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    Hey everyone! So I decided to make my own full review of wildlands after seeing so many bad reviews of the game, because I love it so much. I used a script which I'm not used to so if you want to read the notes I used for the video then just take a look below. Let me know what you think. Pros Before I praise the game for its best parts I want to play some clips that I think show the unique nature of the game. My initial thoughts on the game were pretty harsh since it seemed like a 180 from ghost recon future solder but as I've been playing it lately I actually love it . It pushes the boundaries of depth and immersion for a realistic setting , Is 4 player cooperative , Is one of the first games I've ever seen to emphasize the importance of situational awareness and how nicely layered level design can hinder or improve a missions success not to mention that some missions are very creative and get intense at times, even for those who didn't find to much of a challenge you can customize your HUD for a more realistic experience if you desire. The expansion Fallen Ghosts had the exact tone that I wish the entire game carried . I think my favorite enemy was El yayo because he felt like a real character , as far as the most impactful missions those would be where we found out about agent Sandoval or when amaru died in the end of the game . They were some of the only missions that made me feel like there were real consequences for us trying to turn the entire cartel on its head. Cons Not enough cutscenes , poor voice acting , AI Civillians every freaking where and even when ###### got thick they would stay there and run towards gun fire or cower . Me spawning a vehicle and not being able to find it at all . Being able to change your loadout on the fly . If thats the case then why are you even able to change it at a ammo refill. Stupid upgrades . The pvp came very much after the initial release although granted it was made apparent that it wasn't meant to be that kind of game I still think that the PvP given to us is a glorified squad death match where you hunt each other . The objective based, team work oriented PvP in ghost recon future soldier in my eyes is the best. Attention to detail clips Narco road / loot boxes / stupid AI Fallen Ghost/ Still adding and Changing things to the game Alot of reviews were super harsh on this game. When I think about the whole controversy about Big media outlets stealing content from creators and Exaggerated reviews of Clean Price and Down Ward thrust. Some were probably riding the train, but after awhile I began to love this game . I just had to appreciate it for what it was and not focus on what it wasn't. A direct sequel to Future Soldier. This game is different from alot of other shooters I played. To be specific you need complete situational awareness. It doesn't hold your hand if you're oblivious. The environment isn't just there for good looks, it's part of what makes the game challenging and just as well its part of it's charm. Whether it's going to a mission, or escaping an area when the mission didn't go as planned. Maybe the enemy base is littered with patrols , gates , checkpoints , sniper towers. There are deserts, snowy mountains, jungles , swamps, underground bases , Air fields´╗┐ Show less
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    After a couple of months I'm not sure if you are still on this forum, since you posted your question as your first and only post. Not sure what is "ghost recon mods" mod anyway, some more info would be needed to help you out.
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    Yeah, probably best to keep it dependent to just CENTCOM since it's no longer in active development. As for those weapons, something that will probably come in time. I want to focus on getting more of the core gameplay in before adding in a bunch of little things. Been plating around with a few things and have made some substantial changes: Incorporating some high resolution sights (irons and optical sights) Changed the ACOG sight to one with the red chevron M240 weapon sound changed to the one from HU M4 weapon sounds switched back to defaults (way more impact than the ones I put in) Rate of fire overhaul (semi-auto = HU + 50 to get a more realistic feel without the laggy feeling, full auto based on research) Some new menu backgrounds Night vision and sniper masking switched to the ones from HU