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    Our beloved Ghost Recon is almost twenty years old, yet there are still plenty of active servers out there, several new mods are currently under development, and the internet is filled with fresh praise for good old GR, as many (often young) newcomers discover the thrills of true tactical realism in this easily approachable package, which also happens to run great on pretty much any hardware, old and new alike. No wonder Ubisoft is still trying to milk the full sales price for the game and both of its official expansion packs from new Ghost Recon fans after two decades, as the shameful display of unfathomable greed appears to have become their (only remaining) hallmark as of late. 😔 But I digress. Returning to more positive thoughts, I‘d like to thank all of the old guard staying loyal to Ghost Recon, keeping the flame burning through the many years. At the same time I‘d like to voice my appreciation for the new folks joining our Ghost Recon „cult“. 😉 It would be nice to collect a couple of messages in this thread that express why you’re playing (or modding) Ghost Recon in 2020 (and beyond). There‘s not many games out there enjoying comparable longevity, so let's again shed some light on the „mystery“ of GR‘s immortality. Please post your hearts out, folks! Long live Ghost Recon!
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    Thanks, guys. Well, it takes as long as it takes. Loads of scripting left to do, some retexturing, maybe a few more maps to adapt, some character models to add, and I‘m thinking of expanding MP team choices (which would be another boatload of work). Best case if all goes well (and I can stop myself from adding more stuff), it will still be at least several weeks until it’s ready for testing, which will probably take another couple of weeks. Worst case (more new stuff, but takes longer) would be the end of the year. Thoughts? 🤔
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    can not wait to get it under the finger...great work Apex, keep rocking..any timeline?
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    A bit of teaser information for the next HU: Adversarial multiplayer games have received a complete overhaul. Let the good times roll! 🙂 Single player soldier stat progression can be re-enabled via legacy addon mods. Autosave can be disabled. Legacy single shot RoF is a customization option (this one’s for you, Jack). The all-in-one „HU - Legacy“ addon is becoming quite a sizable monster in its own right, and it’s getting closer to the classic vanilla experience (oh, the nostalgia!) So far, there are now over 80 customization addons included in the next update. Still a million things left to do, but making progress every day. 😎
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    I've got a question: is it possible to edit Ghost Recon textures and models in the newer versions of Photoshop and 3ds Max? I remember that older versions of said programs were necessary back then, but maybe something has changed? I basically want to edit the existing characters (their textures and models) in order to create some more variety. In addition to that I might try creating my own textures in the long run.
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    If you have got some time... I would be much obliged. Thank you very much. I know, I know. I don't give up, I just stopped for a while because of some technical problems.