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    Hey Guys! Long time no speak! Figured I'd make a thread to discuss anything related to the cool guy gear you have stowed away! I'll start with my woman cave packed with enough gear to literally equip a small team, you may recognise a few pieces too! so it started out with this tiny lot that you'll have seen before: And now I've got a few more additions to the collection The first purchase of a real deal plate carrier started with the MSA Paraclete SOHPC, ex SAS, complete with plates. (the stupid amount of carabiners everywhere is to hold an old gen non-MOLLE camelbak to the MOLLE) Next up, something some of you guys may know; The MSA Paraclete RAV (Coyote Brown) another ex SF carrier, but previously used for paintball as well, apparently: She's looking a little sad due to lack of soft armour. And a slightly more rare twist on the above, the Paraclete RAV in UCP, I've had to lay this one down as it's a fairly new addition and I've not been able to track down a suitable plate for it yet It was issued to someone in the US military, I've been unable to identify the specific unit though, i have been able to figure out that this particular RAV could've only been made in one specific year though (2005) as Paraclete was sold off to MSA the next year. The next RAV I intend to purchase is a woodland RAV... no particular reason... I swear! While not a plate carrier, I did find this lovely little gem, The Safariland ELCS, a complete package, including the chest load bearing kit and the H strap conversion (fitted in photo) oh, and the cutest little carry bag. I find the H-Strap conversion, where everything is loaded onto the belt much more comfortable than the chest straps. And the most recently accrued piece of kit, and probably one of the harder to find pieces, the CAGE... It's recently gone through a paint job courtesy of yours truly. yes... these actually existed... and to top it off, literally, there's my trusty old ACH, custom painted by moi!: I do have a bonus item in the works, however it's heavily customized and i'm waiting on one last part. All these are complete, of course with original issue RAID modded BDU's and combat gear, sat snugly in my wardrobe
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    Nice nice. I take it this is mostly just a viewer right now? I just figured out a little thing for making MP kit restrictions a LOT easier to make using MATLAB (IGOR is slow and dumb), could serve as a basis for a more user-friendly tool in the future. For my current mod project I have 8000+ kits to deal with so adding them one by one would be very annoying. Not sure if @ApexModsfound an efficient method for HU or just used IGOR or something. Basically I have a folder with all the kits I want to add. In the example I'm showing, these kits are for the Special Forces Advisors who are using basic weapons used by the locals (AKs, PKMs, etc). I select the folder with the code and it'll create a structured set of fields with information on each file, figure out how many files are there, extract just the names, then print the file names with the proper prefix and suffix syntax to the command window. From there, just copy and paste that into a kit restriction file. Still room to refine this some. For my purposes, I'm probably going to add a "mp" prefix and have one folder with "mp" added to the file name to make sure that each MP kit exists only once. I also have some ideas for how to include the part for the specific actor. Not sure what the . and .. files are supposed to be, easy to take those out. EDIT: The other ideas weren't hard.
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    everybody loves animation
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