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    Download Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed (Version 1.0.0 Beta 9) Spread the word, folks. Long live Ghost Recon! PS: A huge thanks goes out to Wombat50 for doing weeks of last-minute testing!
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    And to give you a better idea how this works...
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    LOL. Well then, you guys asked for it... taken directly from the Beta 9 ReadMe:
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    At last I have another free weekend with some spare time for Ghost Recon modding and checking in with you guys. You have no idea how much I appreciate all of your feedback and encouragement to continue this crazy modding endeavor. Big thanks to all of you! Regarding bullet drop: I actually messed around with this for quite a while, but in the end the drawbacks by far outweighed the advantages. Implementing realistic bullet drop in GR means making all firearms grenade launchers in the "eyes" of the game engine, as this is the only weapons category that allows directly adjusting projectile flight properties through drag coefficient, weight, velocity etc. This, in turn, renders all bullets explosive, which means that any impact is accompanied by an explosion animation of some sort. Even though these animations' visual impact can be minimized to a degree, in the end it tends to look rather strange, to say the least (e.g. characters being thrown off their feet and through the air). Adjusting bullet penetration and lethality properties also becomes another major headache, and frankly doesn't look too promising to ever be anywhere near realistic, no matter how much effort is poured into it. Lastly, the game's AI isn't able to cope with realistic bullet drop achieved this way (the "grenade launcher" ballistics workaround), which leads to both AI characters and vehicles being unable to hit anything at all, unless the target is extremely up close. So with all these drawbacks considered, I decided not to go this route and rather tried to maximize realism though other means. Within the scope of typical Ghost Recon maps where fire exchange usually takes place over comparatively short distances (usually not much more than about 100-200 meters), the significance of bullet drop probably shouldn't be all that dominant, anyhow. Let's just assume characters do the drop compensation of their weapon sights on the fly. After a month of silence (sorry about that) I'd also like to update you on the current Heroes Unleashed development progress. The problems I described before (file number limitations etc.) threw me back quite a bit, so to limit the resulting delay, I've actually cut a couple of corners by postponing to include a number of assets I originally wanted to add for the next release. Don't be too disappointed, though. There'll still be loads and loads of new stuff in beta 9, and I will still add the remainder of maps, weapons etc. at a later time, e.g. for the final 1.0 release. On the bright side, the current to-do list has finally become somewhat manageable, as there's basically "just" a complete kit/kil redo and... drum rolls, please... campaign mission scripting to be done now. As another tidbit of teaser info, I'm planning 40+ campaign missions (single-player and co-op) and over 3,000 equipment kits total (all soldier classes combined). Now, before you start to worry about carpal tunnel syndrome and broken mouse buttons, you will not have to click through all those kits - I've found an easier way for in-game kit selection. Ghost Recon forever!
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    Next to each post there is a Like This button, click this if you like the content and reward the poster. The number of positive like's a member gets is displayed on their profile page. Go ahead and like this post to try it out
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    For anyone who knows me, it's probably not a secret that I deeply disdain later iterations of the game series and hold only Red Storm Entertainment's Ghost Recon from 2001 in highest regard. I've expressed the reasoning for my preference in these forums countless times and in much detail, so I'll try to just briefly sum it up here in a few words. Ghost Recon (2001) is not just any tactical realism squad-based military first person shooter, it is THE KING of tactical realism squad-based military first person shooters. It's the first one, the progenitor of the species. It boldly went where none had dared venturing before. It opened the doors. It set the standards. It laid the course for an entirely new genre. The "sequels" deviated from this course more and more on their frantic pursuit of cash-grabbing "broader market appeal" through "narrowing the player skill gap", and they eventually got completely lost on their way, forever stuck in the nether realms of cheap console-centric cinematic on-rails action, amongst a host of other COD-wannabe also-rans, desolately void of identity, character, and heritage. With Future Soldier and Phantoms, the series had reached a new low, and I simply cannot overstate my absolute contempt for those titles. Not necessarily for the kind of gaming they represent (there's plenty of room for all kinds of flavours out there, and that's probably a good thing), but for their spineless betrayal of heritage, for their coarse abuse of the Ghost Recon name. Just as its recent predecessors, Wildlands once again throws the Ghost Recon name on a package and promises, once again, a return to the series' roots, to its original values. By now I have heard these Sirenes' songs too many times to be lured into false optimism, to take these promises at face value. My hopes have been shattered too many times to be raised by this kind of marketing talk ever again. No more talk. No more promises. Just show me! Show me that you mean it! Show me that you understand, that you grasp the concept of what Ghost Recon used to stand for, that you finally realize what a tactical realism squad-based military first person shooter true to the game's magnificent heritage has to be about! Put your money where your mouth is and take a risk by daring to be different once again! Now, from what I've seen of Wildlands so far, there is potential. (Damn, there's that optimism again!) The nonlinear open-world aspect is the first and most obvious sign of life, and contemporary settings without sci-fi fantasy gear, as well as the lack of a cover system at least hint at an honest realism approach. Cooperative play with and against formidable(!) AI (including squad-control and avatar-switching) is, of course, an absolute must-have, as are realistic ballistics (one-shot-one-kill), severe wound impairment, permadeath, and full selection of character stances, including lean and peek. And there absolutely(!) has to be an option to use first person view exclusively. I know you love showing off your character models, but there simply is no third-person perspective in reality, so there cannot be one in a true tactical realism setting. The same goes for all those overbearing HUD elements. Unless there's an option to turn them all completely off, this is going to be a deal breaker. In conclusion, against all odds I'm willing to give Wildlands the benefit of the doubt at this time. Let's see what the future holds and hope for the best, once more. And if the developers should fail us again, there's always the old King to return to.
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    I am making a new mod. It's about a movie "The Hunted". You will fight against guns with your knife. I made a knife and two characters. I plan to make one gametype and some missions. Aaron Hallam L.T. Bonham
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    Here's a sneak peak early access for you forum regulars - Mr Moon Interview It'll go live this weekend, you guys can enjoy it now thanks to Mr Moon!
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    I'm back kindof. Whilst Ive been doing some limited work on thanatos Ive also been wanting to playthrough and finaly complete thumpers brilliant capd 2 mod. Unfortuneately I keep wanting to go through the mod and change some of the more ugly skins but I had a better idea. A complete overhaul of all actors in the mod, updating the skins to look more modern and realistic, some changes to the maps to make them look a little prettier and the addition of sounds and effects donated to thanatos by wombat will also try to include a couple of bonus missions. Here's a little bit of what I have so far. Zetas Sicarios Mexican Infantry Two of the new ghost skins going for a wildlands/FS blend. For higher resolution pics visit the moddb page. http://www.moddb.com/mods/capd2-ghost-legacy Thanks guys.
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    On another note... less than 24 hours until release! Uploading is underway, so keep your fingers crossed it works.
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    SCROLL DOWN THREAD FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS!!! Welcome to Island Thunder 2: Operation Powder Burn. Situation: Tanoa, the world's fifth poorest country, has become a textbook example of a Pacific Island "narco-state." Situated on the west coast of South America, its relative proximity to Colombia, its unpatrolled coastline, islands and islets, and the fact that the majority of the natives speak Portuguese, Tanoa has been increasingly targeted by South American drug lords as a preferred traffic hub for North American and European-bound cocaine, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Increased U.S. drug enforcement protecting U.S border and interdiction in Latin America along with a falling dollar and a surging demand for cocaine on the streets of America and Europe, is leading to political and economic chaos across the Pacific Islands, where international narco-traffickers have established their most recent, and lucrative, staging grounds. In fact, the drug trade is fast turning large parts of the region into areas that are all but ungovernable with major implications for international security. The problem is so severe that it is threatening to bring about the collapse of Tanoa where weak and corrupt governments have been vulnerable to the corrosive influence of drug money. Part of the problem, is that the value of the drug trade entering the country, where about 6 grams of cocaine is roughly equal to the average annual salary, is far higher than its entire national income. Though cocaine has been smuggled through the Pacific Islands for most of the last decade, the trade has increased sharply in recent years, as a result of high unemployment and a largely corrupt law enforcement. In June 2014, Jose Mario Vaz took over as caretaker for the presidential office, and at great risk to his life, has vowed to bring about changes to the country starting with democratic elections in 2016 and ridding the government and island nation of crime and corruption. He has called on the United Nations to provide support. Campaign: Viper One, consisting of an international coalition of special forces predominantly from Europe and the US, have been deployed to help safeguard the first democratic elections that Tanoa has seen since Jose Mario Vaz took over as caretaker president in June 2014. After a decade of coups and corruption, the President has vowed to clean up the government and give the nation a prosperous and peaceful future. That won't be easy given foreign interests in the cocaine trade, however, elections are going to occur in December 2016 and the Ghosts primary objectives are, firstly, to make sure that they go off without a hitch, and secondly, to put an end to the narcotics trade. Execution: The Ghosts will be stationed at an unknown location within Tanoa Isles and conduct a series of missions aimed at neutralizing Tanoan militia backed by the Colombian drug cartel involved in the drugs trade, destroying narcotics infrastructure, seizing contraband including weapons and narcotics and providing support and protection to the interim government. Administration / Logistics: Terrain: Tanoa consists low coastal plains, swamps and mangroves rising to rocky formations and savannah plains. Tanoa is surrounded by a number of smaller islets better known as Tanoa Isles again made up of low lying plains and mangroves ideal for shipping in cocaine. Climate: The climate has a predominantly monsoon-like rainy season alternating with periods of hot, dry winds. Friendly Forces: 8 man special forces squad comprised of specialist roles: Squad Leader; Grenadier; Assault Rifleman; Demolitions; Anti-Tank; Corpsman; Marksman; UAV OperatorEnemy Forces: Tanoan militiaTechnical / Light ArmorMod Addons: (links to be added later) CUP UnitsCUP WeaponsCUP VehiclesCUP Terrains CoreRHS USFRHS AFRFCommand and Communications: Call-signs: Silverback: CommandViper One: Ghost TeamDragonfly: Chopper Insertion/Evac TeamGreystoke: BaseMissions: found in my Ghost Recon collection on Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunit...s/?id=723000195 Mission 1 - Harvest Moon - Secure contraband supply drops at an abandoned plantation Mission 2 - Emerald Angel - Seize a cartel airfield and knock out two guard towers Mission 3 - Ivory Serpent - Secure a cocaine shipment dropped in the mangroves and secure a militia outpost Mission 4 - Obsidian Edge - Seize a village overrun by cartel militia and clear roadblocks Mission 5 - Hammer Blade - Conduct a search and rescue for a downed patrol chopper and take out SAM site Mission 6 - Jagged Flame - Rescue helicopter pilots from a compound while creating a diversion through vehicle depot demolitions
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    I have done some recent work to this mod. Changed the sounds for the default OPFOR weapons. Changed many of the sound files for the Russian voice folder. Enlarged the muzzle flash for the OPFOR weapons. Made the OPFOR weapons full auto only. Changed the debris.rsb. See photos.
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    oooh thank you I recently added a wee bit of texture onto it:
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    If I could just hop in here for a quickie. To be fair, assuming it's going to be a letdown is just as misguided as assuming it's going to be awesome. So we probably should all tone it down a bit till we see more. Some of us had hands on and loved it and think it's going somewhere great and some of us are a little more reserved. That's totally ok to feel either way. But let's keep it in perspective and so far, even those of us that did go hands on don't know what will come next. Assumptions and all, well we know that saying right?
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    Thanks wombat time for moaaaar! Milita now in winter klmk. Stone bell remake hind attack showcasing some of the awesome effects found in wombats mig fest!
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    At one time there were so many cracking mods coming out that it was hard to keep up, certainly we never had a chance to properly review them all. I think its time some of the little guys got some recognition. Sure there are some huge mods that received thousands of downloads, but there are some little nuggets of gold in the download section that have not received the recognition they deserve. Take a little walk through our mod vault and see if there are you can recall enjoying, that never really got the limelight. I'm going to start it off with American Civil War by Mamon. This poor little mod didn't even have a screenshot on its download entry! I fixed that today though! Some great moments in this mod, that I am still enjoying. I'll put up a highlight reel soon....
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    Wow, after all this time my login still works... I don't know what prompted me to look this up. Perhaps remembering the great times I had playing and then modding. So much fun! I sometimes daydream about a few maps that I still wanted to do but didn't have time. Still tempted to do one of them if I just had the time. I did try to revisit it onetime to fix an issue or two but had issues with 3DS MAX. Couldn't get it working again.. So it looks like this thread is to establish permission for using mods. Even though I included permissions to use the mod I created in the mod files I will state it here as well. In regards to the Red Five mod, I hereby give permission to use any and all parts of the Red Five mod. It wasn't a bad mod but if anyone still want to use it, there it is... At the time this mod was great therapy for me as I was experiencing some difficult times with a certain part of my life. I ended up kind of rushing to finish the mod as I was about to free myself of my troubles and move on.. If I can find them I would be happy to make the max files available. I will see if I can find and then upload them here. Great to see this is still going. It's a great community. I learned a lot. I even got a job doing a bit of modelling at one time from some friends who heard of my work. Go figure! CHEERS! -KEN a.k.a. bitshot