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    I was originally going to follow that title up with a bible quote and somehow relate it to a story about my garbage disposal unit blowing up and sending meat chunks everywhere, but I'm entirely too lazy for any of that. "LOL WHY U MAKE THAT TITLE THEN!?" Because that was the original title of my first blog post back in uh... I forgot because I deleted them all without checking. Yeah that's right IM STARTING OVER. WHAT YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? So here's the thing. The last Ghost Recon title I owned was... the second one, GR2 on the XBOX (the original one that actually worked, GG BILL). So admittedly, I'm a little "out of the game" when it comes to the series. HOWEVER, I still have this neat little section of this website where I can post my deepest and darkest secrets. So i'll probably start using this rant and rave instead of anything actually series related. "LOL SO ###### U BEEN DOING THEN!?" Well I just got out of the military after eleven frickin years. Had a lot of fun, but it is time to move on. What am I moving on to I would rather keep private, but it "makes me happy" and that is what matters in life. :gandhiemoticon: I still get my gaming on though! If any of you scum bags wants to play ArmA 3, let me know. OR DON'T, WHATEVER. Until next time, I leave you with this inspirational quote: "I had to throw the whole bag of food out the window because the god damn zebra wouldn't stop chewing on my truck mirrors."
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    First, a disclaimer: I'm not concerned if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, The Drinking of Beers, The Fall of Max Gruber, or anything else. I hope you find a wondrous place & time, here & now. With family, friends, alone, strangers, it doesn't matter as long as you find some degree of joy. Life can be complex and challenging. Don't let that overtake you, at this special adjunct. Live a little. Go ahead, dance like nobody is watching, or like everyone is staring. It doesn't matter. You be you. Always.
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    So Carrie Fisher died today. As an actress I knew of her, but it was her work in mental health that was most prevalent to me. My wife was tearbound at the news. I was stoic, like usual. Good old stoicism. I died a little myself, on the inside, but damn, I'm not going to show it. I will miss you, Carrie.
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    So, I found this pic, from high school, 25 years ago. Laugh as you will.
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    It's a few days before Christmas. Another one. The malls are a nightmare, and I have (of all things) an MRI on Boxing Day, at a Catholic hospital (don't ask, I just am used to it). My wife, who usually goes an hour or two away to spend Christmas with her family is taking a shorter trip this year, partially due to my appointment and partially due to her parents selling their big house for a smaller condo. Merry Christmas, everybody. I'll just sit here quietly and not watch the plethora of Christmas specials on TV.