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    I read this only now... and I even wrote him a PM one year ago and of course didn't get any reply. I can't express my sadness
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    But there is - cars and mobile phones being the most obvious but the list goes on. Pick any product in your kitchen. There has become a terrible complacency in the gaming world and it is unacceptable. Products with terrible issues are released on the basis of day one patches and regular updates. What about actually having a game ready before launch? Launching before it is ready is corporate decision based on many factors, release window competition, budgets, etc etc - but if you choose to release a product that the dev team tell you is not ready, you should expect to be pulled up for it by the people who line your pockets. And please, please do not tell me games development is difficult - yes it is complex, more than I can imagine, but it's no more difficult than any other complex multi million pound product - also remembering these are one and zeros developers are dealing with, not physical products which brings a while other range of difficulties.
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    The timeline for Breakpoint was really short, especially if you compare it to previous timelines - it just came out too quick on the heels of Wildlands. So yeh, a bit more time spent on getting BP ready would certainly have help reduce these silly bugs, which would have been one less thing for people to get annoyed about.
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    The head of Ubisoft has come out with a startling reveal of just how badly Breakpoint has done, and the massive knock on effect in a statement released on MarketScreener. That's in excess of 400 million Euro lost. This massive dropping of target is attributed mainly to Breakpoint performance. Translation : We released BP too quick on the heels of Wildlands. We introduced new gameplay features in Breakpoint that failed to meet the grade. It's a pretty strong and open statement, but it is also does not go far enough for some. It's good to hear that they acknowledge the voices and concerns of a "significant" part of the consumer base, but it's what they do with it now, or even the next GR, that really matters.
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    Adressed to the Ubisoft: The handling of the various drone accessories in GR Wildlands i.e. EMP, blast, heal, (drone-shooting used in DLC FallenGhosts) was done perfectly. The handling of the drones in Breakpoint is a full disaster to say the least. Why do you change a well-functioning system into such a garbage? Also very annoying the attacking enemy drones. One has the feeling one is attacked by a crazy swarm of bees. Better you make a GR-Wildlands-2 with the same engine amd more new Maps and Missiones. The people would be very happy, beliefe me.
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    If has been made into a video game the odds are that there have been bugs in it. Breakpoint is no exception. As I have been exploring Aurora j have come across some bugs that are kinda nerve wracking after seeing all the issues wildlands had with bugs. Some of them kinda funny like other operators flying escort outside of the helicopter to the annoying ones like getting in a vehicle when trying to reload and all those in between. As I have not come across any MAJOR bugs my self, I feel that getting an early jump on the ones that are out there now would show that the devs are trying their best to keep the game bug free. Between the bugs and the inconsistencies I have seen in this game, big or small, it shows me that they were not ready to release the game. There so many little things that went through with out getting noticed like my tac 50 carrying 556 ammunition or the ghost gillie top, in the shop says available in battle rewards but in battle rewards it says one gets the gillie pants. Bottom line is that I feel they should have spent another couple of days double checking everything making sure that it is all in order. One last thing........ if I may ask them to bring back drift mechanics from wildlands that would be top notch. If any of you see anything in the game that you don't like, please share and bring them to light.
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    i hate to admit it's better than breakpoint.. But breakpoint is still fun to play.. but not feeling the whole RPG thing... I may start playing some wildlands for the heck of it ..
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    The game didn't have a few bugs it was full of them. No open world game is going to be without them but this game was not ready to ship. This was supposed to be a AAA title and it was shipped way too early. Why do people love games from companies like blizzard over companies like EA or Ubi? Or why do tech lovers enjoy Apple products so much? Polish....a polished product that shows quality. That's what sets the professionals apart from the wannabes.
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    This kind of statement always makes me smirk. Is there ever a product that is launched that doesn't have glitches? Vehicles, electronics, insurance,... milk? Unfortunately the "ready-ness" of a game for the market isn't tied to a lack of bugs. It is a financial decision. Who knows how those decisions are made inside of a company by a mix of accountants, co-investors, board of directors, Microsoft approval, Playstation approval, etc. Does the director of game development really get to make the decision on his/her own that a game is ready for market? No. From what I know and understand of programming an the business world... it is a wonder to me that anything gets accomplished. Game production is like wind-surfing in a hurricane with an accountant on the board with you.
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    This gets said a lot. And I don't think it gets said enough.
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    I love Ghost Recon. I bought Breakpoint on pre-order. Even bought the Nomad figurine. I realized I loved Wildlands, not Breakpoint. I played the pre-launch and the Beta, and I have 100+ hrs in game, lvl 30 and gear lvl 225. Main quest and all side quests done solo. And I then realize I cannot fully explore Aurora because the game DEMANDS you need to coop to raid. So the raid and raid bosses and their loot is not optional playing solo. Also the main quest is really really short, and when you have done all the side quests there are only faction quests left. Except Ubisoft decided to put a cap on Battle Points. So if you have a day off work you can not grind Battle Points for loot. No no 400 pts pr day max. Yes you player, you buyer who paid for the game. The crafting part is just ridiculous. You are running around accidently picking flowers and roots and nuts but I have never ever crafted any of those. And I never will. I am not going to use use them. Ever. I am playing an elite soldier, not some florist or herbalist. If I wanted to craft potions I would be playing WoW or some stupid grind game. I am not playing the Witcher I am playing Ghost Recon! The Assassins Creed class system gives you benefits as a sniper or stealth or assault or whatever class they will come op with, but it takes away the freedom of being an elite badass like you were i Wildlands, having the perk you could use it with witch ever weapon you choose. This means you will have to go to inventory and change perks to deal with Droids, and change back to whatever you prefer to fight humans. Item wheel in Breakpoint is like the perks irritating to manage, because you have to manually go to inventory to change items to mines, rocket launcher or C4 or whatever the situation requires. Item wheel is simply too small, and all perks should active once you put skill points onto it. The Division loot system is awful. Picking up new weapons with a higher gear lvl is a stupid waste of time. I am all yellow, but when crafting new weapons the game assumes I was asking for a blue or a purple item 10 times before it delivers a yellow. And then the added benefits are random and usually extremely unuseful since you want handling/range/accuracy. Also Divisions bullet-sponge system is implemented in the robot-droid. Shoot their armor to exploit their weakpoints or shoot them when they reveal their weak spot. Bad call Ubisoft. Bad call. The Splinter Cell part is good though. I like the part where you are able to move dead bodies to avoid detection, a bit that I missed in Wildlands. The stealth operative suits Ghost Recon great, but at the cost of initial sniping abilities and assault skills for when crap hits the fan, it just do not work. Nomad is an all round bad ass. Ubisoft should keep him like that. Drop the roleplaing crap.
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    this at times feels like a mission Sam Fisher should be doing.. after a rough start the game has really won me over PROS (to me): -map is more dense and varied, it recycles building much less than Wildlands with many more buildings u can enter.. with some complex indoor environments -drones arent as overwhelmingly present as i feared -TONS of options as how to set up HUD and even as to how missions and map are discovered -QRF system is better -lots of improvements wanted for Wildlands are here -the loot and crafting systems are there, but in a way that allows u to bypass or ignore them completely..( u only want one specific weapon? find the blue print and buy a higher level every once in a while).... crafting is not needed because shop is cheap and easily accessible (for now) -side missions have enough narrative to push u to complete them -the map and information is organized and presented in very helpful ways to minimize confusion -the more up close camera better balances out the 3rd person situational awareness -the injury system is decently thought out and implemented -the challenge is there and the enemy “alarmed” state isnt all knowing like in Wildlands -Melee/knife kills implemented exactly as i always wanted... sneak attacks are quiet but not too quick, knife kills on aware enemies take longer thus exposing u to being spotted or keeping u in line of fire .. etc etc CONS: -lack of squad, though its coming.. the general amount of enemies u confront plus general geometry might need balancing -not as many weapons as wildlands -not as much “out of the box” gear available, though again requested stuff is there - micro transactions are there on cosmetic stuff.. though to its credit the game doesnt beat u over the head trying to sell it to u -resetting weapons when u want to level it up - whoever made this game watched Lone Survivor and Sicario too much and the Wolves Sicario-ish theme sucks -u cant dismantle multiple weapons at once overall a very pleasant surprise after the initial bad impressions at the start of the game... might prefer it to Wildlands if the momentum keeps up..
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    I mostly agree. I think it's a great game. I only have a few things that really bug me. 1) PC optimization for resolutions over 1440p....not too hot. 2) The map and mission system are confusing imo. 3) Polish in general. Other than those few things I think it's a great game. I don't think the whole looter shooter thing was necessary but it doesn't bother me really. I think a lot of bad press comes form the stupid decisions from management.
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    You might want to practice a bit mate.
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    Can you see this? I parked that helicopter myself! 😃
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    Well with this game that all depends on what resolution you're running at. I just upgraded from a Vega 56 to a 5700XT and it still slows down big time in areas at 1440p. That said they have a patch coming out tomorrow that supposedly helps with this...I'll believe it when I see it.
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    You know that thing where during daylight hours in game, you walk inside a house, and it goes dark for a few seconds, to mimic your eyes adjusting? In PvP its screwed up, so at dusk, when you can hardly see anything, if you go inside a shack, and look outside, it's like daylight again, and you can spot the other team easy!
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    That's the one Rocky. They do tell it how it is, both good and bad of course starting with the bad. Bodark that is exactly what you should do.
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    Yeh its very cool ,look at his knee lol. Similarly, I was on the bridge near the start of the campaign, next to the waterfall - if you stop and look over the side, he actually lifts his leg and puts one boot on the concrete foundation for the fence - clever stuff.
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    Updated with some other reviews found on reddit.
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    Besides the P2 Mod these are other mods Mig was the creator of: Knight Fork Pressure Guatemala Mod Africa Burning They add up to about 30 missions. I know he helped other mod creators as well.
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    Sad to hear of Mark's passing. Worked with him many years on most of his mods. Your Ghost Recon brothers will miss you!
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    Sorry, bro, but I disagree. The lack of AI teammates at some point in Breakpoint makes the game limited for many Solo players. The whole thing about bringing people together and being social will only lead to less sales overall. The major issue with Wildlands from a PvE perspective was the AI teammates being horribly handled. It made ZERO sense that they couldn't go anywhere on the map on their own if I placed a marker a bunch of kilometers away. Players should have been able to bring up the tactical map, place a waypoint, and the team should be able to do whatever they need (jacking vehicles or getting into empty ones) to get there like all the other AI in the game. Also, the whole teleporting stuff was ridiculous and players should have been able to give them a command to eject from vehicles or get in them. They gave better AI squad control in Far Cry 5 and that made no damn sense for that to happen to a GR game. We only needed Breakpoint to address the AI control and make them more versatile in a open world environment. They could have still made the game be mostly about lone survival, but late in the campaign, they could have players link up with the surviving members of their team to introduce new squad control commands. It is a freakin' open world game where having a team in a tactical environment is critical. That is what makes GR special, but they have turned into being more like The Division or Tomb Raider. Getting rid of customizing your team and using them tactically during assaults is a major mistake and is simply a step down. I'm getting Breakpoint once it is discounted because I'm not interested in CO-OP or PvP and Modern Warfare will be releasing the same month. Those online modes are fine, but I'm more into playing alone, so it is what it is. Now, the internet being required is pretty damn foolish and totally not warranted, so it makes it even easier to pass on it for a few months until a price cut.