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    I present to you the fork fluff. This loosens up carpeting that has been crushed by furniture. You're welcome!
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    I'm using Win 10 on two computers. One has a Nvidia card and GR works with the latest GPU drivers. The other has an AMD card and will not even launch the game with the latest drivers. This happened several months ago and I downloaded the oldest drivers AMD had and GR worked normally. I think they were the Apr 2019 version. Check my reply to MilitiaMan in this thread Another issue is installing GR with a disc version on Win7 and 10. Microsoft did something that messes with the Digital Rights Management on the discs and the game will not launch. The only legal alternative is to buy the Steam version.
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    I know with an AMD video card, you need to use an older driver on Windows 10, but I can't recall specifics. No clue about Nvidia or Intel video though. You'll need to be more specific for assistance. I know that I have ran OGR under XP, 7, and 10 just fine, both original disk based, and Steam versions.
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    Look at these, lol - great co-op tournament that was!
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    Hi The first thing is to know that GR will run on all windows, including Windows 10 (which is what I run it on). I have a faint recollection your issue is something to do with the codec used for the opening cinematic, I seem to recall some people had this problem years ago. Maybe someone else here can recall...