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    Windows 10 updated some time later and the fix I found (d3d9 injection) no longer needs to be enacted
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    Thanks for the quick response, folks. 👍
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    This is my experience with Win 10. I didn't migrate to Win 10 right away, it was probably a year or more before I did after it was generally available. By the time I did the issues GR had with it had be resolved except for the DRM issues with discs sets. I never had the screen flickering and IIRC there may have been a bug where you had to run GR in windowed mode. Did not have that one either I have never had any problems running GR on Win10 with the Steam version. I think most problems are with disc sets on Win 10. One exception: Within the last year I bought a AMD video card. GR would not launch. Ike.log mentioned a .dll related to video so I rolled back to an older set of drivers and then it worked. No troubles with the other computer that has a Nvidia card.
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    Ghost Recon and both official expansions are on sale for 66% off over at Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/15300/Tom_Clancys_Ghost_Recon/ Dirt cheap, especially for the best tactical realism shooter ever. Nice gift, too. 🙂