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    That's just Sylvester Stallone playing GR.
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    Hi all, since I would like to save your time here some starter help movies Chapter 1: start editor ref to documentation create own mod create new mission adjust weather activate the mod test new mission https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFB2fE5xWfFmNwXRJThrNLNLTJ8HAOAV/view?usp=sharing other chapter will follow ...
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    This seems to fix a common failure to launch issue for Ghost Recon on Windows 10. Hope it helps some folks to get GR running again.
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    Let‘s start a new sticky thread for this, as there are loads of nice new vids out there.
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    Here‘s another recent CHI vs AOG clip. For those who don‘t know, those famous Ghost Recon clans have been active for almost twenty years now (the matches are from 2018). Remarkable. They have my sincere respect and admiration.
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    speedrun dude is not a human
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    CHI vs AOG. Battle of GR Clan Giants.
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    Hi, chapter 3 is done and it covers: Chapter 3: Adding static and dynamic (triggered) plans to enemy's Adding (multiple) zones to the patrols (master trick) Adjusting engine's AI by adopting/adding : Pace, Alertness, Combat ROE, Movement ROE Creating and using defending zone and stations Creating Intro movie (placing and switching to different cameras) Playing music file by trigger Debugging/Fix :))) Consulting Igor editor advanced documentation PC Cheat codes for mod development (airoe, aiinfo, names, superman, range) In attachment you will find mission which was build in the movie and here is the link to movie chapter 3 :https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zcWMhWUCVGLYaDeDUkxMngVjcnypjqIv test-mission-01.mis
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    Please try again the download did not get stuck when I tried - let me know.
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    Bonjour 😊 C'est intéressant ! De mon côté j'ai remis mon nez dans Igor pour le mettre en français, et ainsi profiter pleinement du logiciel et de comprendre son fonctionnement. J'ai réussi à créer/modifier une mission. A présent je cherche à mettre des otages/otages alliés, etc... Plutôt des otages alliés comme des soldats par exemple. Est-ce que à tout hasard vous savez comment faire ? Ma version de Igor c'est la 1.0. Chez-vous aussi ? PS : Moi non plus je ne suis pas trop l'industrie des jeux d'aujourd'hui car j'ai pas une carte graphique de compétition "lol" 😂
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    If this was done 10 years ago it would have been a blast. Nowadays it is however still very interesting. It would be interesting to put the videos on a Youtube channel or even better set up a course on Udemy.
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    Hi, chapter 2 is done and covers: Chapter 2: create Company create Platoon Create Team Add Actors to > Team Change Actor, kit, position Create objectives Mission was created which contains 3 objectives: Kill Patrols Kill BigBoss Go to Extraction Create script which: Set flags for Patrol1, Patrol2, Player Platoon, Big Boss Set Variable for Player Platoon Check if patrol1 is killed check if patrol2 is killed check if BigBoss is killed Check if Player is near to extraction Zone and continue if Patrol1 and Patrol2 are killed and finish mission In attachment you will find mission which was build in the movie and here is the link to movie chapter 2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=180UcU5TXD65QuPhV4Uz5dH_MN64MR4cM test-mission-01.mis
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    Sure I understand your worries , and exact that's one of the reason why I've started, beside of that I do not play newer games and know lot of other ppl which not follow today's games industry , and regarding Igor movies can say as long one person is helped I see my duty as done
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    I saw in a post (by Apex Mods) that 2560x1440 was possible on an 27" display That option is not available in the graphics setup. Is there some way to make that possible. Getting ready to buy a 27" 2560x1440 monitor but what is the point of that if it won't work. Using Heros Unleashed mod, btw.
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    Ok.. borrowed 2560x1440 monitor.. connected to video card.. started GR and it works. And OMG!!
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    A little digging and here's what I found as far as Diaz goes:
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    Even though modern computers can easily run Ghost Recon with drastically increased sight lines by removing fog, I find it plays better with fog than without it most of the time. In all seriousness, it's simple shooting mechanics make long range kind of boring and way too easy with the right weapon. While there are ways to balance it, there is usually some form of serious compromise that has to take place in order to make it work. My favorite maps tend to those with shorter sight lines like jungle maps and those with heavy fog. Urban is interesting, but feels kind of clunky to maneuver through compared to, well... Earlier tonight on Ice Keep (that castle level from Frostbite) in an 18v18 (mostly AI), I picked off 8 guys with a bolt-action unsuppressed sniper rifle with minimal risk to myself except for when someone got close enough to take out my AI teammates and wound both my legs. My response? I got 2 of those 8 kills by just lying prone and aiming at the guys who got close (this is also with Cloak-and-Dagger v1.4 which has increased stabilization times compared to HU). OGR is simple and plays best when kept that way. The beautiful thing about shorter sight lines is that it greatly limits how much fancy tech (magnified optics, scopes, etc.) help you. For the most part, it pretty much levels the playing field with all combatants. This forces you to focus more on playing smart. Got a nice sniper rifle? Too bad you can't see that far. Got a suppressor? It's stealth value is limited at shorter ranges. Got your super nice automatic grenade launcher? You need to figure out where your enemy is first in order to make the best use of it. The game mechanics' simplicity lends itself to relatively shorter ranges where the action is quick and intense (except CQB which I find weaker due to its underdeveloped mechanics even with mods).
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    Looks like Void Interactive is still hard at it; their latest Devblog 03 was just posted: (clicky) It's a relief to see serious Tactical Realism on the event horizon that's not a 'dress up combat Ken & Barbie ' RPG game to monetize naïve kids with toddler pajama pattern 'skins' and prono cos-play costumes on game design so abaft of realism, anything tactical or even to do with reality it makes you wonder why so many titles even use the word and moniker. Tiny ambitious team to be sure; but their talent, progress, content quality and prduciton volume looks like they're up to it, and they've chosen a project and sub-genre that at least looks well suited for a small team and a revisit with a modern engine, art assets, and design. Sure are a lot of enthusiastic GR fans, and interesting discussion on Twitter and Reddit.
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    Definitely a gameplay essential. Makes kit setup much quicker and easier. I had no idea you made a standalone mod for this feature Apex, cheers!
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    Character animation is stored in BMF files. Take you character, attach bones (pyggyson ones), animate it, export as BMF (check animation only in exporting settings and choose bmf file extension) and rewrite some of existed animation file with created one. So, how to animate your character? Use motion capture or read some manuals around the internet. Technically there is no difference between animating a door and animating a character walk. in russian: Очень общий вопрос на самом деле. Если на него отвечать по существу, то получится пара томов Льва Толстого. Я серьезно. Я не знаю, что ты знаешь по моддингу игры вообще, потому отвечу как отвечу. Итак. Если ты имеешь в виду анимацию персонажа, то врядли тебе помогут. Вся анимация содержится в DMF файлах и загружается в игру автоматически, т.е. движок игры сам прикрепляет ее к персонажам. По моему никто еще не занимался этой темой, но в общем это возможно. Отмечу что, ручная анимация это ОЧЕНЬ долго и результат будет не реалистичным, но если ну очень хочется... Прочитай пигсона, тебе будет нужен персонаж с костями (bones). Когда будет такой же или похожий, то в максе сначала убираешь все созданные ключи анимации. Линейка с цифрами, которая находится снизу, должна быть без цветных квадратиков. А теперь: Нажимаешь кнопку автокей (Auto key) справа от линейки, линейка должна покраснеть; двигаешь указатель (это текущий фрейм) на "линейке" на цифру 1; берешь кость персонажа (берешь значит кликаешь, не отпуская); двигаешь эту кость сторону и вот теперь можно отпускать; теперь двигаешь указатель "линейки" на цифру 2 и двигаешь (или вращаешь) эту же кость; все это надо делать для всех костей (те которые ты захочешь анимировать) для всех фреймов (их этих фреймов по умолчанию 100, Карл); чтобы все проверить есть кнопка "плей" рядом с автокей, нажмешь и увидишь созданную анимацию; Чтобы сохранить в файл: выбери в настройках расширение bmf и поставь галку на animation only. Придется скорее всего перезаписывать файл игры с уже существующей анимацией твоим файлом. Вообще, в реальном мире никто вручную персонажа не анимирует. Для анимации людей придумали motion capture.
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    Hello to the forum, and thank you Rocky the dedication to Ghost Recon and UBI. I am the person that is putting together 3 to 5 maps from the original Ghost Recon. To a lot of my fellow modders I want to say hello. Tinker and wombat50 also Apex. It's been along time. To all the gamers who read this post, thanks to Rocky these maps will change the run gun game. I can't say who I am for legal reasons. I can tell you I have been modding since Combat Flight Simulator days and Rogue Spear. I am fluid in 3D Max, Cinema 4d, Cry Engine and Unreal Engine. Also fluid in C++ and multiply languages. I am in contact with 3 of the old school players. I talk to them by phone every chance we can talk. This idea has been going on for years by myself and the other two old school men. It's our opinion that the run gun game destroyed many games out there. So to answer you burner, These maps will be playable on a server and for the community. I was telling one of the guys who lives down south that I would only download these maps from this site alone since Rocky's site can be trusted. It will be and exe file. That is if it is ok from you Rocky. Let's get to the maps. The first map is Black Needle. The storyline is that a few years back the US sent in Rangers to get two hostages. The hostages were left behind from the FNG Clan. Those to members of the clan were taken hostage. Your mission is to use stealth and rescue both members of the FNG Clan. The enemy did get the Rangers weapons. The AI has the weapons now. The AI will be able to hear you. I don't know if I will make this a night mission or a dusk mission with fog. You will be air lifted by a UH-60 Black Hawk Cinematics will be good in game play. Crossing the bridge will be hell. I have programmed the game to move the mines on a new game play round. 3 spawns is all you get. If you hit a mine, your leg will be torn off. So I would say that this maps would be rated R. Hint: helping a down man in game play is bait. You have alerted the enemy and AI will come for you. Again stealth is the only way in. All building have been redone in Max or Cinema 4d and all have basements except the gas station. The gas station has a birds nest on top of the roof behind the sign. Just a heads up that there is a high power sniper up there at all times. His weapon is a L42 Enfield. He will be walking around on the roof just looking around. You alert him you will have him go for his weapon and he will not miss. Again you have alerted the enemy troops. You will be stuck in the middle of the bridge. Hint: Get out your headsets and mic's. This game is all teamwork. Crossing the river is not going to happen since I have programmed it to have you go with the rapids and fall off the map to your death. All building and walls have been reconstructed and are not blown up like the original map. It's been 15 years and they have rebuilt their town. These maps can't be placed in a folder remember it will be an exe file. I will be putting more images and video's up for your opinion. Remember this is a community project. Anyone that has idea's please post here. I can take criticism too. This is your game as much as it is my game. I don't have a team of employee's it's just my son and myself. If you want to help please post it on this forum. Thanks for reading this.
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    This is great. It is now incorporated into the C&PD2 update! Thanks!!