ridiculously low and not fair imo. But that's just me.
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    Hammer, IIRC you posted a screenie of a vehicle you were working on years ago. It filled up the entire Red Square on the M15 map. You said you needed to adjust the scale of it a wee bit. 😀
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    I was selected for the tech test and the beta. I can honestly say that they enhanced the game since Wildlands, but..........they made a major mistake by having a looter shooter mechanic. Someone had the idea to make a The Division game set in the Ghost Recon world and it was misguided. That is why they were so shocked to see the backlash for removing the AI teammates because they wanted Breakpoint to be a complete single player experience when the GR series has already been built around a special operations team. The environment and new character models present a good opportunity to have great moments playing PvE when we get competent AI teammates that we can give advanced orders. However, the looter shooter mechanic is a problem because it shouldn't be there at all and the experience feels more like The Division and not a Ghost Recon game. They should have simply hidden the unlocks by having them be available at Maria's Shop when a player kills certain enemies or clear bases. That way it wouldn't feel so much like The Division since we won't have a weapon pop up after opening up a Skell crate or whatever. Weapons should be swapped out when killing bad guys if they have something better than what the player has. We don't need gear and weapon scores either. And I just don't understand how no one on the dev team didn't stop and say "Nah. This isn't GR. We are making this game feel like an expansion pack to The Division 2, so let's get rid of the gear and weapon scores. It makes ZERO sense to have that in a GR game." They put effort into stuff that was completely not needed at all because all we need is a big map, plenty of guns, a target rich environment, and a boat load of missions.
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    That's interesting because I've never really been bothered about character customisation much. I'm not a weapons nut and I don;t care how he looks, I just like playing missions the way I like to play them, that's my thing. But when I read you can select whether boots are tucked in or not, LOL, that's attention to detail right there. Regarding sounds, haha I engaged wolves at the second chopper site by accident (threw a frag by mistake). I left 2 dead bodies. One of the enemy foind the dead body and said something like "Found a dead body, think there might be someone around" NO ###### SHERLOCK, unless he shot himself LOL!