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    G'day Wombat. Good memory mate. The M9 did the trick. There was no other way. Those digital Ruskies are pretty tough and they just wouldn't talk otherwise. I'm back on the road again to free Russia. Spasibo comrade.
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    Bumping with server list link.
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    You're welcome comrade. 🙂 Good hunting.
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    I have come back to GR after a long time away from the game. I remember having the greatest fun with just the basics of the game and I didn't have much free time to get into the mods and there's so many of them. My thanks to all the folks who put them together over the years. I have much to entertain myself in my dotage, I have the GR, DS, IT loaded up to v. (v.1.4 wont load, but that's another problem for another day. The older pre 1.4 mods work fine and I just want to get back into the game, rather than fiddle and tweak, I'm toooo old to be wasting time for that instead of having fun.) I have selected AV_Apollo's 2004 Free Russia Campaign and in the first mission I have dealt with all the tangos that wont surrender but I've been stuck now for a few weeks with the six or seven that do. You cannot progress to the next mission until you get the info these guys are suppose to have. I have done everything to initiate an interrogation but nothing I've tried has worked. I get pretty much like a dog with a bone with most things I attempt and I really want to get further along with freeing Russia before Putin gets there, so if anyone can recall playing this old campaign and can tell me how to get these guys to spill the beans on whatever intelligence they're supposed to have, I'd greatly appreciate a heads up on it. Thanks in advance.
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    It may have been a different mission or campaign but I recall one where you had to shoot them in the foot to get them to spill the beans. A pistol is much less likely to kill them accidentally.
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    Take it easy. Modding takes time. I‘ve been working on HU for almost two decades now, so I know what I‘m talking about. 🤪