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    Hello πŸ˜‰ Download the bob_v1.0.exe for play campaign russian πŸ™‚ bob_v1.0.exe
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    Hi everyone. Now that I have time to work on GR because its the weekend I have been trying all your guy's suggestions. Here's a little update. All the ideas you guys gave me didn't work 😭 so I tried something that none of u guys suggested xD I had my little brother install a fresh windows 8.1 ( thank you 5kurz for telling everyone here that a fresh windows 7 runs GR on the disk and you don't need steam ) that made me really 😊 GR works on a fresh 8.1 install, as long as I don't let the computer do any windows updates. Now all I have to do Is find what update brakes GR. I'll update you guy's once I find that little piece of junk that caused all this!!!
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    I tried cutting my balls in half to save room, but the blood ran everywhere.
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    Now, for me, the creation of a searchlight and team map in Photoshop is still not clear. Now I’m studying a blender more for modeling, but he can’t read rsb