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    Hi, chapter 2 is done and covers: Chapter 2: create Company create Platoon Create Team Add Actors to > Team Change Actor, kit, position Create objectives Mission was created which contains 3 objectives: Kill Patrols Kill BigBoss Go to Extraction Create script which: Set flags for Patrol1, Patrol2, Player Platoon, Big Boss Set Variable for Player Platoon Check if patrol1 is killed check if patrol2 is killed check if BigBoss is killed Check if Player is near to extraction Zone and continue if Patrol1 and Patrol2 are killed and finish mission In attachment you will find mission which was build in the movie and here is the link to movie chapter 2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=180UcU5TXD65QuPhV4Uz5dH_MN64MR4cM test-mission-01.mis
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    Sure I understand your worries , and exact that's one of the reason why I've started, beside of that I do not play newer games and know lot of other ppl which not follow today's games industry , and regarding Igor movies can say as long one person is helped I see my duty as done