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    How to fix Ghost Recon from not starting on windows 8.1. How to get Ghost recon to work windows 8.1. 2001 ghost recon not working on windows 8.1. problem solved KB3086255 is the update that destroys Ghost Recon in windows 8.1 The prosses was a bit tedious, installing and uninstalling updates to track down which one, but in the end it made it really nice not to have to install a fresh version of windows 8.1 and loose all your stuff on your PC. So just to confirm with you all, if you have windows 8.1 and a disk of GR, uninstalling the security update ( KB3086255 ) will fix Ghost Recons not starting problem! If you want to uninstall this update for yourself to fix your old beloved Ghost Recon game this is how you do it: you type into the search (view installed updates) and from there its easy, once you click on that it pops up the list of all the updates Microsoft installed on your pc and you right click on the update KB3086255 and click uninstall, then reset your computer, done! Congratulations, now you can use your disk becouse you just fixed your problem!
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    Now why didn't I know this before I threw away all those plastic hangers?
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    Tried it with an Android phone but it didn't make any difference, must be a feature unique to the iPhone. 😁