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  1. Hi all, after years and years of playing and studding OGR and all available mods, and scripting work of some great ppl (see bellow) I came to idea to create one by my own, and here I am just to give you a info about "The Ghost" which is currently under development. The Ghost will be a veteran mod which is oriented on the realism in every aspect of the military sim and the war, and I will try to get best out of the igor. Your ghost team will fight in mountains, villages and city's of Bosnia and will take warlords down, /rescue civilians etc. Some of missions ar
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  2. Happy Birthday! Supreme Leader of all things Ghost Recon.
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  3. Hello from about a month ago I discovered this game and I really like to have a partner to help me in missions and also so we could exchange energy or what the game allows us the truth even it can not be. Well have some luck. In facebook'm Pascual Traver, we will hope. Bonjour il ya un mois j'ai découvert ce jeu et j'aimerai avoir un partenaire pour m'aider dans les missions et aussi afin que nous puissions échanger de l'énergie ou ce que le jeu nous permette. En facebook mon nom est Pascual Traver.
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  4. Does anyone know what it unlocks In future soldier ? As most my time will be on future solder
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  5. hey! G4 got a Hands-on with Ghost Recon Commander and so far, it's looking like a game i will sit and pass the time away all day playing. Preview Link
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