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    No need to buy bookmarks from stores!
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    These are photos along the route of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy(CB & Q) Rail Road(The Burlington Route) taken in the year 1948. My brother found them online. As kids we rode this railroad many times. Nice hi-res images. The CB & Q operated between Chicago, IL and the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Today they are part of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) Music: Bob Dylan's, It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry The photos are from CARLI Digital Collections
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    Sorry I'm late to this topic. I'm not considered essential, but I'm still working...only from home (most of the time). It's been crazy getting everyone set up with laptops and the capability of logging into our server, while at the same time having to still do my work. I've been putting in 12+ hour days. Stay safe!