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    Some update on progress and why it takes now almost 10 months..and why is not finished yet (see attached script to understand a complexity, and picture of mission editor) btw. the one of idea of the mod Ghost is game-play similar to hitman games (diff approaches , various way to play...stealth, as killer) . Setting demo charges to create distraction or to kill as much as possible enemies. anndd this also one of the reason why it takes so long here is dev ins from mentioned mission and some nice features as...activation of demo charges (self-destruction mech of f18 ) , exploding flying barrels, etc https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZB5DVIE_Wkx2MCjsv0aKNT9KoGfjUZ-F/view?usp=sharing landing_Mission01.txt sorrrrryyyy for BAD sound.. at least you can see some of features...I do not have energy to record now this again
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    Thanks, mate. Hope I‘ll be able to drop in on your HU server one of these days. Of course, I‘m still busy with HU, and there‘s loads and loads of work left to do for the next update. Currently doing some map re-texturing and sound design. Don‘t expect fundamental changes, it‘s probably going to be mostly fine tuning and little feature expansions here and there in the future.
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    Hi Apex, nice that you are active again ..btw any news about HU update, are you still working on any new features? Btw I am big fan of HU tbh I host dedicated HU server 24/7 :))
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    Found another clip I feel compelled to post here, especially as the guy offers some very nice commentary. 🙂
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    Looks like Void Interactive is still hard at it; their latest Devblog 03 was just posted: (clicky) It's a relief to see serious Tactical Realism on the event horizon that's not a 'dress up combat Ken & Barbie ' RPG game to monetize naïve kids with toddler pajama pattern 'skins' and prono cos-play costumes on game design so abaft of realism, anything tactical or even to do with reality it makes you wonder why so many titles even use the word and moniker. Tiny ambitious team to be sure; but their talent, progress, content quality and prduciton volume looks like they're up to it, and they've chosen a project and sub-genre that at least looks well suited for a small team and a revisit with a modern engine, art assets, and design. Sure are a lot of enthusiastic GR fans, and interesting discussion on Twitter and Reddit.