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    I've never felt more welcome in a modding community than GR.Net, I was a pain in the ass when I was young (still am now, right Rocky? ) but you guys refused to give up on me. You put up with me all these years There have been so many occasions where I have been trolled, threatened, harassed in other communities. Particularly the Arma modding community which grows more and more toxic by the day. But coming back here is like coming back to a kind, caring family and just having a moment of peace and reminiscence. It's been consistently good despite what Ubi have done to the series. There have been a couple of 'moments' but they're fleeting, and at over 9 years since I joined this place, that means a lot! Thanks for the memories y'all, let's keep making more!!
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    I've been playing this mod for a few days now and wow, great job. Thank you very much Apex. I'm ex military and it's by far the only game (with Arma maybe), that comes close to the real thing. Bravo.
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    Got side-tracked from heli scripting (thank god) and did a quick manual section for add-on mod descriptions, as suggested by die7 (thanks mate). There’s over 80 add-ons currently, and I just created a couple more and jotted down a few ideas for new ones. BTW, while I implemented an add-on mod to restore a faster single shot / semi-auto rate of fire for all player weapons (as some people voiced their problem e.g. with CQB), I wanted to give you guys this little nugget of info on HU’s standard RoF, especially for those who think it is unrealistic: HU’s (v1.0) default weapon trigger response lies between 0.15 seconds (e.g. pistols) and 0.63 seconds (e.g bolt-action anti-materiel sniper rifles), with a median for all firearms of about 0.2 seconds, which means that proper trigger control allows you to shoot six to seven times per second(!) with a pistol, five times per second(!) on average with most other weapons (e.g. M4A1, M16A4). I only left those values so unrealistically high because of a hard-coded engine restriction (details in the manual).
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    Our beloved Ghost Recon is almost twenty years old, yet there are still plenty of active servers out there, several new mods are currently under development, and the internet is filled with fresh praise for good old GR, as many (often young) newcomers discover the thrills of true tactical realism in this easily approachable package, which also happens to run great on pretty much any hardware, old and new alike. No wonder Ubisoft is still trying to milk the full sales price for the game and both of its official expansion packs from new Ghost Recon fans after two decades, as the shameful display of unfathomable greed appears to have become their (only remaining) hallmark as of late. 😔 But I digress. Returning to more positive thoughts, I‘d like to thank all of the old guard staying loyal to Ghost Recon, keeping the flame burning through the many years. At the same time I‘d like to voice my appreciation for the new folks joining our Ghost Recon „cult“. 😉 It would be nice to collect a couple of messages in this thread that express why you’re playing (or modding) Ghost Recon in 2020 (and beyond). There‘s not many games out there enjoying comparable longevity, so let's again shed some light on the „mystery“ of GR‘s immortality. Please post your hearts out, folks! Long live Ghost Recon!
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    A bit of teaser information for the next HU: Adversarial multiplayer games have received a complete overhaul. Let the good times roll! 🙂 Single player soldier stat progression can be re-enabled via legacy addon mods. Autosave can be disabled. Legacy single shot RoF is a customization option (this one’s for you, Jack). The all-in-one „HU - Legacy“ addon is becoming quite a sizable monster in its own right, and it’s getting closer to the classic vanilla experience (oh, the nostalgia!) So far, there are now over 80 customization addons included in the next update. Still a million things left to do, but making progress every day. 😎
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    This is something I recorded a while back. May not be a tutorial, but shows an older setup I used for reskinning models. I've made some optimizations since then, but may still be useful.
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    Long Live Ghost Recon! It's fair that the gaming industry has moved on as you pointed out, the world is a different place and gamers are a different demographic with different priorities than 20 years ago - nothing stays the same. It's hard to argue with your points. Sure, games look better and can be extremely detailed thanks to massive storage compared to 2001 - but the core gameplay has been adjusted to bring in additional income after the initial sale to cover the massive costs of huge design teams compared to 2001. Twenty years ago publishers made their money from game sales, now the price on the box is only one revenue stream. Additional money generated in-game is not usually associated with an improved gaming experience though :o(
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    GR ..hmm...it was love on the first sight in 2002. But I mus admit , the geniality of the game I have figured much later , over the years when I've started to play and compare it with other stupid profit driven graphic optimized games as COD & Battlefield etc. Missing smart enemy AI, high Hardware requirements, linear inflexible story and scripting, long setup & update period, long loading times, unrealistic game-play (health recovering, to fast pace, etc) and missing possibility to create your own mods (or at least not so easy) broth me always back to GR. Finally in year 2007 I have stopped to experiment with other games, and since then on my PC you can find just one military game which I love & respect. In GR I find everything what should define high quality produced game in any sense. And the fact that community have produced so much mods, assets and we still have 7 dedicated server up & running says enough. But however all this would not be possible with out team from ghostrecon.net and all great contributors of the mods/map makers, weapons etc. Long live the King!
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    This place is an invaluable time capsule of gaming history, (con)serving information, discussions, ideas, and opinions from two decades of the tactical realism gaming genre and beyond. There is no other site anywhere on the internet that can offer a comparable treasure trove of content, spanning over such an extended timeline. GhostRecon.net is to tactical realism gaming sites what Ghost Recon is to tactical realism games. The undisputed immortal King. The One that rules them all. Long live GhostRecon.net!
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    I’ve added your vids to my dropbox, so they’re available for viewing and download in the Video Tutorial Series sticky thread. Hope you’re ok with that?
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    These are photos along the route of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy(CB & Q) Rail Road(The Burlington Route) taken in the year 1948. My brother found them online. As kids we rode this railroad many times. Nice hi-res images. The CB & Q operated between Chicago, IL and the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Today they are part of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) Music: Bob Dylan's, It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry The photos are from CARLI Digital Collections
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    Sometimes when I first open the RSB Editor it won't list the files I point to in the navigation sidebar. Usually restarting the RSB Editor will make it behave like it should.
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    It’s been more than a month. Fair warning, folks! 🧐
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    Yeah, turning everything off helped me, too. In fact, I turned off the entire game, launched good old Ghost Recon from 2001, and never looked back. What a blast! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 🤣
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    Didn't see any posts regarding this, so I figured I'd bring it up. I recently came back to Wildlands, hadn't played it in almost a year. I'd gotten a new TV since then, and when I booted the game up, I thought to myself "Wow, the mini map seems huge..." I'd gotten used to playing Witcher 3 the past few weeks, and you can make the HUD smaller in that (which I prefer, looks cleaner to me). So I turned off the map, and I wish I'd done it sooner. Everything feels more real. Every action has higher stakes. No enemy info, besides what you scout and mark yourself. Missed a small group of guys? You won't know till they walk up on you. Have an objective to drive to? Better pay attention to the roads, because that shortcut could seriously screw you over. Opening the map screen to check any details I need feels like my guys are looking at their own map of the area, and anything I stumble onto - it's like they're stumbling onto it too. I'm not doing the best job explaining how this really upped the fun factor for me, but give it a shot. I'm having a ton of fun this playthrough, really feels fresh.
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    Aaaaaaasrrrrrrrrrggghhh! Why won‘t you land, you stupid helicopter?!? Damn, it’s been a long time! 🤣
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    Another brilliant one. „Up until today I hadn’t played this game for over 11 years. I originally had this game on disk with the two expansion packs, Island Thunder and Desert Siege. I had almost forgotten about the game until I saw it on sale today. At first, I was hesitant about buying it, thinking that it would no longer be as good as when I last played it back in 2006. Once I booted it back up for the first time in over a decade, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia from the games menu music, which plastered a big fat smile over my face without me initially realising. I then proceeded to adjust the settings and check the key bindings before finally plunging into the castle quick mission. Considering that its almost 16 years old from the time of writing this review, I was pleasantly surprised with the graphics. Sure, they look dated by today’s standards, but they weren’t nearly half as bad as I was worried they were going to be. It took me a short while to get used to its gameplay mechanics, as up until today I had only really been playing the typical bombastic shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and some of the newer Tom Clancy games *sigh*. I forgot how fun tactical shooters like this were. I wasn’t used to AI that was this good, especially considering it’s from a game made in 2001. All of my previous doubts about replaying this game were washed away like tears in the rain. I wish Ghost Recon games were still like this nowadays, not the dull open world to-do lists that they are now… thanks Ubisoft. I urge those that haven’t played it in ages like me to do so again, as any lingering doubts you may have about its lasting appeal will vanish once you “scratch another one”. I would also recommend it to those who have never played it before, as long as they are aware that they will be going into an experience unlike typical shooters, where you can kill in one shot, and die in one shot. Oh, and save regularly, there’s nothing more annoying than spending half an hour on a mission, and losing the last member of your squad to an unseen assailant.“
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    single player or multiplayer? 1) http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=257 2)why is 6 not enough? you can try this maybe this works for you http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=792 3)bot backup and respawns are multiplayer only functionality, you need to run own server for that
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    thank you for the explanation.👍 current hires folder has size of 3.65GB..maybe you can create player edition mod without unused stuff them to keep size low as well download traffic, so long they are not implemented. Dev edition is for sure interesting for mod devels, but probably it just confuse normal player. ahhh that's the reason, and not protecting intellectual property :))) I've spend hours and hours to understand your scripts, order and dependency. Sometimes with more or less luck. btw. did ever experimented with values which can be found in soaf in CmbtModl.xml: <ArcadeModeKillChanceFactor>0.500000</ArcadeModeKillChanceFactor> <RecruitFriendlyKillChanceFactor>0.500000</RecruitFriendlyKillChanceFactor> <RecruitFriendlySkillAdjustment>2</RecruitFriendlySkillAdjustment> <RecruitEnemySkillAdjustment>-3</RecruitEnemySkillAdjustment> <EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment>-2</EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment> <EliteEnemySkillAdjustment>2</EliteEnemySkillAdjustment> <RecruitEnemyDelayFactor>1.250000</RecruitEnemyDelayFactor> <VeteranEnemyDelayFactor>1.050000</VeteranEnemyDelayFactor> <EliteEnemyDelayFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyDelayFactor> <RecruitEnemyAimFactor>1.350000</RecruitEnemyAimFactor> <EliteEnemyAimFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyAimFactor> yes please please take look to by the chance: reloading times tracers aiming but this is current the case in HU, shoooting lower leg or arm lead to kill (sorry if I was not precise enough), that's way I stated please consider to take look to damage model. I have spent many weeks testing different values and come to point that next are pretty realistic: <BallisticHeadFactor>1</BallisticHeadFactor> <BallisticChestFactor>180</BallisticChestFactor> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor0>360</BallisticArmoredChestFactor0> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor1>770</BallisticArmoredChestFactor1> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor2>1625</BallisticArmoredChestFactor2> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor3>2200</BallisticArmoredChestFactor3> <BallisticAbdomenFactor>540</BallisticAbdomenFactor> <BallisticUpperArmFactor>1000</BallisticUpperArmFactor> <BallisticLowerArmFactor>500</BallisticLowerArmFactor> <BallisticUpperLegFactor>400</BallisticUpperLegFactor> <BallisticLowerLegFactor>900</BallisticLowerLegFactor> I like your plan to bring soldier stat progression back. How about to adopt AI skills of OPFOR and any actor to higher values <Weapon>4</Weapon> <Stamina>4</Stamina> <Stealth>3</Stealth> <Leadership>4</Leadership> and not <Weapon>0.125</Weapon> <Stamina>125</Stamina> <Stealth>100</Stealth> 0.125 ..is really low..or how did you come up with that value? New maps :), multiple variants ... hundred further maps and variants..oh boy...THANK YOU I know how you feel with lot of work and less time.. I am open and willing to help you, definitely but I also understand (like myself) why you are (if that still the case) are rather lone wolf.
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    It has been awhile since we have run HU for our Sunday games. We did run into this on some coop gametypes where there would be one group, 5-6, enemy that were frozen. We called them statues. It did not interfere with being able to complete the game. Sorry I can't be more specific
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    Windows 10 updated some time later and the fix I found (d3d9 injection) no longer needs to be enacted
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    Why haven't I thought of this before!