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    HINT: take look from sec 53 till 56 with reduced speed 0.5 to see master move
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    Ive never really been away, even though ive moved on to another game, ive always checked GRnet forum on an almost daily biases as part of my daily routine. I just didnt post much, unless it was something i knew something about.
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    Sent the new weapon sounds to Jack. Off to a short vacation with the folks, so I got to run. 🙂
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    It works perfect now . Now I can play many coop Firefight200(elite) without getting killed at insertion(As I got 4 platoons and 17 soldiers).Thank you so much wombat
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    The MP game type overhaul will alleviate camping a bit. And yes, there are AI hostiles in the new MP games. First of all a huge thank you for the feedback! Very much appreciated. 1) The huge difference between enemy and player skill is that the enemy is a computer. The discrepancy in skill value is for weapons control only, which aims to compensate the obvious advantages a computer has over a human e.g. reacting and aiming, and it was the result of lots of in-game testing. Giving AI comparable skill values ends up with the pin point accuracy of vanilla enemies. The new add-on to restore stat progression (see 2) will take player stats back to vanilla. 2) The stat progression / scoring system will be restorable via add-on mod, which is already completed. 3) I had this implemented in the scripts, but had to remove it (and loads of other features) due to script size constraints (64K source limit). 4) Already done. 5) Good point. Will do. 6) I think I looked into this, but IIRC it's hard coded and cannot be changed. 7) Please elaborate. I'm not sure I understand what exactly it is you mean. 😎 Nope. No way. 9) Underway. 10) Dito, but not that high on my list. 11) Underway. 12) Underway. 13) Underway. 14) IIRC Novo uses NV from an old version of HU. Will check. 15) Please elaborate. 16) AT4 is a one-shot disposable launcher, and the Javelin weighs a ton as it is. But I hear you. Will revisit the idea.
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    Try the attached. There was one opposing force actor and a couple of opposing force kits that were called on in the script that are not present in HX5. (coop) hx_firefight-762.gtf Installation: -Delete previous version, (coop) hx_firefight-762.gtf) in HX5/mission folder. Place attached (coop) hx_firefight-762.gtf in HX5/mission folder. Before editing, it crashed for me but worked after edits to the script.
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    Got the sounds and tried them out. Overall an improvement. Let me get a good recording so I can post a video.
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    it looks like intro get closer and closer to final production release :))) after 2 weeks playing around https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vGKM_zHo-4xZhuuv4IMC0jNLBnKkSCq1/view?usp=sharing
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    ohh my bad..have nice vacation
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    Hello folks , I got almost 0 knowledge about Igor . Some maps are for SP or MPsolo or MP team .I want to convert them to Multiplayer coop ? So is convertion complex process or simple? If simple process explain
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    woo, thank you for update ...it feels like Christmas is coming sooner as expected I can not wait to get it under my fingers 7) aimed rate of fire...hmm ok, my bad ...let me try to explain better ..aiming at self is happening to fast..in the fact for my felling coil control, recoil stabilization, and aiming stability is way to fast and gives unrealistic felling having super skills and weapons but also to much advantage over enemies ai opponents but also is a issue in mp or pvp. 15)removing red dots from command maps for enemies as well for vehicles, hostage position... etc..so really clean
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    My old Camo Swatch's if there of any use Camo swatch.rar
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    “MMEditing is an open source image and video editing toolbox based on PyTorch. It is a part of the OpenMMLab project.” This offers e.g. GPU based image upscaling via advanced AI routines, allowing to increase texture detail at the push of a button. Technology like this opens the door to complete visual game remakes through batch processing their entire texture catalog. Amazing stuff. Have a look at their site and search the web for examples of amazing visual overhaul mods done with these tools.
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    You by chance have the multicam swatch you used for that texture? I'm always game for more camo swatches to work with.
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    The offending image he got triggered over
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    I've recently released my mod for Call of Duty: World at War, you can find it here (if you'd like to check it out) - https://www.moddb.com/mods/axisplayerexpandededition wombat50 really helped me with some vehicle skins for that mod. I've been wondering - do we have any character skin makers still here? If so - would anyone like to help me with some character skins? I had some new ideas and I could update my mod then.
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    We are all happy with your work so far, especially about accumulated knowledge and experience over all the years, which result is really great, and we all can learn from it (I love XTRAS folder) If I can be free to say what changes I would like to see , then is next: - increase enemy actor skill (weapon, stamina,stealth, leadership) since 0.125 vs 200 for ghosts is quite unbalanced - decrease ghosts skills (I like good soldiers but not superheroes) and bring scoring system back - remove detection of the enemies (voice alarm once enemy is near, or ghost was spotted, at least when playing just with one soldier) - Improve damage (armor) values - Enemy can use also better weapons, (in the missions) not that in 2008 Russia army had just ak47 and rpg7 for example, same for DS,IT - weapon/ammo reloading times (even in my six Y in the army I was not able to reload/replace mag of m16a1 under 4,8sec in stand, prone 5,4sec , taking from the vest, not drooping old one to the earth but back to vest..I would say in combat will be faster since you normally would drop it) take look to example of this guy which have optimum conditions need 3 sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te_HNXIxDZ8 - aimed rate of fire...for my felling need to be reduced for 50% - decrease number of the ghost weapon kits (many of the kits do not make much sense (at least the combination of it) but also it is definitely to much and probably 90% not used - add all existing or missing maps which has been ever made for GR - collect and add all customized items, vehicles, etc - create more missions with more story and diff scenarios - hd textures - replace ghosts skins (take example of jack or centcom) - improve night vision (the one from Project Novo is great) - clean cm, no enemy detection at all - increase m136 or rpg or javelin to 2 prj tbc
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    Adversarial game modes where there is an AI company hostile to all players that just patrols around and/or civilians. Something that makes hunting other players more interesting. Most of my PvP experience seems to boil down to "whoever moves against a stationary target dies."
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    Hey @Rocky and @wombat50 and all the other members. Haven't posted here in a while but I do check in occasionally. We are still recruiting at SOCOM Milsims https://discordapp.com/invite/7TFVXKR . We use ARMA 3. Our operations are every Saturday at 2100 EST. We mainly replicate the US Navy SEAL operations as well as other SOF. We focus on both outside combat as well as CQB. If your interested in joining please submit an application in our discord channel. Hope everyone is doing well. Burner