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    A bit of teaser information for the next HU: Adversarial multiplayer games have received a complete overhaul. Let the good times roll! 🙂 Single player soldier stat progression can be re-enabled via legacy addon mods. Autosave can be disabled. Legacy single shot RoF is a customization option (this one’s for you, Jack). The all-in-one „HU - Legacy“ addon is becoming quite a sizable monster in its own right, and it’s getting closer to the classic vanilla experience (oh, the nostalgia!) So far, there are now over 80 customization addons included in the next update. Still a million things left to do, but making progress every day. 😎
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    I’ve added your vids to my dropbox, so they’re available for viewing and download in the Video Tutorial Series sticky thread. Hope you’re ok with that?
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    Sounds awesome, if you need anything let me know.
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    sure I am ..woow nice collection I need to take close look, definitive after my mod is done I would like to create at least one map, this collection will be helpful
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    I tried it and the stripe is still there.