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    Wildlands Photomode Photomirage movie featuring Photomode winners from @GRWildlands and GhostRecon.net photomode winners @mrGabrielPerez1 @megapolis5025 @TribalgraphMFCC Orca and Panic
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    Learning how to skin, yay. Here's some pictures of one of my later creations. The color setup is pretty ugly, but I got a working vest with straps (there is an issue with overlap on the back of the vest, already fixed it). Working on setting up a base file that will let me change color/camo quickly for various parts. The shirt is setup where the camo is only on the top and sleeves (like a combat shirt except it's Ghost Recon, so now ugly). What I currently have adjustable in terms of color/camo to some degree: Clothing (except torso area) Torso Area Vest and Belt Boots Gloves Boonie Hat Boonie Hat Headband Still need to work on pouches. With pouches setup for each class, I should be able to use one file for rifleman, demo, support, and maybe the non-ghillie suit marksman. Plan is for these skins to make they're way into Cloak-and-Dagger at some point. Will most likely also release the skins and the base file for whatever anyone here wants to do with it. Edit: Have some newer ones to look at.
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    Am I the only one who wanted some more sound work done? From the change log Also got more than my custom Ghosts for winter stuff.
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    Leveling UP your weapons in Tier One Mode seems daunting. Hundreds of thousands of resources to get 1 weapon to level 30. However, if you do it right, you can level up a weapon from level 0 to level 30 in only a couple hours. Even less once you get the strategy down. With the right crew, I have been able to do this in less than 1 hour. Here's the deal... Split up. 4 Convoys for the time of 1. BAM. We big balin' now! "That seems like a good idea in theory. The problem Swifty, is when someone else tags their convoy I don't get any resources. Makes me feel rejected, just like high school gym class. Am I doing something wrong?" "There there friend. You're not being rejected, you're a wonderful person. Nubisoft is trying to get you to actually buy resources from them, because they are greedy bumholes. Let me explain the work around for you, step by step." 1. Take out the convoy escort vehicles, the driver and passenger. DO NOT tag supplies yet. 2. Type 'join' in your chat. 3. Quickly open your map and deselect the convoy you are about to tag. Then reselect it. This will allow your crew to promptly join the mission. 4. Once everyone has joined that mission, you can now tag the supplies. Everyone will get the supplies, wherever they are in Goobersoft's Boliva. 5. Make sure you join other's convoy missions when you see a fresh 'join' message in chat. "But Swifty, how the f-ck do I steal a convoy all by myself?" "It's easy little buddy, let me walk you through it." 1. Destroy the escort vehicles. 2. EMP the convoy truck. 3. Shoot Driver in the face. 4. Shoot Passenger in the face. 5. Tag that sh-t. "OK Swifty, but how the f-ck do I destroy the escorts? Some of them even have a helicopter! I'm only 1 little buddy." "It's OK friend, we got this! Lemme break it down for you." Method 1: 1. Find yourself a small heli with guns. Not missiles, guns. 2. If there is a Heli gurading the convoy, it goes down first. You can shoot it from a distance, but I prefer the humpback method. I simply land my chopper on top of the enemy chopper. The magic of Ubish-t video game physics allows you to do this without taking damage to your own heli. "King Kong ain't got sh-t on me!" 3. Shoot the escorts from the air*. If you're lucky (or as accurate as a porn star on nitrous) you'll get the driver and the escort will just stop. If not, just shoot it until it blows up. *Try not to shoot the Convoy Truck itself. The Heli bullets can sometimes destroy the convoy with only a couple bullets if you hit the wrong spot. Method 2: 1. Get yourself a small heli. 2. Land on a vantage point with a clear line of sight to the convoys route. 3. Use your DT HTI (or some such) and shoot the escort vehicle that is leading the convoy. 4. Shoot the Heli if there is one. 5. Shoot the rear escort vehicle. *During this long range attack, you may have to get back to your chopper and fly to a new vantage point. Once the shooting starts, the convoys speeds up and you have to stay within 1km of it or you will lose the mission. "Wow Swifty, you're some kind of genius! However, sometimes other SB hippies or UD pervs show up and bang me with their big barrels from behind! Any advice?" "Thanks little buddy! I wouldn't call myself a genius, but I am pretty damn smart. Of course I have some advice for you, listen up, I'm about to change your life!" 1. Pay attention to your surroundings BEFORE you engage the escorts. If those UD pervs even smell your smoking barrel, they gonna get involved. So wait until you are a good distance away from any UD installation. 2. Once the escorts are out of the way, you don't have to stop the convoy right away. Look at the map, and make sure there are no enemy installations around. Once you hit dirt, anyone around -SB or UD- will want to get some. 3. Land a few hundred meters in front of the convoy, on the LEFT side of the truck. This makes shooting the driver easier. EMP it. If you can, shoot the driver first, just beware of the mooching SB hippie in the passenger seat. "THANK YOU Swifty, you're the man! How can I show you my gratitude? Are you busy Friday night?" "You're welcome little buddy, but let's keep this professional. If we ever end up in a game together, just play smart. Keep chill and save the salt for PvP. Good luck Fam! Have fun!"
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    This is the fastest Tier One points I can manage to get (please tell me if you know a better system). You can continue the loop indefinitely. First Fast Travel to Koani. This is Where the Fun Begins. Just do these missions, in order, they will lead you south. Then follow them back North. 1. 'The Convoy' - Koani This can be done from the Air via an Attack Chopper or a Grenade Launcher. Don't Land, don't even engage enemies. 10 Seconds flat. 2. 'Boston Reed' - Koani This one takes longer than the rest, but it's easy AF. You can use the DT HTI to 'one-shot' Boston's Chopper a long ways away, and the XP/TP reward is large. 3. 'The Quinoa Factory' - Romanzo 4. 'Energy Drinks' - Romanzo These 2 missions can be done very quickly using Explosive Drones. 3 players should get out of the chopper and deploy drones to the different locations. BOOM! 5. 'Western Cocaine Cache' - Mojocoyo 6. 'Hidden Cocaine Cache' - Mojocoyo 7. 'Eastern Cocaine Cache' - Mojocoyo All 3 of these missions combined can be completed in 3 minutes, including travel time. ONLY 1 person gets outta the chopper and uses Explosive Drone to complete mission. Once You've played through them this way, you'll figure out the fastest, easiest spots to land. 8. 'Full Load' - Montuyuc There are 4 locations to Boom. All 4 players jump out and deploy their BOOM Drone. 20 Seconds flat. 9. 'El Sueno's Convoy' - Pucara This can be done from the Air via an Attack Chopper or a Grenade Launcher. Don't Land, don't even engage enemies. 10 Seconds flat. 10. 'The Eastern Plane' - Inca Camina 11. 'La Cabra' - Inca Camina 12. 'The Southern Plane' - Inca Camina 13. 'The Northern Plane' - Inca Camina All 3 of these mission can be done from the air via an Attack Chopper or a Grenade Launcher. Try not engage enemies for faster completion times.
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    More winter testing, but direct action guys.
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    Some testing with winter stuff.
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    Hello FAM, and welcome to this Guide! I'll start off with the general Advice to get you through. If you want a detailed Strategy that 'guarantees' a victory, continue reading the guide. GENERAL ADVICE BEFORE you start Guerrilla Mode, make sure Tier One Mode is enabled in your Campaign. Once the game gets tough, switch to Arcade Mode Difficulty. Use your 45 Pistol as much as possible, and don't buy a 'real gun' until a wave 5 if you can help it. AMMO is an issue. You are not given very much of it. Pay attention to where ammo crates are and the fastest, safest way to get to them. Accessories must be put onto your weapon via a weapon locker. Not to be confused with the ammo crates. They are marked on map with a wrench. Go to them after you buy an accessory to change your weapon's loadout. You will not have enough time to switch DRONES during the game, therefore only 1 drone type per player is useful. VEHICLES are useful to you. In between waves, park them in strategic places. Most HELICOPTERS can be taken down by flying your drone into the propellers, This works with ANY drone type. In Late waves when ATTACK HELICOPTERS appear, you will have your 'VHC DAMAGE' perk. This is a job for the SNIPER with their high penetration rifle or with EMP Drone. Waves 6, 11, 16, and 21 have a 2 minute prep time. All other waves only have 1 minute of Prep time. USE it wisely. (This is where the STAMINA perk will really help you, especially in late waves) PRO STRAT: Don't get cocky and F up the game for everyone... but... EMP a low flying ATTACK HELICOPTER. When it falls to the ground, use your pistol and shoot the PILOT first, then the PASSENGER. Wait until the end of wave. GET TO THE CHOPPA! Now you have the all the power you need to easily F-CK SH-T UP! I have beaten Guerrilla Mode several times now. I have Failed many more. This is the strategy that ALWAYS worked. I did not develop this Strategy on my own, it was the hard work of many of us Ghosts. When people vary from this, it results in failure. Yes, I know, some of you are gods at this game and can play it however you like and still win. Most of us are not. Therefore a tactical strategy is necessary for a 25 wave victory. (1) This is much easier with 3 people than 4. 3 will spread out money more evenly than 4. 2 people is just too hard in later waves. So 3 people is perfect. (2) DO NOT hog kills. Once you have accumulated enough to buy your next perk, STOP killing unless you have to. SHARING kills is mandatory in first 16-20 waves to ensure everyone can purchase the mandatory PERKS. Money is payed out almost exclusively on how many kills you get. Spotting and Kill assists give you almost nothing. COMMUNICATION helps. Let the team know you have your money for next perk and are laying low. A simple chat message is enough. 'DONE' for instance. (3) Each person plays a specific and non-varying role. A) Player 1 is the SNIPER B) Player 2 is the SUPPORT C) Player 3 is the POINTMAN (4) The stock 45 PISTOL is more than enough for first 4 waves. Only the SNIPER should buy a PISTOL, and only after the first 4 waves. (5) When buying weapon accessories, you will see the weapon stat breakdown and how the accessory will change your stats (just like in main game). If you DO NOT see this stat breakdown, the accessory is NOT for your weapon. Don't waste your money, YOU WILL NEED EVERY PENNY to get through this. See Image 1 & 2. (6) When it comes to devices, ONLY BUY MINES and [a few] GRENADES. All other gadgets serve no purpose and waste your money. PROXIMITY MINES are great for OBJ and for Tower stairs. Standard MINES become a necessity in later waves against numerous incoming vehicles. GRENADES are to be SAVED for Armored Trucks and APC that make it past MINES. (7) WAVE 1-4 A) Enable Tier One to earn more Money. Money is very tight in first 5 waves. If it is Enabled BEFORE you start the match, you will start off with a LOT more money. You will also get bonus money per kill. However, if this gets too challenging, you can disable it of course. B) DO NOT BUY GUNS. USE YOUR 45 PISTOL. C) PLAYER 1 and 2 HOLD OBJ in SAFE places. Somewhere easy to get to if you need reviving. The top of the warehouse during wave 1 is a classic noobtard mistake, DO NOT GO THERE! D) PLAYER 3 runs around and flanks. E) Players MUST buy the following perks DURING waves 1-4. If you wait, they become no longer available and you will have F'd the entire team. 1) Player 1 Buys 'STABLE AIM' and 'STAMINA' perks. Then buys a SNIPER rifle and a MACHINE PISTOL. 2) Player 2 Buys 'STABLE AIM' 'HIP FIRE SPREAD' and 'STAMINA' perks. Then buys an LMG (Large Damage/Penetration, Lots of Ammo). Can be replaced with AR if the weapon options are sh-tty. However, it's NOT recommended. 3) Player 3 Buys 'STABLE AIM' 'HIP FIRE SPREAD' and 'STAMINA' perks. Then buys an SMG (Great Hip Fire, Fast Reloads). A weapon that comes with a silencer is recommended. If not, get one. (8) WAVE 5 A) As soon as Wave 4 is finished press 'ESC' then select difficulty, choose ARCADE. This will deactivate Tier One mode and make everything else far more manageable. B) Continue using PISTOL for this wave (unless you already got ALL mandatory perks AND a 'real' gun). C) After Wave 5 is finished -if you haven't already- buy your primary weapon as stated above. (9) WAVE 6-10 A) PLAYERS 1 and 2 stay in the same tower together, and therefore can revive each other without drone when needed. A tower close to OBJ, so Player 2 can run to OBJ if Player 3 fails. B) PLAYER 1 snipes the enemies FARTHEST away. This slows the flow of enemies and prevents 2 players shooting the same enemy. Which wastes time, ammo, and increases threat level to OBJ. C) PLAYER 2 uses DRONE to spot enemies for the first half of wave. After that enemies become 'auto spotted' and Player 2 can get to Killing. D) PLAYER 3 stays on OBJ. Don't be obvious, stay hidden as much as possible and let the other 2 Players do most of the killing. Your first priority is staying alive so you can kill OBJ invaders when they get there. E) Players MUST buy the following perks DURING waves 6-10. If you wait, they become no longer available and you will have F'd the entire team. 1) Player 1 buys 'REVIVE SPEED' and 'EMP DRONE' perks. 2) Player 2 and 3 buys 'REVIVE SPEED' perk. (10) WAVE 11-15 A) ALL Players place MINES for vehicles BEFORE wave begins, this will help drastically. Do not place them too close together or they will be wasted. B) Players 1 and 2 place three PROXIMITY MINES on tower stairs to protect your back. Again do not place them too close together or they will be wasted. C) Player 3 place one PROXIMITY MINE on OBJ as a back up. Replace it if/when it goes off. Be careful you are not too close to it, suicide bombs are so last week. D) Continue with Strategy listed in (9) A) B) C) D) E) Players MUST buy the following perks DURING waves 11-15. If you wait, they become no longer available and you will have F'd the entire team. 1) Player 2 and 3 buy 'MEDIC DRONE' perk. (11) WAVE 16-20 A) Continue with Strategy listed in (10) A) B) C) and (9) A) B) C) D) B) Players MUST buy the following perks DURING waves 16-20. If you wait, they become no longer available and you will have F'd the entire team. 1) ALL players buy 'VHC DAMAGE' perk (12) WAVE 21-25 A) Continue with Strategy listed in (10) A) B) C) and (9) A) B) C) D) B) Player 1 needs to focus on ATTACK HELICOPTERS. Making them Priority Targets. C) Player 2 needs to focus on GROUND VEHICLES. Making them Priority Targets. D) There is no longer a such thing as 'Hogging' kills. Waste those f-ckers. P.S. I love you all! This is the best community Ubish-t games has ever had! Thanks for all the good times!
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    Haha nice! You can use markers to draw a line around the parts you do not want to move - this would stop his hands from looking like they were about to burst lol.
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    very nice effect there rocky. I even had a go with my screenshots.. I used photo mirage for windows. photomirage GR wildlands HD 2.mp4
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    Hey guys its zulu, this is just some old gameplay I didn't get to post of me, ITK5, and muddvain. I hope you guys enjoy it. Any of you guys think a new ghost recon is coming soon?
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    Came up with an idea and made it. So the ball cap guys with the AK chest rig now running around with some pants in various patterns.
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    Some personalized skins that should be appearing in the next version. Some awaiting approval since I just got around to making these. The personalized skins will be available in ALL COOP kit restrictions, with none in the PvP kit restrictions at this time. Think of them as advisors from insert your own head canon here. After experimenting with solid color tops instead of camo, I'll probably be making use of them for the Ghosts when I get around to the other sets of them. Also sent a dev version to Twitch streamer Justinred87 and he streamed him trying it out. Looking at doing it again with an updated dev build. New update is mostly complete, I'm mostly worried about testing at this point and making smaller adjustments as needed.
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    The original Ghost Recon is how my one friend and I started gaming together and basically became friends. He came over to see my bro and saw me playing that on PS2 and had no clue it had split screen and the rest is history. I know rhe OG GR gamers played it on PC, but up to that point I was mostly a console gamer. He got me into PC gaming.
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    My photo of the moon last night as it was a supermoon. Did anyone else manage to get some photos?
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    So figuring out how I want the Ghost to look. I'm going to go for a 2000-2007ish look and using several different camouflage patterns to get more of that special operations vibe. Camouflage Patterns M81 Woodland Desert Combat Uniform (3 color desert) Multicam Tiger Stripe Desert Tiger Stripe German Flecktarn German Tropentarn British DPM Woodland British DPM Desert Canadian CADPAT Temperate Woodland Canadian CADPAT Arid Regions The pattern selection is multinational and period-correct. It leans mostly on the US side of things, but the variety should make it work well for deniable operations since I'm going to limit US insignia and markings. 4 sets of Ghosts planned: SPEAR Fleece Jackets: these models are cool enough to get their own set, plus they also have a lighter feel than some of the other models. Boonie Hats Galore: going to fit in-between fully armored Direct Action guys and super lightweight setups. Will have a mix of armor and no armor. The armor will be in the form of a low profile plate carrier with a chest rig worn on top of it. Direct Action: plate carriers and ballistic helmets. VBSS: fit that maritime niche in, just using a single skin with Multicam, uses the SEAL VBSS Support model. Notice that the helmet is NOT a ballistic helmet. So pics are a thing. Things I want to do before releasing update: Finish the Ghosts (hopefully going to have a custom unit patch for these guys) Finish a couple personal skin requests (make the skins, put them on models, setup kits for models, insert into MP kit restrictions) Put in a ballistic sniper for sniper games. Going to use the M110 for this part.
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    hello wombat! it's not a SVD, it's a diff snpier-rifle. i have a normal version of the SV98, but lack a SD version. here is a pic,