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    I was originally going to follow that title up with a bible quote and somehow relate it to a story about my garbage disposal unit blowing up and sending meat chunks everywhere, but I'm entirely too lazy for any of that. "LOL WHY U MAKE THAT TITLE THEN!?" Because that was the original title of my first blog post back in uh... I forgot because I deleted them all without checking. Yeah that's right IM STARTING OVER. WHAT YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? So here's the thing. The last Ghost Recon title I owned was... the second one, GR2 on the XBOX (the original one that actually worked, GG BILL). So admittedly, I'm a little "out of the game" when it comes to the series. HOWEVER, I still have this neat little section of this website where I can post my deepest and darkest secrets. So i'll probably start using this rant and rave instead of anything actually series related. "LOL SO ###### U BEEN DOING THEN!?" Well I just got out of the military after eleven frickin years. Had a lot of fun, but it is time to move on. What am I moving on to I would rather keep private, but it "makes me happy" and that is what matters in life. :gandhiemoticon: I still get my gaming on though! If any of you scum bags wants to play ArmA 3, let me know. OR DON'T, WHATEVER. Until next time, I leave you with this inspirational quote: "I had to throw the whole bag of food out the window because the god damn zebra wouldn't stop chewing on my truck mirrors."
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    So Carrie Fisher died today. As an actress I knew of her, but it was her work in mental health that was most prevalent to me. My wife was tearbound at the news. I was stoic, like usual. Good old stoicism. I died a little myself, on the inside, but damn, I'm not going to show it. I will miss you, Carrie.
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    So, I found this pic, from high school, 25 years ago. Laugh as you will.
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    It's a few days before Christmas. Another one. The malls are a nightmare, and I have (of all things) an MRI on Boxing Day, at a Catholic hospital (don't ask, I just am used to it). My wife, who usually goes an hour or two away to spend Christmas with her family is taking a shorter trip this year, partially due to my appointment and partially due to her parents selling their big house for a smaller condo. Merry Christmas, everybody. I'll just sit here quietly and not watch the plethora of Christmas specials on TV.