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    http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=14 there you go, you will also find many more mods, maps, campaigns, weapons, total conversions by clicking the Download tab at the top of this page, then select Ghost Recon and spend the next 20 years playing them all lol
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    legit I can't even get past the 3rd line without dying of embarrassment. My Fiance and I are going to hold a competition to see who can get the furthest
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    God, I found my old story from when I was a kid... I kinda wanna live stream myself reading it. But I don't want to end up streaming my death from cringe overload...
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    Sorry i didn't finish any helis, I only released my 2 ground vehicles packs and 1 boat.
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    a dream, thank you Hammer...and thank you for all your great work...btw does any of heli's you have made have lights?
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    My old Camo Swatch's if there of any use Camo swatch.rar